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Instructor Study Guide
Author: s-m-r Submitted: 31st December, 2006 Favourites:0
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Edited By s-m-r on 1/30/2007

Though it has several game elements, I consider this more an "educational application" than a game. It's an interactive study guide I created for my day job, both so I could increase my skills with MMF2 and also pass the time between job response calls. Those of you familiar with the American Red Cross may see some familiar symbols and content.

This app is intended for use by Instructors-In-Training, who need to pass several exams in order to become certified as an Instructor for the various courses provided by the American Red Cross. I wanted to offer something more than just a slideshow or a notebook full of questions and answers, and this is my first go at something that I think fits the bill rather well.

For simplicity's sake, I made sure the control scheme used just the mouse and its buttons to do everything needed in the game. Whenever you're done, just keep clicking "exit" until the app closes.

All told, it's about 90% complete in its current state. If you have any suggestions or comments, then please post them! I'd appreciate any suggestions on this kind of app; I really haven't seen much in the way of these types of MMF creations, let alone on TDC. If you know of other examples of interactive apps like this, please post those as well.

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Posted by Hempuli 4th January, 2007

Posted by s-m-r 5th January, 2007

Yeah, there's no blood in it, is there?





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