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Spirit Seeker
Author: s-m-r Submitted: 30th July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 183
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Edited By s-m-r on 7/16/2009

Object of the game: Survive as long as you can in the Spirit Seeker training arena by collecting good spirits and avoiding evil ones. Gain extra lives by touching your master and receiving a blessing after you've acquired enough points. More and more evil spirits flood the arena in an effort to prevent you from becoming the best Spirit Seeker. Are you up to the challenge?

How To Play: See the in-game 'how to play' section for more details.
Arrow Keys: move your character
Collect good spirits in your spirit staff by touching them.
Avoid touching the evil spirits, and you'll survive longer.
Press the SPACE BAR to surround yourself with a protective shield that exiles many of the spirits that touch it (both evil and good). This does take a little energy, but it helps clear the arena of all those pesky evil spirits running around.
Exit the game by pressing the ESCAPE key on the title screen, or ALT+F4 on any screen.

This is my first game. I was finally tired enough of all the games I'd seen on The Daily Click, while not being able to make any of my own. So upon arrival of MultiMedia Fusion 2, I finally bought the software. Spirit Seeker is the result of perhaps 17 hours or so of "coding" and artwork. It would have taken longer if I'd included cutscenes and stuff that explained the back-story, but I was too antsy to release the title and let other people play it. So they didn't make it in this version. If there's a clamor for it, I may attempt to release a second version with cutscenes as well as an online scoreboard.

Any feedback, constructive or otherwise? Any ideas on how to expand this game further? Please post here. Thanks!

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Posted by Jonathan Lake 31st July, 2006

I like the concept of the game, very original. Not bad for a first game, but definitely could use some work. I seen a few errors. At first it was so easy, but then it got more difficult (which is a good thing) and thats where the fun started to come in. I suggest you add a way to eliminate the evil spirits because the further you get in the game, the more there are(and there are too many). For example maybe you could shoot them with a spirit power or something, I don't know. I'll leave that up for you to decide.
Posted by 31st July, 2006

I liked the graphics and the gameplay.
The only problem is that it gets boring after a while.

If it is your first game, very nice work!
Posted by ]Alpha[ 1st August, 2006

I agree with skydragon.

Nice work for your first game, but the problem is that you easily getting bored of it.
Maybe (as sl!ther suggested) you should throw in a couple of more spirits and give the player a way to eliminate them.

In a few words : Give the player the opportunity to do something different than just running on the level to collect yellow spirits and avoid the black ones.
More things a player can do, more time he will play the game before get bored.

Don't you think?
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 1st August, 2006

Nice game,but the sound when you touch a good spirit is quite annoying at first.As this is/may be your first game,i will not annoy you with complaints of default engine used .
Posted by MasterM 1st August, 2006

mmf 2?
Posted by s-m-r 1st August, 2006

Thanks for all the comments, folks! Let me reply...

Yes, this is my first game, and yes, it's made with MMF2 (I'm certain I didn't utilize the program to its utmost for this little one-screener!). It was a lot of fun to make. And took about 15 hours, all included.

As for destroying spirits, that was an idea I was toying with, but never implemented. An effect that creates a "magic shell" around the player which destroys any spirits touching it might work; I'm wondering whether it should cost a certain number of points, or should slowly drain the points away. Maybe making the shell smaller (perhaps only 1/4th the size of the player), but making it change direction depending on which way the player goes, might work better. Any thoughts?

As for non-default game engines, I have no clue how to make those, as far as I know. I'll look into it.

Also, BIG thanks to Rikus who helped me out with the screenshots when posting Spirit Seeker. Thanks man!
Posted by Jonathan Lake 1st August, 2006

A magic shell sounds good, but I think a magic orb that surrounds the player in all directions sounds better. Make it smaller the more spirits' it destroys. As far as a custom engine goes, I wouldn't worry about that until later. There are plenty of articles and tutorials on that subject for when your ready.
Posted by Shipuli 4th August, 2006

I like the graphics, the sounds, but the idea of the game isn't that good. Im keen to see your next game!
Geep up the good work!
Posted by Mike Domingues 4th August, 2006

You ripped some graphics don't you ?
Cos I think I've seen some just like the ones you're using in the game. Regardless, it's a decent game but maybe too repetitive.
Posted by s-m-r 4th August, 2006

Sorry dude...I made all the graphics myself.

I pity the artist you think I ripped graphics from.
Posted by Dave S. 5th August, 2006

Hey... not bad for a first game but I would have prefered mouse movement for the player and set up more screen levels after scoring 50 points or so to add a bit of variation.

It's good to see and comment on other peoples games.
Posted by Mike Domingues 5th August, 2006

If you telling the truth, I'm sorry.
But I played a game in the Snes with very similar graphics (like the wizard) and because it's your first game, I thought you could have ripped them.
Posted by s-m-r 8th August, 2006

Okay, I've updated the game with a 'protective shield' effect that I spent some time balancing. Please download the new version (it may only work if you download it from the alternative download site), and please give me a little feedback. Thanks!
Posted by Jakob37 10th August, 2006

This game is quite entertaining for a while but it takes too long to play through it, you becomes bored when you have played it for a little while.
I have not played the earlier version but I don`t know if that shield is a very good thing because you can easely kill all the evil spirits. And it is not a very good idea to have scrollbars in the mainmenue but that might be only mine computer...
Anyway, it is quite well made for being your first game, it have a good concept and I really likes the music.
Posted by Moonyjacob 14th August, 2006

OK the game was not bad, But the was -1- fault!, and -1- thing!,

Fault: was that when i got a high score and entered it in, i pressed S to look at highscores and i had to enter my name again for the same highscore!!, Just make it in the highscores frame that(Every 5 miliseconds-or less- + if score is GREATER than 0 set score to 0)

Thing: is that when i went to the help menu i could not read it all because it goes to quick!, Make it so you press a button to go through,

Not a bad game though Thumbs up!
Posted by Moonyjacob 14th August, 2006

kinda good winning GOTW on your first game!!
Posted by s-m-r 14th August, 2006

@ U.2 little bro: Thanks for the comments! It was a great surprise to see Spirit Seeker as the GOTW...

As far as the high score screen goes, I thought I fixed that! I encountered it as well (which is why you see "s-m-r" several times in a row on the high-score table with the same score posted); maybe I updated a previous version of the game instead of the properly-updated one. Maybe I'll come back to it to brush things up a bit.

Thanks again.





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