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Author: Kisguri Submitted: 4th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 241

Welcome to Planet Robotopia


Robotopia is an all action, fast paced shooter that takes you online to stage epic battles that span across a beautiful multi-scrolling world.

Here you can play flag games where players battle to hold points across the landscape. Or play as bounty hunter where allegiances can be made as players fight for robo currency.
Either way you are going to be caught up in some intense action making strong allies and fierce enemies!

If going online immediately seems a bit daunting, get stuck into the one player game that is designed to train you in the art or robo destruction. Here you will meet a variety of drones and soldiers who will test your skills and increase your robot's performance through an RPG style experience system.

Through the stages you will realize there are many moves to master such as the teleport technique and the deadly and spectacular energy blade that can deflect your enemies bullets as well as cause some serious cutting damage.


Fast, playable and chaotic; massive online or single player gaming!

Fully upgradeable and totally customizable robots grow with your skill level!

A beautiful world of unique style and immense detail!

Highly compelling puzzle game which rewards players with gold.

Shop allows players to purchase formidable and tactical weapons.


The demo is free to download, you can play the single player mode intill you Robo reaches Level 5 at which point the game resets, You can also play Online for 30 minutes before the game resets, Help Support this game but registering yours for 17.95 to get access to all the upper levels, powers, Weapons and all the online boards for as long as you fragging want to! Help Us make this the game that proves a Click Product can compete with games made by those other guys! Visit to Register now

Directed by........ Steve Miller & David Miller
Concept, Programming, Sound Effects, Music........ Steve Miller
Concept, Design, Graphics, Level Design, Animation........ David Miller
Produced by........ Gamesare Studios

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Posted by 4th August, 2006

Steve showed me screenshots of this!
Looks awesome!
Posted by Jason Orme 4th August, 2006

Havnt played it yet, but I wish you the best in marketing this product.
Posted by Zethell 4th August, 2006

17.95.. hope you don't mean us dollars..
Its a great game, but i wouldnt buy it ^^.

*make games Free!, rebel with me!*
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 4th August, 2006

ill buy it if more ppl are online. its a great game.
Posted by Zethell 4th August, 2006

One thing you should add thou, when flying above and close to the water surface water splashes should appear.
Posted by Ski 4th August, 2006

Nice! Alot of time has gone into this!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 4th August, 2006

Gewd shit, but I won't buy it.
Posted by Ski 4th August, 2006

Ive played this more now. I love some of the texturing in some of the GFX. The only area I dont like in the whole demo version Ive played, is the white futuristic area in the snow level, it hurt my eyes.But still very well made!!!
Posted by sylzayz 4th August, 2006

wonderful graphics ! cool gameplay ,thumbs up my friend!
Posted by Jack Galilee 5th August, 2006

for a game thats been in creation for such a long time - since you were Shadow Production's or something? it's got a fair few bugs - the windowed play screen makes it feel like its not that professional.

Bugs I've seen in 5 minutes of play

If I wait at the FreeRoam level screen for a while that scrolling background slowly scrolls of the screen.

If I right click on the main screen (specifially on the change eye color button) it goes to the 'Press Enter' screen. Got a bit annoying.
Posted by Shipuli 5th August, 2006

This is so cool game. but hey.. sorry man but i don't think so much ppl will buy, because its _EXPENSIVE_ to be a mmf2 / mmf.

well that's just what i think.. but hey its really cooL!
Posted by 5th August, 2006

this is the second game this week , thats better than mister stumps

Posted by Stian B. 5th August, 2006

Very nice game,but its not my type of game.
The scrolling system feels a bit strange.And it can be too colorful sometimes.
Crawling animations?
The price is too high,but good luck anyway !
Posted by Ski 5th August, 2006

Hmmm I agree there, considering it was 3 years in development, the robot sprites could have had more animations etc.
Posted by stevenb 5th August, 2006

the graphics are alright, but i really do not like the movement, at all.

Posted by Spiriax 6th August, 2006

This looks extremely well made and beautiful. I just downloaded it.
Also, good luck in marketing!
Posted by Jest 6th August, 2006

Fascinating. But paying for a click game is not something I'm ready for yet. =P the main reason I enjoy the click community is cause everyone makes free games. =
Posted by BeamSplashX 6th August, 2006

Why not release a single-player only demo instead? I mean, it can't be so amazingly good that if you cut out online play it's still sales-worthy.
Posted by alex goss 6th August, 2006

i cant get the sword to work. am i missing something? down a direction and ctrl at the same time yer? or is it one before the other or something weird? the other moves involving combos work.
Posted by steve 6th August, 2006

easiest way to do the sword is:

down, left/right (hold) then press ctrl

(make sure you let go of "down" before pressing ctrl)
Posted by James 6th August, 2006

This is good
Posted by Del Duio 7th August, 2006

You have to dig the old-school computer game and Star Trek references
Posted by Saknarstaemband 8th August, 2006

Found a few bugs. Although its a great game.
Posted by Eddadogg 8th August, 2006

Awesome game, shame it's a shareware one.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 10th August, 2006

pretty nice!

too bad, it has to be payed... pain in the arse.
Posted by ]Alpha[ 10th August, 2006

Very nice game
Posted by Milo 17th August, 2006

Cant download
Posted by Kisguri 25th August, 2006

Try Harder, Try Again, Stop trying to Download, AND DOWNLOAD.....
Posted by DaVince 21st October, 2007

That's not how the internet works. That link is dead.





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