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TUTORIAL: Jem Jumpers Flash Game
Author: s-m-r Submitted: 28th June, 2012 Favourites:0
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Edited By s-m-r on 7/12/2012

NOTE: the MFA for this game is available here:


Inspired by a thread here at TDC, I've developed a jumper arcade game featuring infinitely-regenerating platforms.

Move your spaceship with the ARROW keys. Jump and double-jump with the SHIFT key.

Collect as many 'jems' as you can by colliding with them. Collecting jems higher up on the screen will net you bonus points. If you fall off the platforms, the small clouds below may save you. If you miss the small clouds, then it's game over for you!

Platform engine developed by DavidN. Music via MMF2. Sound FX made with BFXR. Developed in MMF2 as a Flash application. Copyleft 2012 let-off studios.

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Posted by jamesh 29th June, 2012


It's a cool concept, I think the execution could do with some work, though. Please accept my comments in the spirit of constructive criticism in which they were intended:

It seems a little scruffy round the edges - partly this is to do with the graphics, which are not bad, but could do with a little work, and partly because there are inconsistencies with the gameplay. For example, jems manifest themselves half-way off the screen area, or in the informational area at the bottom, which I really think ought to be separate.

I like the different-speed clouds, and the way they drag you backwards at different speeds. They could perhaps be a little more separate vertically, and they could be a bit more uneven (sometimes the game becomes uncontinuable, because there are no options left - I think that this type of thing should be down to the player's choices (which they are to some extent, with the small clouds) and not at the mercy of the random number generator god. ie. if a game is hard, it should be skill-based hardness rather than luck)

I could go on but in conclusion, I feel it's a promising idea but the gameplay needs tweaking to be properly balanced.


Posted by s-m-r 29th June, 2012

Right on, James. I totally agree with you that it's "scruffy." JJ is high on the luck scale, though to some extent it has an arcade/dexterity feel to it. I'm not totally sold on the game myself; I just felt like releasing it because I'd not been bothered to make any changes to it for like a month or whatever.

My original intent was to respond to the "never-ending/infinite level" discussion thread. We had been chatting about different ways to approach how to build the event structure for something like this, and this was my offering (and it's also why I want to release the MFA file).

I do want to take your impression and roll with it, though. Before I release the MFA, I'll create a pair of random generators and they will both be able to release platforms along the right side. If one stays on the upper half of the screen and the other stays on the lower half, then there's at least a little more assurance that the game will still be able to continue regardless of how fast the newest platforms go.

And yeah, I'll brush up on the jem generation code so that they're not off the screen or whatever.

Thanks again for the critique...Totally NO hard feelings whatsoever. I appreciate the feedback.
Posted by s-m-r 1st July, 2012

UPDATE: MFA available for download, as of 1 July 2012. No extensions are used, although it was developed as a Flash application.

Version 1.1 changes:
- added a second spawner to reduce luck and increase skill requirements to do well in the game; scores should generally go higher now.
- staggered the positioning of the safety clouds/platforms along the bottom of the screen, so that only one is touched when a player ship falls.

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