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Please move your screenshots away from Discord
News posted 26th February, 2024 by Joshtek Post A Comment

Hi all, Discord have made changes which has meant that Discord-hosted screenshots and files have stopped working on The Daily Click.

I've done my best to restore screenshots and downloads by moving them onto the TDC servers, but please check your own games and articles to see if they need updating.

For screenshots you can use or

For downloads you can use or

For more guidance on submitting games to The Daily Click please see the article at

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Poll: What's your favourite Klik & Play demo game?
News posted 16th February, 2024 by Joshtek 7 Comments

We had 50 responses to our poll on when people started Clicking. 3 respondents have not started Clicking yet. Amongst the others, 34% started with Clickteam Fusion 2.5, 30% started with Klik & Play, 26% with The Games Factory or Click & Create, one person started with Multimedia Fusion 1.x, and nobody started with The Games Factory 2. Thanks to everyone who took part! While the numbers different, the raknings are similar to an equivalent poll from 2018 where 39% of our Clickers started with Fusion 2.5 and 34% with Klik & Play.

Sticking with this Click era theme, I'll be starting the first of a new series of polls asking for your favourite Click demo games. This first batch is focussed on those that were bundled with Klik & Play. If you haven't checked them out then see Kliktopia's Clickteam Game Demo Collection where they have all been bundled together along with a version of my guide to running old Klik games on Windows 10/11.

Quit Buggin' by Jack or John
News posted 4th February, 2024 by Joshtek Post A Comment

Jack or John, creator of a variety of crazy and tower related games, is back with Quit Buggin'. It has some incredibly funky music, and a handy manual to give you tips on how to play.

Comments from the Author: "Quit Buggin' is an arcade shooter game where you smack pesky bugs away from your delicious burger. To kill the pesky bugs, you SMACK them with either your hand or fly swatter. You can also spray them with your bug stunner to have them in-place for a few seconds! Watch out for the Mother; she doesn't mess around..."

Click here to download the game and read its comments

In other news:

  • vSv has posted an update on their project Zi: The three of hearts, including a short video preview that looks very cool.
  • Over on their Patreon, Clickteam have posted MazeWays, a kit for creating your own isometric roguelike game. The ClickStore remains closed for now.
  • P-L-T-X has posted a review of BigAl0104's 20 Crappy Games, the first review of 2024.
  • There's a new poll coming soon so if you haven't taken part in the current one then now's your chance!

Shoot & Dodge by Dannimáx and four games by oldgamesrbetter
News posted 25th January, 2024 by Joshtek Post A Comment

It's time for g-g-g-g-g-ames!

First, we have the action packed Shoot & Dodge from Dannimáx whose first game Coins was posted to The Daily Click back in August 2023. I continue to enjoy their charming art style and had a blast checking out their game.

Second, third, fourth and fifth we have a selection of classic Click creations from oldgamesrbetter (AKA Steve McCall of FISTA Productions) that some of you might remember from when you were yonger. Warning: These games are for a mature audience only.

Finally, there are the latest additions to Kliktopia which consists of old games from Gary Gasko (KNPMASTER), Scott Cawthon, Grey Olltwit, RomanX, Cyber Sluz, Mark Pay and Pieces Interactive

Shoot & Dutch by Dannimáx

Comments from the Author: "Stay on the move and defeat the enemies as quickly as possible or they will easily overwhelm you! Wow, my second game, I'm pretty proud of it and I feel like it's a decent step up from my last one. Hope you like it!"

Click here to download the game and read its comments

Games from oldgamesrbetter

Friday the 13th: Return To Camp Blood [1999]

Comments from the Author: "Ahh, good memories. One of the first games I ever made when I was 15. The original f13 fan game that created a cult following. Play as Jason & kill the campers. Arrow keys & space bar to play. Crappy graphics I made in mspaint and ripped sounds. I had a s**t load of fun making it. Just the idea of making my own video game was amazing to me. This was originally made in Klik N Play and then converted over to Click & Create."

Click here to download the game and read its comments

Halloween: October 31st [1999]

Comments from the Author: "Well since I made a F13 game... what was next? Why not Michael Myers? This seriously took me like a weekend to make. Had a lot of free time in high school. Right in time for Halloween that year. Control by using the arrow keys & space bar. Don't mind my sweet spelling mistakes."

Click here to download the game and read its comments

A Nightmare on Elm Street [1999]

Comments from the Author: "This was the last game I finished back when I was 15 before I disappeared from game dev for a while. Probably the most challenging out of the horror games I made. Control Freddy using the arrow keys & space bar."

Click here to download the game and read its comments

Candyman DEMO [2006]

Comments from the Author: "On the first level when you go right to the second screen, press "p" to see the tribute to Dimebag Darrell."

Click here to download the game and read its comments 

Latest games added to Kliktopia

Click here to see the latest additions to Kliktopia

The Wizard & The Shadow Beast by The MPP & four re15ster downloads
News posted 12th January, 2024 by Joshtek Post A Comment

To usher in the new year we have plenty of new stuff!

The MPP has released his first new game in 5 years, and it's actually the first one that I have the honour of posting a news story about as the others were covered by Liquixcat and fellow 'The', The Chris Street. Meanwhile, I am announcing the first FOUR entries from re15ster.

Feel inspired to submitting something yourself? Well, check out my new article entitled 'Submitting games to TDC (and avoiding false positives!)'.

The Wizard & The Shadow Beast by The MPP

Comments from the Author: "A mysterious monster called "The Shadow Beast" has risen from the darkest corner of the earth and is planning to cover the entire world in eternal darkness! Many wizards and mages have already gone on a quest to defeat The Shadow Beast, but none of them have returned, or they retreated because of the terror they felt when looking into his eyes. Now there only remains a small group of magic users and one of them decides to go on a quest to defeat The Shadow Beast. The Shadow Beasts resides in a temple where it is training for it's next strike. The keys to the temple were each given to a guardian to protect, with them proceding to spread out around the land. Will you be the wizard to save the world?"

Click here to download the game and read its comments

Games from re15ster


Comments from the Author: "I Wanna Be The Megaman is difficult platform adventure. This game is a fan game of Mega Man, and your goal is to clear the game while avoiding numerous spikes and enemies... Do YOU have what it takes to be Megaman?"

Click here to download the game and read its comments


Comments from the Author: "Ultimate-Multitasking is a game that multitasks four games simultaneously. In this game you have to last 30 seconds. (Ez mode)"

Click here to download the game and read its comments

Stage Tower

Comments from the Author: "A short platformer game. You must pass 10 stages."

Click here to download the game and read its comments

3D Maze beta

Comments from the Author: "3D Maze is a 3D short horror game. There are 10 stages and you have to avoid pursuers and collect 3 flags."

Click here to download the game and read its comments 

New games: Crazy Christmas and JJ's Doomsday Christmas
News posted 26th December, 2023 by Joshtek Post A Comment

Want even MORE festive games? You're in luck, as two new Christmas games have been released at the same time!

Crazy Christmas by Jack or John

Comments from the Author: "Merry Christmas! Phil decides to have Christmas dinner party and invites Gavin to come over! Play through two harder Christmas versions of towers 1 & 3 from Crazy Towers with new bosses!"

Click here to download the game and read its comments.

JJ's Doomsday Christmas by BigAl0104

Comments from the Author: "It's the Christmas season, and JJ has set up a Christmas party for her friends. Suddenly a demonized version of her boyfriend, Alex, has spawned in and kidnapped all of her friends. He has been holding a grudge on JJ for quite some time now. It has something to do with her always beating him at Super Pow Bros. Unlimited. Well he's had enough of this nonsense and is now back for his revenge. He takes all of her friends to various different realms filled with nothing but references to other media and preferences!"

Click here to download the game and read its comments.

Merry Christmas from The Daily Click
News posted 25th December, 2023 by Joshtek 3 Comments

To celebrate the holiday, I've managed to track down Kweh Tower, a level pack for Radix's Christmas puzzle game Santasm 3 from the level author Fifth originally posted to The Daily Click back in January 2007. According to the level author: "It's only 7 floors high, but hopefully it'll provide a bit of a challenge.".

Instructions: Just unzip the level into your Towers folder and then it should show up in Santasm 3.

Want more festive fun? Check out the Kliktopia Christmas games page!

(Credit: Graphic above is adapted from the LordHannu graphic and the game Night Before Christmas by Ambrosine)

Vote for your time capsule champion in GraySlicer09's game jam
News posted 21st December, 2023 by Joshtek 1 Comment

Check out the entries for GraySlicer09's Clickteam Fusion 2.5 10th Anniversary Game Jam and vote on the winner over the next few days. The theme was 'Time Capsule'  and the entries are:

Time Voyage submitted by ThePurplePumpkin

..and Timeless Treasure by Lukas ATBK


In other news Clickteam Fusion 2.5 is currently 50% off as part of Clickteam's Winter Sale on


New game: Squary the Squarer in Snow Square
News posted 20th December, 2023 by Joshtek Post A Comment

'Tis the season for festive games, and I've spent some of my time playing the latest such contribution which is Squary the Squarer in Snow Square by CoolPatilloGuy.

Comments from the Author:
"Hello there, it's my first time uploading a FULL game that isn't a FNaF fangame so pretty nice lol.

While it is not my first game with a Clickteam program, it is quite better than my other projects although this was a pretty fast game because I used another game of mine as the base for this one. The character from this game was created back in 2021 as a test character so that's why he is a basic square and not anything else.

This game features three languages: English, Spanish and French, although with the french translation I had to use a translator, with the english one it was just with my failed gringoindio level so there will be some spelling mistakes, the spanish, however, is my native language so it wasn't that hard although I had some creative freedoms with the languages so there will be differences between them... That's it, enjoy!"

Click here to download the game and read its comments.

New Christmas video from Piece of Pie Software

Piece of Pie has covered a number of Christmas Click games, including a 2021 Compilation and a 2022 Compilation.

Well, now Drakiah is back with a 'Elf: Very Merry XMAS Special' gameplay video.

The Christmas Click games featred in these vidoes are available from Kliktopia's Christmas Games page.

New games: Enter the Black, Flan Atrapa Bolas and Juan's Quest
News posted 24th November, 2023 by Joshtek Post A Comment

First, the news:

  1. I've now made my submission to join the TDC 'Secret' Santa Gift Exchange. Make yours by 1st December to take part!
  2. A number of the recently released Click Halloween games have had bug fix or weak releases. If you downloaded version 1.0, it is worth checking for the latest version.
  3. I've made a post on the TDC forums explaining The Daily Click's points and ranks system.
  4. It's Black Friday, and that means all our freeware titles are 50% off!

An now some games for your enjoyment...

Enter the Black by Tomssuli and BlackEnter Software

Horror game where lights flicker every ten seconds. Tomsulli also made other games like Volatile Witchcraft that I really enjoyed, so please check it out... if you dare!

Comments from the Author: "You were exploring an abandoned hospital when due to your carelessness you became trapped. There is an emergency backup generator that can open the electrically locked doors but it hasn’t been maintained for years. Lights will flicker on and off every 10 seconds due to the unreliable grid connection. Be aware, there are things that lurk in the darkness. You have to find tools and equipment needed to fix the generator in order to open the doors and escape the hospital."

Click here to download Enter the Black and read its comments

Flan Atrapa Bolas by LucchettiFan

This is a RPG fangame of The Legacy of Flan that you can play in your browser. This is the author's first game!

Comments from the Author: "You have to grab flavor drops and a gun chase you and if it shoots you, you lose. This is my first game and I do this in one day with a youtube tutorial and with the free edition of clickteam, so don't hope much of this, but it doesn't will be my unique game. So i hope you enjoy it."

 Click here to play Flan Atrapa Bolas in the browser and read its comments

Juan's Quest (Spanish demo) by LucchettiFan

Platformer RPG. From the now familiar author of Flan Atrapa Bolas :)

Comments from the Author: "You are Juan and you need to rescue the king of a bad ogres that have kidnnaped him. This is the demo and is in spanish. In the future i will do a version in English, I promise. The full game will be release after christmas because Clickteam 2.5 Developer will be my chistmas gift. But i hope you enjoy the demo!"

Note: To play the game you will need to download the game, rename it .mfa, and open it in Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

Click here to download Juan's Quest (Spanish demo) and read its comments.

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