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Edited By MJK on 9/12/2007

Edited By MJK on 10/9/2006

You probably remember Abstractica, a game made by Hempuli of Reactor Products. Abstractica˛ is an enhanced version of that game, with lots of new features, so that it is clearly a new game and not only an update (in case if you wonder why not just to update the original download topic). It's Hempuli's game with some help from my side.

So, basically the idea is to solve all kind of challenging and mysterious riddles & puzzles by entering (one of) the correct answer(s) to the answerbox. The riddles can be anything from mathematical equations and word association tasks to graphical glitches and epigrams. They may be short or long, logical or illogical. They may take 1 second or 1 hour per level to be solved. You must occasionally use some external tools, like Google, Excel, Paint, PrintScrn, on some levels!

We added lots of stuff to this version compared to the original:
- 5-times more levels, that is, 250 levels in total! (some 210 new ones)
- New level types
- Limited tip-option
- Limited skip-option
- Automatic game save after every 5th level
- Three additional tips after every 20th level
- Full in-game instructions
- Continuous support & help forum
- Music

The levels are not in order of difficulty, but they will generally get harder towards the end of the game. That means that even quite soon there can be some harder levels among the easy ones and, on the other hand, some very obvious tasks can be found even in the latter parts of the game. Also, the perceived difficulty of the different levels is very subjective, which means that some generally very easy level may be near to impossible for you, although that should be quite rare.

To complete this whole game, you must have a lot of patience, cleverness and intelligence! Those who can do it, will also be rewarded

If you'll get stuck, ask here or email to Hempuli at There is also a forum at

(the possibility to enter answers by space or enter is not yet included, we know it would be useful )

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Posted by chrismacadam 8th October, 2006

First comment!!!!! looks kool *downloading*
Posted by lembi2001 8th October, 2006

just d/loading now. didnt d/load abstractica as it looked really odd but i will do after this one has finished
Posted by chrismacadam 8th October, 2006

Kool game.. Thumbs up
Posted by Kamukoira 8th October, 2006

Looks great. I like these brain games. I play often brain training with my DS
Posted by Kamukoira 8th October, 2006

This game is too hard
Posted by MJK 8th October, 2006

Kraton, some levels are difficult, yes. But if you get stuck for an hour or so on some level, ask here, we can help you out...
Posted by Noyb 8th October, 2006

No idea about the box-root one. Tried some tree parts. Am I on the right track? Skipped that one, made it to level 13, I think. It's the one with what looks like shattered letters. I rearranged them in paint and got "OEUSO," which looks nothing like or can be rearranged to make a word that I can see. Skipped the one that looked like rearranged monochrome square puzzle pieces of scribbles. Finally, I have no idea what to do on the one with the 32 pentagons, part of something "shattered." Fun puzzles so far.
Posted by chrismacadam 8th October, 2006

box root is square-root or sumthing like that
Posted by MJK 9th October, 2006

On the baccara level, you know Xs. You need to convert them to Ys with instructions on the screen (Y=X^2, Y(min), Y(max)).
Posted by Noyb 9th October, 2006

Got the pentagon one, and the sqrt one (thanks chrismcadam). Now I'm stuck on the x = baccara math one (so many different possible meanings!) and the missing letter circular arrows one (found a word from the missing letters, that seems to fit thematically but it doesn't work, neither does shifting around the letters circularly), and the dot one with the time hint.

For the baccara one, am I correct in assuming a=1,b=2? If so, then the r is really confusing me. For baccara itself, is each letter a variable acting as a factor (all multiplied to each other) or are they digits in a 7-digit number, or are they just separate arguements for y = f(x) = x^2?

P.S. A level select (of puzzles before the current block of 5) so that you can earn back your skips without having to restart would be helpful.
Posted by axel 9th October, 2006

Looks cool...
Posted by MJK 9th October, 2006

@Noyb, yes, each letter is a separate variable. R is interesting case as you probably get quite a big number with that one, but look at the instructions on the screen and you will figure it should modify it so that it fits to the scale. Oh well, now I said too much, probably

Your suggestion for a level select is really good. That will probably be implemented as soon as we have time for it.

@Phizzy, you can't get bored! There are such a weird & interesting levels behind 20 that you can't even one can be told what they are, you have to see them....
Posted by Hempuli 9th October, 2006
Rated :


Woah, no thumbs downs yet!!!

Posted by izac 9th October, 2006

VERY.. very.. hard... thumbs up though
Posted by Hempuli 9th October, 2006
Rated :

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 9th October, 2006

It's ironic that I should see this only an hour after completing the original, having sent a mail to Hempuli that said "Now my life can continue". Because now it can't.
Posted by thewreck 9th October, 2006

whyyy oh whyyy

I can agree, this is a spiffed up version of abstractica, but its JUST a facelift (It all looks alot better). Howver, the same annoying gui is there, its still impossible to try the word with enter, you still have to move your hand to the mouse and klick, which removes focus from the input field, so you gotta go back and klick the input field. Im sorry, but im not playing this again until these annoying things are taken care of (as you said you would!) Sorry if i sound harsh, but i was looking forward to seeing these things fixxed, and my arm hurts from all the mouse moving.

Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 9th October, 2006

Posted by X_Sheep 9th October, 2006

What thewreck said.
Posted by Hempuli 9th October, 2006
Rated :

ok, we'll put a new version soon (maybe).

This game has been uploaded to so many sites so we can't
just put a new version here... we'll see...

I'm really sorry. But you must be a real genius if you complete the questions that fast!
Posted by MJK 9th October, 2006

Yes, that's also on todo list as are couple of other things!

Currently the best player that I'm aware of has reached something like 80+ levels in A˛...I'm not sure will anybody ever in the whole world complete the whole game
Posted by Kamukoira 9th October, 2006

This is amazing.
Level 20 now but i cant understand your advice:
"On the baccara level, you know Xs. You need to convert them to Ys with instructions on the screen (Y=X^2, Y(min), Y(max)). "

Posted by MJK 9th October, 2006

Ok. All letters in "BACCARA" have values. You have to think how you could say letters in numbers. After that you must convert them to Y-values and again, back to letters according to those new values. Simple, isn't it?
Posted by lembi2001 9th October, 2006

i am on lvl 20 and stuck
Posted by MJK 9th October, 2006

Isn't the level 20 the X,Y-level?

There's a pattern of four...a1 b1 c1 d1 a2 b2 and so on...the last x and y which are asked follow this same pattern!
Posted by MJK 9th October, 2006

Hmm..missing letters circular you mean the one with 13 words with 1 letter missing from each? That should be something like 47th level.

The key there is to find the letters and then think what those arrows could mean to your final answer....
Posted by Noyb 9th October, 2006

Sweet, thanks for the hints. Finished the baccara one. Stumped on the missing letter circular arrows one and the 11:1:9:1 time puzzle, and the black line, pink rectangle one.

The 13 word one is difficult, because some of the words have quite a lot of different possibilities.

I'm also stuck on #67, the [wtf is that picture] + box + rose one.
Posted by The Chris Street 9th October, 2006

Haven't played it yet, might dload tomorrow. Did you get some of the ideas from any puzzle books?
Posted by Mruqe 9th October, 2006

Beautifull game, gentlemen. I absolutly love it. And hate it. But mostly love it. You know what I mean I have to d/l the prequel...
Posted by chrismacadam 9th October, 2006

Who the hell voted thumbs down >
Posted by Mruqe 9th October, 2006

I'm done for today. I got stuck on the level with words with blanks and the circular arrows. You know, the irrational level. 47 or so...
Posted by Jimbob 9th October, 2006

I'm also stuck on the missing letters one, the 11/9 one, and the alphabet find the instructions one.
Posted by Noyb 9th October, 2006

Jimbob: MS Paint is your friend for "find the instructions"
Posted by MJK 10th October, 2006

Thanks for the nice comments!

@Noyb, concentrate on the box's color on the 67th level..then think what that first picture could be..

@Mruqe, as you seem to know already the word that comes from there is irrational_ _ _. Then consider those arrows and their possible meaning and you'll find the answer..

@Jimbob, you're really close with the 11/9-level..closer than you might think!

@Circy, the ideas are mainly from our own heads which explains also their obscurity! Though there are couple of traditional riddles/puzzles too.
Posted by markno2 10th October, 2006

I must complete this!
Posted by Jimbob 10th October, 2006

ok now I'm on a beating heart level just before 100 I think.
still stuck on the alphabet instruction one :S
Posted by Hempuli 10th October, 2006
Rated :

Posted by Jimbob 10th October, 2006

!LLgf!ougl!sf (mirrored)
tsilanoitarri (backwards)
7s!leuo!7ejj! (rotated)

All these don't work for the one Mruqe (and me) have not completed. What the hell?
Posted by izac 10th October, 2006

btw. The music you chose is very distracting. Make it more ambient. I was trying to consintrate on the game but all i could hear was some woman talking with strong melodys.

Maybe i could whip up some good music for you?
Posted by Jimbob 10th October, 2006

ok, the four I'm stuck on are:
The irrational one (see above)
The beating heart (BPM doesn't work ?)
The three elements worm one (no idea)
And now the IBM one... (actor what?)
Posted by Hempuli 10th October, 2006
Rated :

Don't ask from me, MJK knows better those because he has made those.
Posted by MJK 10th October, 2006

@Jimbob, you're really close with the irrationalxxx level, rethink the last letter. Also with BPM you're almost right there what is been asked! Worm-level has three "elements" on the screen, worm is one of them. IBM is really easy, you should know what it is.

@U.2, the music has been made just for this game, but of course not everybody likes that kind of music. Mute it so you can concentrate better.. (if you have some good music which you have copyright, I could take a look of course )
Posted by CsaR 10th October, 2006

I have problems with:
-The litte black rectangle
-The pentagon level

Help plz !
Posted by Noyb 10th October, 2006

- It is indeed little. Perhaps enlarging it would make things clearer?
- Their shape, color, and what they once composed are not the important part. Just that they were once part of something.
Posted by Tim 10th October, 2006

Not a fan of these kinda games.. if you can really call them that.
Posted by DaDDe 10th October, 2006

hard but very nice game!
I have problem with these levels:

*the one with a white screen and some very small black letters that says something like tips

*the one with the alphabet in columns

can anyone help me please!
Posted by Noyb 10th October, 2006

DaDDe: Muck around in MS paint for both. Play around with color and zoom, and I'm sure you'll get it.

(P.S. Still stuck on irrational turning, transparent red rectangle, dot-->time, and red rose ones)
Posted by DaDDe 10th October, 2006

Noyb: the last two words are: saw and rush
you are definately on the right way with the "transparent" task.
on the red rose, word for the first picture is something all people have but don't want to see(and think of the color)
Posted by CsaR 10th October, 2006

Now I'm stuck at the:
-3 boxes which covers the blue box
-XX oil? corporation

Man this game is addicting! Thumbs up!
Posted by Reno 10th October, 2006

good but you need a 'enter key' function for faster play
Posted by Jimbob 10th October, 2006

That was very irrational
Posted by Noyb 10th October, 2006

Thanks DaDDE!

CsaR: For the box one, have you tried *everything* with your mouse?
Posted by MJK 11th October, 2006

Hehee..nice to see some brainstorming here!

@CSar, XX oil of the biggest corporations in the world...

@Noyb, dot-> this the one with 20 black dots and two green dots? Hint: convert the black ones, keep the green ones.
Posted by izac 11th October, 2006

btw i reviewed the game! AND I GAVE IT AN OVERALL OF 8/10! But for some reason it still says 5! WTF?! Anyway, don't have a go at me if you don't agree with what parts of it say. These are my own point a views
Posted by Hempuli 11th October, 2006
Rated :

good review.
Posted by jpSoul 11th October, 2006

lol data\cncs230.dll, the game is saved in tha file !
Posted by axel 11th October, 2006

Wow, 207th place already.
Posted by MJK 11th October, 2006

Hey U.2, thanks for your review! I enjoyed reading it (very comprehensive) and I agree with many points/suggestions you made there. Weird how it shows only as 5/10..
Posted by Hempuli 11th October, 2006
Rated :

Nice, that you marked it, phanoo. At first i thought to put the gamefile into a .wav-file, but .dll-files are much less exciting...
Posted by Hempuli 11th October, 2006
Rated :

And by the way, the official forum of this game is
Posted by izac 11th October, 2006

np MJK. I will proberly review more games. I was abit nervous about adding the review. Becuase the one i gave to you was the 1st i have ever done on TDC!
Posted by izac 11th October, 2006

Oh by the way.. I am stuck on 'Fly pretty...' one. I've tried and tried. But i just can't get it!

The tip says it's the easiest anagram! But it's not:S
Posted by MJK 11th October, 2006

Well, U.2, if you have two words, what is the easiest way to make an anagram out of them....? Not too many changes..
Posted by Noyb 11th October, 2006

u2: it's such an easy anagram, each word has the same letters in the same positions
Posted by Jimbob 11th October, 2006

That heart is still beating me .
Tried every combination of the BPM, BPS calcs but still nothing.
I think there's another I can't do, but I think it's cos I turned the sound off...

Think I'm around level 150 now. There's three rectangles on a purple background. And I'm guessing it's something to do with red and blue overlapping to make purple. But again stuck.

The irrational problems that can only be solved by just pure randomness kinda drag this game down. Sure you say that adds to the longevity but I just think it's stupid and will probably drive most people away. Doesn't stop me playing it, but that's only because no-one else has finished it yet and there are some interesting brainteasers among the annoying ones.
Posted by Noyb 11th October, 2006

An odd observation about the heart one. My friend and I both counted beats on the bpm one. I got the right answer, he got about sixty more than mine. Perhaps the bpm is speed dependent, but the answer is fixed?
Posted by MJK 12th October, 2006

@Noyb, that's an interesting observation...explains how it's a bit difficult for many We'll fix that one later.

@Jimbob, the purple bg+rectangles level, yes I like this one. They (colors and shapes) are purely just to distract you (and it seems to have worked..). Press CTRL+F to restart the level and I'm sure you will figure it out.. I'll PM you the answer to the beating heart level.
Posted by DaVince 12th October, 2006

Very nice game. I came to level 15 so far, really interesting thing!
Posted by izac 12th October, 2006

Phizzy. You are shit!
Posted by markno2 13th October, 2006

What's the purple scribble answer one it says word with O...
I don't get the X,Y one (shown in screenshot)

Posted by MJK 13th October, 2006

Mark, it's an english word. Many find it as "penguin", but it doesn't start with "P" and there is "O" also. Now you just have to figure it out

X,Y, yes. This has been asked a lot. You can find good extra tips from the earlier discussion here:
Posted by lembi2001 13th October, 2006

level 65 is a bitch!!! D+E*(OP)-X/F
Posted by Jakob37 14th October, 2006

This game is addictive, annoying and hard, and I love it
Thumbs up!
Posted by MJK 14th October, 2006

Thanks a lot Jakob. Annoying games are the best, aren't they?
Posted by Bear Cub 14th October, 2006

that's cool I can't pass the level with the "that's an English word"
that's really awsome
Posted by MJK 15th October, 2006

The very first people to complete every level of Abstractica˛:


Posted by Moonyjacob 15th October, 2006

Hey! Is the some kind of cheat for Skips and Tips?
Shown in the screen shot he has loads of skips and tips!
Posted by MJK 15th October, 2006

Those are only for developers, so don't worry about them
Posted by DaVince 16th October, 2006

I enjoyed the game so far, good job!
Posted by Hempuli 16th October, 2006
Rated :

Woah, did you complete it?
Posted by izac 19th October, 2006

hey, this is the first game i have got to work on my Linux computer!

Congratulations!! ^^
Posted by eddy 20th October, 2006

This game is incredibly well done. Genius idea, excellent execution. Thumbs up!
Posted by izac 21st October, 2006

hehe GOTW! Weldone!
Posted by Hempuli 21st October, 2006
Rated :

weee, we did it!
Posted by Hempuli 23rd October, 2006
Rated :

No more questions? Or have everybody ran to the forums?
Posted by MJK 23rd October, 2006

They have all probably found their ways to A˛ forum and are spending ~20 hours/day finding more tips & hints there!
Posted by Hempuli 24th October, 2006
Rated :

First I read that you said 'tips & skips'
Posted by Hempuli 6th November, 2007
Rated :

Must try this out.






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