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City of Sodom v2 (O.S.)
Author: s-m-r Submitted: 30th December, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 159

Edited By s-m-r on 2/4/2010

version 2.0 (final version)
includes open source file!

by let-off studios, december 2009 - january 2010

SYNOPSIS: it's the time of troubles. people are writing the old testament of the bible so future generations will hear all about it.

lots of bad people are being drawn to the CITY OF SODOM, and it's GOD's job to sort out the mess. YOU are GOD, one of the big badass dudes from that time period, and you must smite the evildoers...or maybe you'll just blast the CITY OF SODOM itself when you can't be bothered to mete out deliverance one lightning bolt at a time.

HOW TO PLAY: in this minigame, move GOD'S MAGNIFICENT FINGER OF POINTING across the game area with the MOUSE. to launch a lightning bolt, click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. note that the lightning bolt will hit the ground where you clicked the mouse, and it's the explosions--not the lightning--that smite the evildoers! you'll also see demons flying away from SODOM in an effort to corrupt more souls. blast them too.

from time to time, you will see your efforts of smiting evildoers does pay off. worshippers will emerge from the city of sodom and try to rejoin your fold. DO NOT BLAST THEM! if you blast five worshippers, it's game over.

use your mouse to click on the minimize and maximize buttons near the upper left corner of the screen. you can play CITY OF SODOM in windowed mode, if you wish.

press the ESC key on the keyboard to exit the game. press it again to close the application.

you earn points for each sinner or demon you smite. the more points you have, the better you are at being GOD. it's that simple.

25 january, 2010
--no major bug fixes, but thanks to some player feedback (at i added a new wrinkle to the game: worshipers. see that event group for details.
--optimized colours to save on file size; this is only a minor cosmetic change.
--updated the event structure for the end cut scene so the full audio file is always played.
--added sound effects for the worshipers. thanks, nikc!
--added an additional instruction screen to explain worshipers.
--further refined the end cutscene in an effort to make it not suck.
--this should be the last of the updates for city of sodom.


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Posted by Del Duio 31st December, 2009

Well if this isn't the most misleading title ever lol.

I'll bet some people are going to be a bit disappointed, the sickos.

Bravo, S-M-R!
Posted by erghhhhx 31st December, 2009
Rated :

Ehrm, the title is quite clear I'd say.

Cool game btw! Got 128 points.
Posted by Dev4Rush 31st December, 2009

Nice and fun stuff!
Posted by Rob Westbrook 31st December, 2009

Posted by Del Duio 1st January, 2010

No, I guess it's just me who's the sicko afterall haha.
Posted by Eliyahu 2nd January, 2010
Rated :

I thought it was ok, but it got pretty repetitive fast. Also, lightning bolts hit any enemies on their way down, even if it logically doesn't make sense, so the attempt at controlling the depth of where the bolt lands didn't work.
Comment edited by Eliyahu on 1/2/2010
Posted by alibaba 2nd January, 2010

I see what Del Duio is getting at! For those that don't, look up sodomy in the dictionary...
Posted by erghhhhx 2nd January, 2010
Rated :

You should rather look up "city of sodom" and you'll find that the word "sodomy" derives from it.
Posted by s-m-r 2nd January, 2010

Thanks to everyone for the great comments!

Anyone look at the commented code, and think it's done well? Where can I improve?

@ Del Duio: Yeah, I didn't want to lessen the chances the game would actually be approved by depicting more than just the outskirts of the city...

@ Eliyahu: I mentioned in the readme file that there's an issue if you click very quickly and have a vertical "stack" of targets, the top target will be hit by the lightning bolts regardless of the order you've clicked. Until I distribute the update, try not to click in a vertical line; that's the work-around I allude to in the readme.
Posted by s-m-r 8th January, 2010

next update is in the works. fixed the issues reported by Eliyahu, and will also include additional graphics and destructible scenery.

it's on its way...
Posted by Va1entine 9th January, 2010
Rated :

Fun little mini game
Posted by s-m-r 11th January, 2010

now updated to version 1.5. enjoy!
Posted by Marko 21st January, 2010
Rated :

Good little game, nicely presented and funny sound effects and God voice-overs. The characters were quite pleasing on the eye and the gameplay fairly engaging considering the fact it's a mini-game.

If i was to ask for one improvement, it would be innocent people on screen that you have to avoid hitting ith lightening, increasing the difficulty and adding a little strategy. This could also be used to slowly ramp up the difficulty (slowly adding more innocents on screen) as well as acting as a "life-guage" (only allowed to hit "x" innocents before it's game-over)

Great effort though!
Posted by s-m-r 21st January, 2010

Thanks for the suggestions, Marko...I think a version 2 ought to be in the works based on your suggestions. I'll see what I can do.
Posted by s-m-r 4th February, 2010

Version 2 has been uploaded. If you've only played the first version of the game, download the latest version and have a go at it. It's much different from (and dare I say much more fun than) the original.
Posted by s-m-r 18th February, 2010

Thanks to those of you (all two of you) who voted City of Sodom for the December GOTM. I'm looking forward to my next project, whenever that comes to pass.





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