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Breakfast Battle DEMO v1
Author: s-m-r Submitted: 19th August, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 102

Yes, the version 1 demo of Breakfast Battle is now available!

What started off as an experiment in working with custom movements has morphed into a completely bizarre shoot-em-up dedicated to America's classic diners.

Mornings without coffee were never like this! Defend your saucer from the cinnamon rolls, plates of bacon, and other malicious breakfast foods that come your way. Cause mayhem at the crack of dawn with caffeine, spoons, and the infamous creamer bomb powerups!

Features to be implemented:
complete game control using the mouse
a wide variety of standard enemies and even a few breakfast bosses thrown in there
unlockable bonus content, from new skins to slideshows
an odd sense of humour, for certain

*MOVE your saucer around the game field by moving your mouse; your coffee cup will trail behind, following the saucer.
*PRESS AND HOLD the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to squirt out some coffee.
*CLICK the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to launch a creamer bomb, which will eventually explode and damage all enemies it touches. Please note that you have a limited number of these.
*AVOID the breakfast foods, and the projectiles they shoot at you.
*EARN POWERUPS by shooting the cinnamon rolls; after 6 are destroyed, a random powerup will descend from the top edge of the screen, each with a unique effect on the player.
*Most enemies will take several hits to kill; bosses (the larger breakfast foods) will take many more.
*Two bosses are included in this demo: TOAST and a SHORT STACK.

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Posted by Rikus 21st August, 2009
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Kind of original and kind of fun to play! Once you spiffy up the background and graphics and toy with the gameplay a bit to give it more speed this could be even better, continue working on it!
Comment edited by Rikus on 8/21/2009
Posted by s-m-r 24th August, 2009

Thanks for the feedback, Rikus. A response is in order, particularly because the movement is something I've thought through considerably for this project.

There are two routes I see as possible; which would you prefer?
--The player starts with a relatively low speed, and can pick up a powerup that gradually increases their movement effectiveness permanently;
--The player has an adequate starting speed, then can pick up a powerup that temporarily increases their speed to being hyper-effective.

Which do you think is a more effective choice, and why?

Anyone else who has played this demo, please feel free to reply as well.

Thanks again, Rikus!
Posted by James Luke 27th August, 2009
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it was an intresting consept but the firing felt very unresposive and the movement was a bit vibratey. the graphics could be improved a bit but yes i will play the final verson if you finish it. good luck





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