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Imperfect Pong
Author: s-m-r Submitted: 5th April, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 160

Edited By s-m-r on 4/12/2008

You and your balls are stuck in space-time by some malicious, unknown force! Only through your diligence, skill, dexterity, and THE GRAVITRON will you be able to fight your way through space time and find out not just how your balls became stuck, but who put them there in the first place!

Use the arrow keys or your joystick to move your paddle to the left and right. Button 1/SHIFT will launch your ball and (when applicable) fire bullets. Button 2/CTRL will activate the GRAVITRON, which swings your balls back towards your paddle. It is recommended you practice use of the GRAVITRON as much as possible (hint: you'll need to use it to beat the game...).

EDIT: I've since updated the EXE file, thanks to the feedback below. I removed the debugging feature that automatically moved you forward to the next level when you lost all your balls.

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Posted by Cecilectomy 6th April, 2008
Rated :

this isnt pong. its breakout.

um. a good attempt. but its got problems.

-i destroyed all the blocks and the level didnt change.
-when i lost all my balls the level changed and i started again (with no lives)
-i kept losing lives and i still had no lives but the game continued.

the feel of the game and the graphics was a bit too plain.
sounds do not really fit the game either.
Posted by MBK 6th April, 2008

Yea, this is a Breakout game.

Pong sucks anyways. Alot of people think it was the first game ever made or something.

But actually, a 360 degree shooting asteroid type game was the first game made .. back on one of those computers that filled an entire room.

Posted by viva/volt 6th April, 2008

Well, actually to quote a site I found:

"In 1952, A.S. Douglas wrote his PhD degree at the University of Cambridge on Human-Computer interraction. Douglas created the first graphical computer game - a version of Tic-Tac-Toe. The game was programmed on a EDSAC vaccuum-tube computer, which had a cathode ray tube display."

Posted by J.R.P 6th April, 2008
Rated :

This is the best god damn pong game i have played, I LOVE IT! not sure why i like it so much probably because it has so much power ups and i like the gravitron thing also loved the music you used for level 1- land down under! Thumbs up
Posted by -Nick- 6th April, 2008
Rated :

This seems kind of random... there is actually no way to control the ball as far as i can see... no matter where it lands on the paddle it always bounces the same. And i got fed up and closed it when the ball got stuck bouncing horizontally left and right across the screen.
Posted by Willy C 6th April, 2008

I taught Tennis for two was considered the first video game.
Posted by Cecilectomy 6th April, 2008
Rated :

first "video game"

not first graphical computer game. lol.
Posted by s-m-r 6th April, 2008

Thanks for the comments, folks. Let me reply as best I can.

Sorry I listed this as a "bat and ball" game. I should have listed it as abandonware, technically speaking.

I know there are problems. I listed all the ones cited above in the readme file (labeled "read at your own peril" in the ZIP file). For the record, the game not progressing once all the bricks are destroyed doesn't always happen; I think the first time it happened to me was on level 4.

I used the default bounce movement for the ball, which may explain the phenomenon of how the ball "always bounces the same" each time. Not sure how to fix it without creating my own physics/maths engine, which I don't have time to do. I'm a newb.

Nick, if you find yourself stuck, use the GRAVITRON by pressing Button 2 on your controller or the CTRL button on the keyboard. That should fix your problem. I added that "feature" because I was as annoyed with it as you seem to be. Image

If anyone actually makes it to the final boss and beats this game, let me know. I'd be interested in seeing what you thought of the "final battle." Image

There are ten levels in all.

Heheh...And J.R.P., thanks for the kudos! Glad to hear you liked it so much. If you take it for what it is, then the game doesn't seem so bad. Image
Comment edited by s-m-r on 4/6/2008
Posted by Cecilectomy 7th April, 2008
Rated :

J.R.P. likes everything lol.
Posted by s-m-r 7th April, 2008

That makes me feel even better.
Posted by J.R.P 7th April, 2008
Rated :

I got up to the final boss nemesis! He wants my balls, his not having my balls, exscuse me while i kick his ASS!
Posted by J.R.P 7th April, 2008
Rated :

That was a tough battle, but i beat him, i got a 5 HIT COMBO in one shot! It was a bit annoying with the black gravity vent sucking up my ball, but iam a master using the gravitron so it only sucked me up once! Good game, you have my GOTW vote! i would have voted for FIG but thats just a demo!

AS proof that i beat the game, it said at the end, YOU MAY KEEP YOUR BALLS!
Posted by s-m-r 7th April, 2008

Excellent, man! Glad to hear you beat the game (and the annoying bugs didn't serve as a show-stopper)...I'll put together an award for your win and post it on the boards.
Posted by Zezard 8th April, 2008
Rated :

I understand what you mean with imperfect now.
The bouncing felt very random (sometimes meaning random death). The levels wouldn't end after I had hit all the bricks. I also found it kind of confusing that I would get to a new level, much possibly the next level, even though I died.... I played it directly via winrar, could this have had something to do with that?

In order to make a decent breakout bounce, the easiest way would be to compare the ball's position realtive the middle of the player's brick. Depending on the difference between these x-coords a change in direction should be decided.
The powerups and the feeling to this game were really good however, a lot of potential!
Posted by s-m-r 8th April, 2008

Man, I don't have any clue as to how WinRAR can affect a game. However, I admit the game can run as a stand-alone, and still encounter the errors you mentioned. I'm sure it's simply some sort of issue related to the counter I included.

In any case, it's less than 1.5MB; I'd recommend you simply copy it to your Desktop to play it. You can toss it in the Recycle Bin once you've had enough.

Thanks for the compliments, Zezard! Based on the feedback from you and the other players, I'll most likely double-check things and see if I can iron out a few mistakes...Make sure the game ends when you're out of lives, for example...! Updates will be indicated in the game's description above.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 9th April, 2008

hehe, the trails look so much like my first game's ones... nice
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 12th April, 2008

What Zezard means is he played it in WinRAR without extracting the files. If your game needs to create a file in order to keep progress, etc. then it won't do it because it won't just automatically add to the archive. I think .ini files are still created in your Windows directory but games that create external files as save games or temporary files to store certain game information (often related to things that need to carry on to the next level) are affected in this way.
Posted by s-m-r 13th April, 2008

Well, to my knowledge the game creates no external files, so I suspect it's simply my terrible coding which is the culprit here.

In any case, I've updated the EXE to end the game once you're out of lives. That takes care of one issue, at least (I left it in for debugging purposes, then neglected to remove it before release...). The other bugs would be tougher to eliminate, and I'm not certain I have the time (or motivation) to go back and fix them...It is, after all, only a bat-and-ball game...
Posted by DaVince 16th April, 2008

"But actually, a 360 degree shooting asteroid type game was the first game made .. back on one of those computers that filled an entire room."

Hahah, whoever told you THAT?
Posted by DaVince 16th April, 2008

Rick: even if the game does create external files it wouldn't be a problem, because WinRAR extracts the one exe file to a temp directory when you try to run it from within WinRAR. The problem lies in whenever the game requires external files, like TGF exes requiring the .GAM file (which is the reason you can't open them from within WinRAR).
Posted by s-m-r 18th April, 2008

Yup, it's official. Totally ignored by the board mods. That's hot.
Posted by erghhhhx 2nd October, 2008

"But actually, a 360 degree shooting asteroid type game was the first game made .. back on one of those computers that filled an entire room."

Well that depends what you consider a "computer-game". You're talking about "Spacewar!" from 1962, I pressume?





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