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Convoy Turret: DEMO - Level 1
Author: s-m-r Submitted: 6th October, 2008 Favourites:0
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Edited By s-m-r on 10/11/2008

PLEASE NOTE: you can track the progress of the Convoy Turret project here, at its Project page:

Started perhaps 10 months ago, and worked on whenever free time and the inclination has presented itself, Convoy Turret has come a long way from its beginning. In it, the player controls a hover-tank and completes various missions to earn points and continue through the storyline.

The OBJECT of this first-level demo is to safely escort three convoy supply trucks from one base to the other. Be sure to arm yourself and prepare for the ravenous desert insects that attempt to destroy you and your convoy!

CONTROLS: These are also explained in-game, and can be changed by pressing the CTRL and Y key.
W, A, S, D : move your hover-tank in four directions
MOUSE: aim your cannon with the mouse
LEFT CLICK: fire your cannon
RIGHT CLICK: launch stun gas (when applicable)
E : summon convoy

This is a FIRST LEVEL DEMO. More levels will be designed and implemented in the coming weeks. It is planned that there will be four or five distinct levels to explore; this first level is an 'escort' mission, but the rest will all have different tasks to complete.

game features include:
->a top-down control system, providing a birds-eye view of the game area and player
->smooth, easy-to-learn controls and a pixel-perfect 360-degree shooting system
->completely original, hand-drawn graphics
->challenging AI behavior

MAJOR thanks and kudos go out to Sketchy, who provided the code necessary for the 360-degree shooting engine.

Constructive feedback is welcome and encouraged. I've learned a tremendous deal about MMF2 in these past few months, and I feel very positive about this project! Please share your thoughts on how to make it even better. Thanks!

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Posted by -Athan- 8th October, 2008

Posted by 緑葉 8th October, 2008

Looks interesting, will download later
Posted by Yami 8th October, 2008

When I played there were too many bad guys and I kept running out of ammo. Other than that I enjoyed playing, but I could not beat the level. =/
Posted by s-m-r 8th October, 2008

Yeah, I suppose it can be pretty tough. My recommendation is to save your ammo as much as possible (a lot easier now that the shooting has been improved) and be stocked up on stun gas prior to summoning a convoy.

Also, any insect that meets the convoy truck head on will be squished "like a bug on a windshield".
Posted by Dynamite 9th October, 2008

I saw something like this in the 20 event Comp ages ago..

Nice game by the way!
Posted by s-m-r 16th October, 2008

Any further feedback from those of you who are downloading would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
Posted by Codemonkey 16th October, 2008


i'm trying this
Posted by Aden 18th August, 2009
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pritty good i like the music rides on the stone any who took a while to figure out the buttons *i didnt read the start* but pritty good!





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