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Squiggy's Safety Catch
Author: s-m-r Submitted: 12th February, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 138

Edited By s-m-r on 2/22/2007

UPDATE, 22 February 2007: More levels and more action added!

"Squiggy's Safety Catch" is a game created for the local branch of the American Red Cross. The idea is to familiarize kids with the ideas of Disaster Preparedness. This game does it pretty well, I think, and it's a fun, quick game to boot.

Guide Squiggy to the left and right, collecting the useful items as they fall from the sky, and add points to your score. Dodge the not-so-useful items, or you'll lose points when they fall into your sack. If you collect one of each of the useful items, then you earn a BIG BONUS to your score.

All the "artwork" was hand-pixeled by me. Audio is stock MMF2 sound/music files (I don't have a microphone at work...!).

Have any suggestions? Any ideas to make this game even better? Any compliments? Then please offer some feedback--I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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Posted by Radix 13th February, 2007

Wait, what's wrong with fuel canisters? Squiggy's going to freeze to death when the generator fails.
Posted by Tim 13th February, 2007

Nice name _
Posted by s-m-r 13th February, 2007

Haha! Well, the mascot has been around since Spring of '05; this is the first game featuring Squiggy, however.

Seriously...They're totally different games, so don't work yourself up about it. I can't think of anyone who would confuse a squirrel with an ex-CIA agent.
Posted by robin90 14th February, 2007

I will give you a thumbs up cos it is for a good cause.
Posted by s-m-r 14th February, 2007

Thanks for the thumbs-up, robin90! I am also interested in what you think of the game if you have any feedback regarding that, please post it here.

I realize a lot of folks here may not be familiar with the American Red Cross, or even the International Red Cross initiatives, but you can easily look beyond all that and see for yourself if the game is actually FUN. That's what I'm looking for. Compliments on the agency for whom I work are ALWAYS appreciated, but this is a games website, after all...!
Posted by Kazuma 14th February, 2007

ⓣⓘⓜ, why would someone use your name? Get over it.
Posted by robin90 14th February, 2007

Ok, for a gamer point of view, the game lack of stages. You can finish the game within a min and you will reach the high score. Although, it is designed for kids, I doubt they will find it interesting. I find it bored after a round or two.
Posted by s-m-r 15th February, 2007

Hmm...I was thinking adding a second and third round, each with more frenetically-dropping items, would be a good choice. Perhaps I'll update it and add in more rounds, to add some more challenge and gameplay length.

Once the MMF2 Vitalize plugin is released, I plan on posting this on our chapter's website, so initially file size concerned me. But with the trial files I've created for online use, it still doesn't seem so bad. The game itself isn't even 1MB in size, so it wouldn't be too huge a download in any case.

I'll see what I can do in the next couple days. Hopefully I'll update it prior to it's entry in the GOTW competition.
Posted by robin90 15th February, 2007

That good news. If you make it more playable, I will write a review for you
Posted by Tim 15th February, 2007


and besides, I wasn't really at all bothered, LOL
Posted by Kazuma 16th February, 2007






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