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Lost Valley
Author: MIG2 Submitted: 26th July, 2003 Favourites:5
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 2746
7th Place     (4.89 / 5)
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Rikus on 5/22/2009

This game is part of the klik museum

Hello dudes!!!

I release the most updated LOST VALLEY game..It has many

LOST VALLEY is an action/adventure game made with TGF but adapted on MMF it can be played with a joypad (ctrl+Y)the game is totally finished (2 years of work)

A zelda/golvellius like . It has adventure mode and action phases. You must enter LOST VALLEY and fight Zero in order to save your realm.for that you need the 12 crystals wich are hiddens in dungeons. You will find a lot of equipements (swords,armors,shields) and items will help you to progress in valley (aqua boots,compass,etc..)
You will also find "special technics" fireball,whirlwind attack,recovery power etc

life time is about 30 hours (the game have save files)
1184 screens on the map(screen by screen mode like in zelda) 12 dungeons full of traps, puzzles and monsters
you will fight tons of monsters and boss monsters.

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 (7000mb )

Posted by lauri 26th July, 2003

i cant download it.
Posted by MIG2 26th July, 2003

i think it's right now
Posted by MIG2 26th July, 2003

if problems to download use that url
Posted by lauri 27th July, 2003

amazing.i have never seen game like that mase whit cklik products. great that someone have patient and skills to make a game like that. great.
Posted by alibaba 27th July, 2003

looks good but just to big for me to download :( sorry
Posted by The Chris Street 27th July, 2003

You should download this, its really really cool. Adding to the front page.
Posted by Dogzer 27th July, 2003

are the graphics ripped?
Posted by Kris 27th July, 2003

Awesome. Thumbs-up most definitely
Posted by Pkeod 27th July, 2003

Yea... obvious ripping of gfx... but still i think it was pretty well coded, and in some areas ... how you say; improvised?
Posted by Death Reaper X 27th July, 2003

This game is great, in fact I think it's become my favourite klik game! :)
Posted by Stian B. 27th July, 2003

Its a very great and fun game,MIG2! I like it very much.And will have in on my HD for a long time :) The intro logo,is too close to Konami logo,should been changed.And another icon on the game file could been nice too. A review will be made when I played it for a while. Its worth a download or two...!
Posted by MIG2 27th July, 2003

hello i'am the creator of that game.. concerning the ripped graphs , it's right a lot are ripped .( i didn't says it but it's obvious some graphs are made by proffessional graphists ) - i'm not english but french so forgive me for the mistakes of language.nevertheless the game texts are in perfect english (they were corrected by a very cool italian beta tester).. bye
Posted by Death Reaper X 27th July, 2003

Aww I thought you did them graphics yourself. :( But even so, gameplay is very nice. :)
Posted by vortex2 27th July, 2003

Yes, fun game non the less :). Atleast you didnt do a mario fan game, or pong :P.
Posted by RPG4Lif3 27th July, 2003

im stuck at a part..wat do u do after u get the map?
Posted by Rycon 27th July, 2003

Yeah I reconized alot of gfx, and was like... noooo not possible. Circy gonna change his description?
Posted by Jenswa 27th July, 2003

Hmm i've seen some things before, or was i having a dejavu? Anywayz, nice game! DCs need more like this.
Posted by Stian B. 27th July, 2003

There is a bug,when you find the secret cave and get the tips about aqua boots can walk over the water. Do it a cople of times,and you suddenly see another cave...restart :)
Posted by Null 27th July, 2003

Simply Excellent. I give it a 10 out of 10.
Posted by RPG4Lif3 27th July, 2003

how come mine always appear full screen
Posted by Spram 27th July, 2003

Posted by Astral_86 27th July, 2003

I've just reviewed this game :) ... IT REALLY DESERVES 10/10 !!! OH MY GOD THIS IS A GOOD GAME... congratulations for a really good game MIG2 !! :D
Posted by Mårten 27th July, 2003

I'm experiencing troubles with the colors. For example some of the brightest tones (or white) become black and other colors get inverted or something. Anyone else seen this? I notice this isn't so in the screenshots so I'm guessing something's wrongly configured on my computer?
Posted by RPG4Lif3 27th July, 2003

really cool game...jut wondering will there be a second game to this?
Posted by contra 27th July, 2003

ripped graphics. sorry but no points in my book.
Posted by TH333 27th July, 2003

I find it hard to play this becuase henever I push shift 5 times in a row a bit fast, it minimizes the game and shows a window on 'sticky keys' (oh, and I usually die during the time the window is there.) I don't know if this is a Windows XP problem or a problem that comes becuase the game was made with MMF (I don't know this becuase I don't have it. )
Posted by TH333 27th July, 2003

And on other note, why is it called Neutopia when it's minimized?
Posted by Astral_86 27th July, 2003

Hey MIG2 !! Why you make the game so GOT #### difficult?? I'm in the 3:rd dungeon now with lvl 3...and you die after 2 hits by anything!!! I gave up...there is so f-in long way to get to the 3:rd dungeon too...why you don't place a save just outside the 3:rd dungeon ? You really deserve that in the game 'cause you die by 2 hits of ANYTHING and there is like eyes flying around the screen AT THE SAME TIME those f-in flying vampire or whatever it is, is shooting at you! The game was very good 'til I came to the 3:rd it sucks... :(
Posted by Astral_86 27th July, 2003

dammit I want to manage thru the 3:rd dungeon but I cannot!! :(
Posted by BJ Turner 27th July, 2003

Welcome to Forbiddens Lands. You will be killed soon. x)
Posted by Spram 27th July, 2003

If you cant beat the 3rd dungeon, do this: buy better armor and weapons (explore the land) and level up. The game gets better and better. I love it. Reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy Adventure (a new version comes soon for the GBA by the way). So, Mig2.. How long did it take you to make this game? I want to know, because it's HUGE!
Posted by BJ Turner 27th July, 2003

Wait I meant X)
Posted by BJ Turner 27th July, 2003

Why for it no work!!?
Posted by Dogzer 27th July, 2003

I congratulate on make a game that is looks like a real game.. u know.. not the usual 99% of all game that are a ball that bounces and stuff like that.
Posted by RPG4Lif3 27th July, 2003

it's soooo cool... i only got 2 crystals right now.. and im comfused atthis part..wat do u do with the tree spirit??i killed it and nothing specil happens...wat do i do after that?
Posted by Kristofor Durrschmidt 27th July, 2003

Congratulations on a very fine game. I dont mind that 99% of the graphics were taken from other games like Magic Sword by Capcom, or Magician Lord SNK and other various games. Would have been nice to see original art, but this is an amazing game none the less. You should be very proud of yourself! I am very impressed by the depth of this game. Brings back memories of when I was about 13 or so when Golvellious first came out for the Master system in '88...good times.
Posted by ripthor 27th July, 2003

Wow! Even if the graphics are ripped, this is the most addicting Click game I've ever played! There's something I'd really like to know: did you make the whole map on a single frame??? There's never any loading! At least I didn't get any yet...
Posted by Pkeod 28th July, 2003

Trycen: Uncheck the box on the left then press 'cancle' trust me the problem will never happend agian.
Posted by mrEkli [NewKlear] 28th July, 2003

This is a neat game... The movement is a bit stiff though. But hey, I'm a sucker for adventure games. Good job on the Kliking. Not ripping.
Posted by Astral_86 28th July, 2003

thank you very much Spram ! :D But I've already passed thru the 3:rd wasn't too hard to manage thru it when I leveled up...and then after I finished it, I got the next armor, which I missed before I entered the 3:rd dungeon, so I guess I was just clumsy :) I'm about to get to the 5th dungeon now :D YEAH this game KICK AZZ !!!!!
Posted by Heart Break Kid 28th July, 2003

Game is fine but normally it changes my colour settings :S
Posted by CYS 28th July, 2003

i'm jealous...
Posted by Assault Andy 28th July, 2003

It's an awsome game, whoever said ripped graphics are bad was wrong. Probabley because ripped graphics are a n00b trait. This is great gameplay with ripped graphics which is fine by me. Awsome game :D -Andy
Posted by apina 28th July, 2003

Wov, man! This game totally turned me on! No... I mean it's gReat!
Posted by - OLivier - 28th July, 2003

Posted by Astral_86 28th July, 2003

MIG2 YOU'RE THE GREATEST !! :D By the way, I'm having trouble searching for the GORGON AMULET...anyone who can help me ? :) PLZ !
Posted by ChrisB 28th July, 2003

Why do I get the feeling he doesn't want us to play the game? (There's only an uninstall shortcut on the Start Menu.) Yes, probably a good GOTW.
Posted by RPG4Lif3 28th July, 2003

i don't like to as a lot of question but this game is sooo cool so i would have to ask...wat do u do after you beat the snail freak??? and sometimes i hit a monster 2 times in 1 slice. is that wat you call a critical hit?? oh yeah 1 more thing..wat does the logs do?? i slice them and it feels like im playing whack-a-mole..
Posted by Astral_86 28th July, 2003

RPG4Lif3 I think we're at the same place in the game...there is a dude who says "Please help me! There is a tombstone in the little cemetary that looks scary!" I don't know which tombstone he means... :( Well, I guess I gotta go search for it for the 99999th time... :P
Posted by MIG2 28th July, 2003

robin destroy the evil spirit in J 21 ... then the tomb in P 20 will disapear....
Posted by Spram 28th July, 2003

Mig: How much time did it take you to make the game?
Posted by MIG2 28th July, 2003

i send a message to you spram it takes 2 years for making the game.
Posted by Kramy 28th July, 2003

*cough cough* Gorgon Amulet *cough cough* Sit inside some stars neat some bushes for a while... I beat that snail guy. He's nasty - have to dodge those spiked rocks or they kill you. :/ I like the levelling. It suits me - almost to 7!(90k exp) Just 35k to go! BTW, I just got WW.
Posted by Astral_86 28th July, 2003

thanks for the information MIG2 !! :D But I've already got past that part...I'm in the snow dungeon right now :) MIG2 YOUR GAME KICKZ ASS !!
Posted by Bryan Rodriguez 28th July, 2003

Yo this game is off the hook it's a true RPG good programming work. Half the shit u did I dont even understand!
Posted by Kramy 28th July, 2003

Ahh, I'm stuck...well, guess I'll just keep levelling. :D Oh yeah, does WhirlWind destroy rocks? I can't remember.
Posted by PICIO 29th July, 2003

This is a very fantastic game!!!!
Posted by Ashman 29th July, 2003

AGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My eyes! My beautiful eyes!!!!!! Someone spilt acid on my eyes. What did you think I meant?
Posted by simon11 29th July, 2003

best pixler i have ever seen
Posted by -Messiah- 29th July, 2003

Posted by -Messiah- 29th July, 2003

Any1 but me that have problems with the red stuffy in the beginning?!?!
Posted by Blargh 29th July, 2003

i have the red crystal but thats all :( This is a great game and its 2nd best ever on the top list, i'm sure it'll beat fishhead though. I do like fishhead3 better, but this is not far behind at all! Good Work, Keep it up! I wish i could do this ;)
Posted by lauri 29th July, 2003

how can you climb up those green things in the wall. can anyone tell.
Posted by Kramy 29th July, 2003

you need claws from the purple haunted forest. Just ignore the green walls for now...everything falls into place over time. :)
Posted by Jason Orme 29th July, 2003
Rated :

I have 2 Crysals I beat the first boss (cyclops) And the second (hangin upside down things that shoots eyes) and now.... i dont know where to go... ive been into the graveyard area, and i keep getting thing that say 3 = hit tomb 1 i think it refers to the tombs in a circle, although, i dont know what the order to hit them is.... and ive only found 2 places that give me info on what ones to hit can anyone help me? where do I go now?
Posted by Nick Heffner 29th July, 2003

Where do you get those claws from...and how do you get the statues out of the way?
Posted by Nick Heffner 29th July, 2003

Jason...the order is
Posted by Mr. Esch 29th July, 2003

Does anyone think that the ripped sprites make it better than sprites that would have been made
Posted by Spram 29th July, 2003

Lilmouse: Depends on how good the artist is. If it's a good one, then original graphics would have been better since MMF can handle more colors than the 16-bit games. But this game is great not because of graphics, but because it's so huge and well designed.
Posted by Astral_86 29th July, 2003

I'm about to get the Turqoise crystal now :D Has anyone got further? :) I LOVE THIS GAME!! :D
Posted by Jason Orme 29th July, 2003
Rated :

Thanks Nick Now im stuck trying to get the spirit out of the trees once you have got one, then die, do you have to reget the one u had already got? plus.. there was one in this tree... and then... its not there anymore? do they move?
Posted by Stian B. 29th July, 2003

The spirit moves 3 times...hidden in trees. I finally completed the game,yawm...oh its not easy to be so good as I am...Great game! :D
Posted by Jason Orme 29th July, 2003
Rated :

ok... now, ive got the claws... ive climbed 3 places.. One Cambling Place A Sword... and Sheild so what am i surpose to do now? is there anything else to climb?
Posted by Jason Orme 29th July, 2003
Rated :

ok.... now.. ive just got the whirlwind thing what the hell does this do? Does it break Rocks? Or is it just an attack?
Posted by Kramy 29th July, 2003

I've searched every single zone for hidden caves. I can't find a thing that will let me continue. Hey Stian, if you beat this, tell me what to do after you get to the cemetary(killed statue..) and get WhirlWind.
Posted by Kramy 29th July, 2003

I've been trying to figure that out for 2 days Jason :( I keep hoping someone will have the answer...
Posted by Jason Orme 29th July, 2003
Rated :

Aw Come On People.... Im Dieing To Continue Playing......! I think the creator really needs to make a walkthrough
Posted by Jason Orme 29th July, 2003
Rated :

I remember one fairy saying Near The Water and another Near The White Stone and it just makes no sense
Posted by Jason Orme 29th July, 2003
Rated :

ok the thing about the white stone near the water,... it just tells u about trees in your way in the frozen land
Posted by Spram 29th July, 2003

There's a white stone near the water. Wait on top of it.
Posted by RPG4Lif3 29th July, 2003

how do u beat the freakn beast at the log thingy?!?!
Posted by RPG4Lif3 29th July, 2003

oh yeah...where is the fourth password?!?!
Posted by ripthor 29th July, 2003

The whirlwind attack is used to hit all the wooden posts that form a circle at once. One at the beginning of the ancient sea bed. And the other one at the leftmost part of the haunted forest. You need to beat D. Snail first, which you beat afyer the trees ghost in the same forest. The fourth password is near the beginning. Left of the first forest. (where the petrifying statues are) Just exit the forest to the left and keep going until you can go down. (1-2 screen)
Posted by -Messiah- 30th July, 2003

Long Sword, Bronze Sheild.... ?! hey help me!! Im with robin, this game owns!!!! :D
Posted by Jason Orme 30th July, 2003
Rated :

I just got the Stone Breaker But... I have only found 2 stones to break 1 in the greenland area, which leads to a whole in which a fairy says "pink butterflies ect ect ect" and another in the snow land.. and you just.. break it.. and doesnt do anything, it just breaks, its not bloking anythin Please Help Also.. i have 4 Cystals.... but im missing the 3rd one ..... Weird!
Posted by Kramy 30th July, 2003

Oooooooh, thanks rip! I appreciate that! I must be blind...I've seen 2 of those groups of posts that pop back up again. :)
Posted by Josh reiter 30th July, 2003

where is the fourth password? I need a map section! oh and where is the stone breaker ring? I can't find it!
Posted by Blackgaze 30th July, 2003

err what is with the konamic logo. they didn't make it. its alright but if it wasn't for ripped graphics this would be good :)
Posted by Jason Orme 30th July, 2003
Rated :

Konamic isnt a real games company, ure confused with Konami
Posted by Jason Orme 30th July, 2003
Rated :

Where are some breakerble rocks? Any in the frozen land? please tell me Or give me a Map preference
Posted by Kramy 30th July, 2003

Hey, I've found all 4 of those guys that ask for problem, I can't find the first password to be able to give it to the first guy. :D Any help would be appreciated...
Posted by Blackgaze 30th July, 2003

thats what i meant. what am i thinking?
Posted by Jason Orme 30th July, 2003
Rated :

And How many sets of those posts are there to use the whirlwind attack on.. there the set as you enter the rocky area, and the set that let you enter that cave and fight the beast
Posted by Jason Orme 30th July, 2003
Rated :

Im need to complete it before i review it SO PLEASE!!! Tell me where some rock i can break are!
Posted by pr0 30th July, 2003

you need to make a more original company. komanic doesn't cut it...
Posted by ripthor 30th July, 2003

Man! I just ran into a very annoying bug. I just got the stone breaker. After messing around a bit, I found out that my equipment was messed up! In the first place, I had the defender sword (or something like that, not sure), a silver armor and a mythril shield. But I just found out that I now have a justice sword, a silver armor and a silver shield!?! That sucks! Now the game is just way too easy! >:(
Posted by ripthor 30th July, 2003

Can someone remind me what does the fairy saus about the butterflies? I'm now at the part where I need to know it, but I didn't pay attention the first timeI heard about them, and I don't remember where the cave were... Oh, and about the breakable rocks... The one you can break and that actually give you something are for the ice dungeon. There's also one in the beginning area, where you can get a silver shield for 15K.
Posted by Kramy 30th July, 2003

That's great...hey, how do I get the guy that asks for the first password to tell me the second?
Posted by Kramy 30th July, 2003

Ooooh, thanks. I never actually go to that page - I have a direct link to the misc forum.
Posted by Kramy 30th July, 2003

BUG! BUG! I posted that in the forum post at: Odd @_@ .
Posted by Mr. Esch 31st July, 2003

Looks good, cant wait to cheat it -hehe *sigh* I love memory hacking hehe
Posted by Wraith Storm 31st July, 2003

Fantastic game Mig!!! Great graphics (Even though they are ripped it still took effort) and solid gameplay!!! By the way, are you a fan of the Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine. Because the game plays like a mix between Neutopia and Exile. And when the game is minimized it says "Neutopia 5" and I noticed in the Save areas it has the Neutopia music! And I LOVE how it changes from the over-head scenes to the side scrolling action like in Exile. Never forget the classics!!!
Posted by Jason Orme 31st July, 2003
Rated :

Ice Dungeon? Where is this?
Posted by ripthor 31st July, 2003

In the frozen land, of course... To the far right of it.
Posted by Kramy 31st July, 2003

Status section? What status section? Ohh, I figured it out yesterday btw. Now I just need to beat the Ice Maiden..hmm...5k health.
Posted by The Chris Street 31st July, 2003

This is a fantastic game! But ah...what do I do after I beat the *ahem* Cyclops? XD
Posted by Kramy 31st July, 2003

Cyclops dead? To the left of the T turn there is an area you can enter to get farther. Hey, I keep getting stuck between 2 red doors in the Ice Maiden's Palace. I've tried to find a way by 3 times now, and it's getting a bit tedious...
Posted by AfterStar 31st July, 2003

An amazing game! It gets as addictive as Eternal Daughter was =) ! Ripped gfx,but still a very cool game! And this proves that a game doesn't necessary need to have original graphics to be good! Looking forward to other of your games mig2! Maybe an expansion? =)
Posted by Kramy 31st July, 2003

In a PM he told me he had made some other games, but they had a few bugs in them. He also said he's planning to release them after the bugs are worked out. :) Hey, I'm still stuck in the Ice Maiden's Palace by the way. anyone know how to get rid of the 2 red doors I keep getting trapped in?
Posted by ripthor 31st July, 2003

There's an invisible ladder close to the second door.
Posted by Nick Heffner 31st July, 2003

i hate to ask...but i went to a place that said that pink butterflies reveal a secret place or something...but i went to the butterflies and i tried all my special moves, fireicewhirlwind, but nothing happened...and do they have something to do with the platinum shield...plz help!!!
Posted by ripthor 1st August, 2003

You can't do anything with them until you get a special item (vision something...) A hole appear when you have it.
Posted by Asholay 1st August, 2003

Posted by Hayo 1st August, 2003

heheh one more vote and this game kicks me :)
Posted by Davide Mascolo 1st August, 2003

Greetings people, I'm the one who, with the help of a friend (Picio), tested the game, made bugs be corrected, the clues of some puzzles made clearer, the balancement of some bosses corrected... then I corrected all the text. I'm glad to see that the game is generally liked, and I hope my little part of effort I put in it will be appreciated. Just today, with ten friends I gathered I started playing the game again for the final testing: we will find the last bugs (there are still some, as I see), errors in the text, and discuss about some parts of game design (prices of some items, EXP and gold given by the monsters, puzzles...). Expect a final, perfect version sooner or later ;) I'll also take this testing as a chance to write a bare-bones solution for you lazy adventurers :b You'll have to wait some time though, since I'll first write it in my language (Italian). About the problem with colors mentioned by Eve: I have Windows XP and it happens with many other games with me. The solution is simple: change the desktop resolution from 32 to 16 bits. I did this, and for a few days I played with no problems. Then the problme occurred again, and I changed back to 32 bits. Duh!
Posted by Kramy 1st August, 2003

A second ladder? After the first one by the broken red statue? I'll look for it... Davide: Near the stars you must sit in is a cave 2 screens north. It's REALLY buggy, and 4/7 times I ended up somewhere I didn't want to end up, and had to restart the game, losing all the exp I gained. So far the exp system seems good and well balanced. The only thing is I'm gaining less(or the same amount of stats) from the newer levels than from my older levels. Shouldn't levels give more as they get harder to attain?
Posted by Davide Mascolo 1st August, 2003

Please, if you want to tell me of some bugs, write the place where the bug happens. The map is organized in a grid and is very useful for this purpose. Seems that the caves (and not the holes) can be linked to bad bugs. For example, the one in BB-17 (the man asking for a password, near the lake): after entering some times, I was in V-17 and was forced to abort (did you press F2 to restart? By pressing A, is like you died, so you restart at the last Save with all the experience you gained); but at the next try, I entered the same cave a dozen times, and nothing happened! Such bugs seem to be very random: the most evident ones were fixed, but there's work to do with these more hidden ones...
Posted by Nick Heffner 1st August, 2003

What do the crystals on top of the statues have to do with anything...Ive killed like 100 of em and nothing has happened.
Posted by Kramy 1st August, 2003

Hmm.....yes, I did press F2. I forgot about the A thing. :D
Posted by Jason Orme 1st August, 2003
Rated :

How Do I Beat The Ice Maiden? Once I used All My Magic Fire on her... i carnt find a way to damage her
Posted by Evil Monkey 1st August, 2003

Can anyone tell me what I have to do after I get the Green Crystal? It doesn't show a cinema or anything. :'(
Posted by Gito 2nd August, 2003

Wonderful game! Even though most of it is ripped, its still playable. Have'nt seen a ripped grapx click game that is this good! Reminds me alot about Rygar for the NES ( not the arcade version)where you got to a zelda style gameplay after a platform. It worked just like this one! Anyway, i've got the first three crystals, but I do'nt know how to get further. There's a rock in the white sand beach that changes color when you hit it with sword and fire, then it becames blue, which magic is that and what should I do? (Hey it rhymes!) And where is the whirlwind magic? Somebody, Help me!
Posted by Gito 2nd August, 2003

Yoodoo Yoshi- go the graveyard and get the fire magic from the circle of tombs, the burn the tree in the bottom right corner of the graveyard and enter the next screen where you will find dungeon three.
Posted by Davide Mascolo 2nd August, 2003

Just a note: usually, killing the guardian of a crystal makes some event happen, but two or three must be fought only to get the crystals - the Eye Shrine in the Southern Desert, for example. So, you can come back to that places later, and a lot stronger, if you want. Nick Heffner: crystals? You mean that three on pedestals, in the area where other three crystals block a road and shoot at you? The rock on the beach: you must be fully powered (you should be at level 3 the first time you reached it, with 15 MP), there's a Healer near there. If I remember correctly, first a fireball, then slash, then a second a fireball, another slash, and finally the third fireball! Ice Maiden: first, don't throw fireballs too fast, or it could happen that two hit her like they were one! At the end of every cycle of attacks, an ice blocks appears in the center of the screen, then it morphs into a monster. Kill him to get a MP crystal and throw some more fireballs at the b**ch.
Posted by Davide Mascolo 2nd August, 2003

I've heard of a couple of people with a strange problem: they press the spacebar, but no inventory appears! Anyone experienced the same?
Posted by Kramy 2nd August, 2003

The monster that spawns is either a healing monster or a mana monster. It's random, but I got very unlucky, and got 12 healing monsters in a row. :( All those healing monsters did give me a way to avoid being hit by her attacks though, so in the end I defeated her with full health. :D
Posted by Kramy 2nd August, 2003

Hey, I'm kinda stuck at the moment. Does anyone know how to get by the black lotuses? I keep impaling myself..I've killed the giant plant boss on the mountain, and can't find the will helmet or platinum shield.(I think I probably need the will helmet first to get the platinum shield) Anyone know where I can find it or what to do next?
Posted by Kramy 2nd August, 2003

While killing bosses you can not access inventory. Once a ladder didn't work. I went into the inventory to reload the frame.(then it worked)
Posted by Davide Mascolo 3rd August, 2003

Will Helmet? Well, one of the most important things in the game is trying to hit all object and walls in a screen, searching for secret passages. In this case, you must hit a rocky wall in the river of Feil Mountains, search for it. Kramy: that's not a bug, is a game design choice! Do you remember where that ladder was?
Posted by Jurisnik 3rd August, 2003

Hey! I can't reach the dungeon in the graveyard area (I suppose it is under the circle of tombs). I know I have to strike them in right order, but still nothing happens. I used the order that is given in the game (4, 3, 1, 6, 2 - I hope that I understood the instructions right; is there something more?) and also the one that was given on this page (by Nick: 2, 3, 4, 1, 6, 2). So, could somebody help me? Is there some special procedure? The tomb number 1 is the topmost on the left side of the screen, right? BtW, I like the game - it remembers me so much on the first Link's adventure!
Posted by Davide Mascolo 3rd August, 2003

The sequence 4 - 3 - 1 - 6 - 2 is correct. Just pay attention, when striking the tombs, not to hit two at the same time by mistake. BTW, that circle of tombs doesn't hide a dungeon, but something you will need to reach it anyway...
Posted by Kramy 3rd August, 2003

I didn't mean not accessing inventory during a boss battle is a bug, I was just mentioning that as a reply to one of the posts above. The ladder was in the ice palace.....the ladder that has one of those "snow flakes" shooting at you. After I climbed up it it wouldn't let me climb down.(no climb animation or anything, as if it suddenly turned into a "not ladder") Refreshing frames by going into my inventory and coming out again fixed it, but I tried to get down it for almost 2 minutes before trying that. XD I've already hit every cliff wall along the river...I must have missed it.....somehow.
Posted by ripthor 3rd August, 2003

I just got the lava boots, and I really wonder if I missed anything. I mean, there are only 2 crystal left, and I still doesn't have the recover magic and the angel strike... And I have the same equipment for a while now: Justice Sword and the platinium armor and shield, which mean I can't block red and grey bullet. Oh , and there's an extremely annoying random bug that make the game crash when I enter a cave with the healer woman. The color flash and the game crash. I lost a few hours of gameplay because of that. >:(
Posted by ripthor 3rd August, 2003

I almost forgot, I also found 2 spot where you can exit the screen where you're not supposed too and get stuck in the environment in the next screen. You can exit left in AA23 and exit at the bottom in S19. Another thing that bugs me: is there anything to do with the rocks in C12, D11 AND D12? A fairy says not to lose my time searching in these area but I oubt that there's really nothing...
Posted by ripthor 3rd August, 2003

Alright, forget about what I asked about the equipment. I just found a new set plus the recover magic. :) I'd still like to know about the rocks.
Posted by Nick Heffner 3rd August, 2003

Is there anyway to not die from touching doomed creatures? Im about to get the last crystal but the danged things keeping killing me. and, if there is, then i would like to know where and how to get it please...
Posted by Davide Mascolo 3rd August, 2003

rip: my group of testers is still at the very first phases of the game, but I'll take note of the bugs you mentioned! :) Oh, do you remember were that healer was? In any case, when these bugs occurr, press A so to not lose your experience... And don't worry, there's really no secret in areas C12, D11 and D12. Nick: there's no way to avoid being killed instantly by doomed monsters, and consider that, for this reason, the author made them slow and weak. Or, are you in that slime trap right now? Is that the cause of your problems?
Posted by ripthor 3rd August, 2003

Just beaten the game! :) From which game does Zero X's sprite comes from? As for the bug, it's no particular healer. It's really random. And I can't press A since the game crash! Return to Windows! It's not like it just freeze.
Posted by steve 4th August, 2003

I Noticed a minor bug: After I beat D. Snail, the two purple snail statues in the forest dissapear. When I leave the valley and head back to the forest, the snail statues are still there and I can't go pass them. Any ideas how to deal with this?
Posted by Cuthalion 4th August, 2003

Amazing. Just amazing. I've played the game for a couple of days now and i simply love it. The two years you put to it definately show. Great game, definately worth the thumbs up.
Posted by Davide Mascolo 4th August, 2003

steve: oh, crap. This bug is totally new to me, and it's quite a nasty one, not minor! I'll notify Mig immediately.
Posted by steve 4th August, 2003

Here is a few more details regardng the D. Snail bug: 1. Game file is saved onto slot 2 2. I got the Brown crystal in my inventory, however, there is no boulder in front of the entrance to the shrine to prevent me from fighting D. Snail again.
Posted by Evil Monkey 4th August, 2003

Okay. I'm stuck again. I found the first hiding place of the evil spirit. Where's the second one?
Posted by Asholay 4th August, 2003

You have to wait a while before the next one appears but it is in the same forest area- but at the top right. Still trying to find the 3rd one myself so if anyone knows...
Posted by Evil Monkey 4th August, 2003

Can you tell me what section of the map it is on? (Eg: AA17)
Posted by Cuthalion 5th August, 2003

The third one is in the frame next to the pond.
Posted by Evil Monkey 5th August, 2003

I want to know where the second one is!
Posted by Asholay 5th August, 2003

cheers cuthalion, the 2nd one appears on Q23 VY
Posted by MIG2 5th August, 2003

hello i have something important to say don't use SAVE 2 and 3 they are defective.i found the bug is easy to fix but i will do that after final bug report. voodoo yoshi : forest map is on U--24 destroy all the monsters of the area .
Posted by Evil Monkey 5th August, 2003

How do I open the door to Oikos Palace? I talked to all the fairies, but all they talk about is the inside. I found a rock I could whack, but it did nothing. What am I supposed to do?
Posted by Asholay 5th August, 2003

yeah, i'm stuck there too- pissing me right off
Posted by Evil Monkey 5th August, 2003

I just found it out. You have to hit that rock three times from the east and three from the south. I need to be checking harder for hidden caves. :D
Posted by Asholay 6th August, 2003

nice one, how did you work that out!! Tell me it wasn't trial and error :S
Posted by Evil Monkey 6th August, 2003

I found a hidden fairie cave by striking a wall.
Posted by Kramy 6th August, 2003

Hey.....I have a problem...I just beat Drackon(sp?) and got the turquois crystal. I went and saved my game, then continued, and went to that guy that wants to see it. He was excited and gave me swamp boots. Then I went down into the first forest and saved my game, then quit to eat lunch. Now, whenever I save my game, the changes don't take effect. I load back at that same time before beating Drackon. I'm saving in Slot 1. Any ideas?
Posted by Kramy 7th August, 2003

Nevermind, it fixed itself after I saved at a different cave.....odd though, how I could click save 5 times, and it wouldn't record anything.
Posted by Jason Orme 8th August, 2003
Rated :

Ok.. i got the aqua boots.... so... i went to the centre of the green area where there is a little island and i go down the whole into a dungeon in which there is nothing but a butterfly that cannot be hurt..... what do i do? ALso... I found a rock with butterflies surrounding it.. and Im currently in the place where no one speaks english... Carnt seem to find anywhere to go
Posted by MIG2 8th August, 2003

jason: that butterfly cannot be destroyed without a special weapon. remember where are the rocks with pink butterflies ,but there are useless for now. you must get a fruit in W--23 (or somewhere arround) then go in the place whith red butterflies (V1)
Posted by Jason Orme 8th August, 2003
Rated :

Thanks Alot MIG2, Its great of you to actully reply As Soon As Ive Completed Lost valley.. im going to review it
Posted by Jason Orme 9th August, 2003
Rated :

Ok so what do I do when I have a Red Butterfly following me?
Posted by Jason Orme 9th August, 2003
Rated :

Posted by MIG2 10th August, 2003

you must keep it and go to W5 then the plant will eat it , a secret door will happen.
Posted by Blackgaze 10th August, 2003

why is this number1? i know it has ripped graphics but this should not be number1, but in the top 5/10.
Posted by Jason Orme 10th August, 2003
Rated :

This sure has hell should be number 1.. ripped graphics mean shit, its the gameplay that counts.. even if this game has circles triangles and lines it would still rock
Posted by Jason Orme 10th August, 2003
Rated :

ok im stuck again... damn im not very good at this game Well.. i released the 4 fire spirits.. and then i enter the area with the 3 fire spirits bouncing around and teh 4 rocks... so... what do i do.. ive tried everything
Posted by MIG2 11th August, 2003

you can destroy fire spirits only with ICE magic that one is in P--31
Posted by Jason Orme 11th August, 2003
Rated :

Damn pushing the boulders is a bitch to do!
Posted by Davide Mascolo 12th August, 2003

You mean that azure rocks? Yes, sometimes difficult, but I think they make some fun puzzles...
Posted by Jason Orme 12th August, 2003
Rated :

Im not sure... but u hit them and they role. and tehn they hit doors, and they break the doors... i managed to get into a room where there are butterflies flying around and other butterflies that carnt get to you
Posted by Fabian Jansen 13th August, 2003

Posted by Fabian Jansen 13th August, 2003

Does this game have a website !!!???
Posted by MIG2 13th August, 2003

jason :in that room use whirlwind attack yo destroy the stucked butterflies. fabian : thanks for your support , the game have no page but a walkthrought is under construction.
Posted by Emrys 17th August, 2003

I found a major bug i think. Some one Instant messaged me on AIM and i got full EXP and Stats! Its was a freak acciendent some one might want to look into that
Posted by Astral_86 19th August, 2003

Aaah I finally finished this game...time for a wonderful review! :D
Posted by Darren_C 25th August, 2003

This game really needs a guide, some of the time you don't know if you have encountered a bug or are just stuck at one part in the game. I have just killed the grizzly but cannot seem to progress any further in the dungeon. I have found every key needed I think but there is this one key that I collected but it doesn't seem to open the door which I cannot open, which is at the left from the place. This key reappears about 2 minutes later and collecting it again seems to do nothing. Has anyone got any ideas of what I am doing wrong in this place? thanks
Posted by Davide Mascolo 27th August, 2003

Darren, that key that doesn't open anything is false! :b In its same room, break the wall on the right and you will find the real one! ;) It's a devious thing: the first two keys of Oikos Palace give some difficulties, the third is very easy, so for the fourth you are tricked, thinking that it's easy as the third. I'm slowly working on a guide, but I'll first write it in Italian, THEN translate it into English. You will have to be patient. BTW, the version you can download here from DC could be defined Beta 6. I and the testers have Beta 9 now, in the final version you will find new features (a position indicator, useful for orientation, and the ability to change special skills without entering the subscreen), lots of bugs and text errors corrected, and adjustements to gameplay (a couple of new save spots, some hints made clearer - or less clear in case they reveal too much), some monsters that give more experience because, in the areas where you are between level 5 and level 8-9, you level up too slowly), and so on... It will be released... When it's done.
Posted by Darren_C 27th August, 2003

doh! I should have checked everywhere in that room Thanks for the reply! I haven't played this game since I encountered that problem, lol. Anyway next time I'll make sure I check everywhere so I that I will not get tricked again >.< Hopefully I shouldn't get stuck again but if I do I'll post here. I look forward to your guide whenever it's done. Since you are doing it in Italian I am guessing that it will take you another 5 months to do the full guide and get it translated but thats ok :) This game is the best :) When I get GF I'll try and make a good game but it probably won't be as good as this because I won't have Multimedia Fusion to make any adjustments. I've tried the demo version of GF which is cool but a lot of the textures, graphics and other stuff are missing so I'm get the full game off ebay.
Posted by david-clarke 28th August, 2003

Hey in the oiko dungeon I have collected all the keys: I think? and tried to break the walls to find the hidden key but couldn't. I can't find any locked doors but one dead end with a red and a green button in, I'm totally confused.
Posted by Jenny 29th August, 2003

This game is GREAT! My granddaughter & I are really enjoying playing it. I've been playing games since Pong came out (Oops! Tellin' my age!) and this game ranks way at the top of my list of favorites. Even though I've thought this before & found the next step, we are stuck...sorta. Any hints as to where the Ascent Boots are?? How about the Teleport Stone? We have seven crystals, are on level 8 with the Justice sword, silver, armor & the platinum shield. We somehow beat the two statues in T-8 before we were supposed to & got a bunch of items at one time. So, we are a little confused. Also, what do we do where the three fire spirits & four rocks are? We kill the spirits with Ice Magic, but nothing happens. Thanks for any info!
Posted by Davide Mascolo 29th August, 2003

david-clarke: that is a little physical puzzle (the buttons are red and blue, by the way). Notice that the floor under the buttons is flashing: red-blue-nothing in a loop. You must make the floor under the red button all red, blue under the blue button. That's all! Jenny: unfortunately, right now I don't remember that part very well, sorry.
Posted by MIG2 29th August, 2003

JENNY hello and thanks for your support... If i have understood a strange thing happened . You have beaten the statues in T-8 without the PLATINUM SHIELD. That bug increased your progressing ....( however the game is far to be finished) I guess the screen with 3 fire spirits and 4 rocks is CC-4 ,normally when you destroy the 3 spirits a secret hole appears ;it is the entrance of the dungeon 7 , With the bug you got the "turquoise crystal" so the entrance of dungeon 7 is now closed forever. The matter is i dont know exactly what is your progressing and what items you have . But it seems you dont have the teleport stone .I think you must go to Q-7 and destroy all the monsters, the way wich lead to the teleport stone will be opened. If i'm right you must have "swamp boots" and "visibility ring" returning to the places ( In the mountains) where pink butterflies are, will help you solving the "crystals puzzle". bye
Posted by Jenny 29th August, 2003

Thanks for your answers, but we still seem to be stuck. We killed the monsters in Q-7 and opened the way leading to the Teleport Stone. We made it to the three floating jewels and can't get by them. I guess that's where the Teleport Stone is. We went to the red butterflies in V-1 & nothing happens, even though we do have the Visibility Ring. Anyway, we are at level 8, have the Justice Sword, Silver Armor, and Platinum Shield. The items we have are: Yellow Fruit, Stonebreaker Ring, Visibility Ring, Book, Gold Medal, Gorgon Amulet, Claw, Will Helmet, Aqua Boots, Swamp Boots, Holy Mantle, and the Fur Mantle. WE don't understand how to solve the "crystals puzzle"either. Any more hints to help us???? Thanks again!
Posted by Jenny 29th August, 2003

We have a faint memory of a physical puzzle with flashing buttons on the floor! Could it be the same with the crystal puzzle? DUH! ;) Unstuck! Off we go for the next adventure. It wouldn't be fun if it was easy, would it? We love this game!!!!
Posted by darmani64 31st August, 2003

I'm stuck. I just got the scond crystal and I don't no where to go. Trees stop me from going west of forest, I don't have the holy mantle or aqua boots, I can't climb the mountains, and stones stop me from entering the frozen land.
Posted by MIG2 1st September, 2003

james . You must buy a LONG SWORD in area EE14 , with it you can destroy tree stumps.Destroy the one in W16 , that open the road to the HOLY MANTLE. jenny:Thanks:)
Posted by Jenny 2nd September, 2003

Here we are again! The bug that increased our progress has really hurt us I think. Where is the Platinum Armor??? We are in the mountains (on the right side of the map and below the frozen lands) and we know we have to face the statues in the right direction to open the secret passage in W-30. But, we cannot get to all four to turn them before getting killed. We also know the Reveal Mirror is at the end of the Lost Cemetary, but don't know how to get it. And, we think we need the Reveal Mirror to get through the "spirits" to get the Ascent Boots. We are now on Level 10, still have the Justice Sword, Silver Armor and Platinum Shield and the items listed above. Oh, this is getting frustrating! Any help would be appreciated! We are determined to get through this game. And, we still love it! Thanks.
Posted by Jenny 2nd September, 2003

ARG! Help! We can't kill the monster with the Orange Crystal! We can't turn all four statues without getting killed! Is there a solution??? We are frustrated!!!!!:o\
Posted by MIG2 3rd September, 2003

jenny : you must get the platinum armor to increase your defense you will find it in the very first desert ( with the teleport stone use the statue in CC-20 ) then you will be able to continue your road...
Posted by Jenny 3rd September, 2003

Well, now don't we feel a little stupid and a lot embarrassed?! :D Thanks so much!
Posted by Jenny 14th September, 2003

We are stuck AGAIN!!! We go into F-3 and no matter which way we go -- up, down, left or right we are STILL in F-3. Is this a bug or have we missed something again? We killed the Sand Crusher, but can't seem to find what good it did. Now what??? :o
Posted by Jenny 14th September, 2003

Never mind! We found the compass.......DUH again!;D
Posted by Astral_86 21st September, 2003

hey MIGUEL ! :D Any Lost Valley 2 comin' ??? I love Lost Valley! God bless you! Byeee!!!! :D
Posted by MIG2 21st September, 2003

Thank you Robin :) (also Thank you for silver kat and ninja den 2 will get a normal speed if you run the game on full screen "alt + enter or "plein ecran" in the options menu.) A Lost Valley 2 why not ...but The first was released after 2 years of work( with 70 % ripped graphics ).If i make a following game, it will be only with homemades graphics , and with a map 2 times bigger with a lot of items equipments and special technics. In other words if Lost Valley 2 becomes available that will not the next month. :)
Posted by Astral_86 23rd September, 2003

wow thanks I'll check those other games out with pressing "alt + enter" :D A Lost Valley 2 would be BEAUTIFUL !! XD Hehe if it came out next month I would scream of happiness!!! :D Why not start the game right now??? :D That would be terrific!!! By the way what kinda games are ya workin' with now? :D
Posted by Astral_86 7th October, 2003

miguel...? :P
Posted by MIG2 9th October, 2003

Oh sorry i was busy !! Right now i'am working on a shoot them up, wich uses 4 buttons of the joypad , with parralaxes scrollings and an original system ( You can throw a "hunter" and learn ennemies weapons).
Posted by Astral_86 16th October, 2003

Okay... :) That sounds COOOL ! :D
Posted by sup3rsnail 19th October, 2003

wtf your all retards! THIS GAME = GHEY SHITTY SHIT SHIT!!1111111111111 :D
Posted by Strife 20th October, 2003

What are you smoking, sup3rsnail? Perhaps you should take the time to actually PLAY the game. Lost Valley may look sluggish at first, but it gets better. WAY better. ;) Then again, you are entitled to your own opinions...
Posted by Therapist16 29th October, 2003

I cant seem to get the tomb puzzle right, i got three different combinations to the tombs and tryed them all in all different ways and stuff, it has come to the point where i think it is a bug, Can you pleas tell me the solution/ combination for the tomb puzzle before i go crazy!!!!
Posted by Davide Mascolo 29th October, 2003

Tomb? I don't remember that puzzle - not so generically described, at least. Can you be more precise, for example about the area where you are stuck?
Posted by bo jonny 13th November, 2003

i just gotta say that this game realy roxorz if id have more time i would volunter for doing grafics for it( i am one of those persons who does bad games with good gfx :P )
Posted by Strife 13th December, 2003

Yeah, original graphics would be sweet. They could be nice and SMOOTH this time, maybe even cartoony! :P And speaking of volunteers, may I volunteer for the music-making? I have a whole bunch of ready-to-use MIDIs, and i'd be happy to let you use them (if you give me credit, of course ;) ) By the way, i'm stuck in the area with the "grey" people who don't speak English (it's near the bottom-left corner of the map). How do I get them to speak english?
Posted by Davide Mascolo 14th December, 2003

You will first have to get a book to translate their language. To get it, there's a puzzle involving a butterfly...
Posted by James 19th December, 2003

Game that make well
Posted by Strife 20th December, 2003

Okay, I got to an area with a waterfall and there's a large group of red butterflies circling it. One of the red butterflies follows me. Where do I take it?
Posted by Astral_86 22nd December, 2003

It was a while ago I played this game...but I think you should take it to a big plant near there you are :)
Posted by Dr. James MD 1st January, 2004

i didnt particulary like this game. it was slow and boring, reminded me too much of Master System. a console which i really didnt like too much. graphics are good, albeit a little dull
Posted by Philip Lochner 30th January, 2004

I like your game... however it suffered from obscure puzzles, annoying map references and a rather pointless character development system... I mean what's the point in leveling up the player when they have no input? Otherwise the exploration elements and area unlocking made this game golden.The ripped graphics are a little disappointing though... I guess not everyone's an artist.
Posted by Philip Lochner 30th January, 2004

I like your game... however it suffered from obscure puzzles, annoying map references and a rather pointless character development system... I mean what's the point in leveling up the player when they have no input? Otherwise the exploration elements and area unlocking made this game golden.The ripped graphics are a little disappointing though... I guess not everyone's an artist.
Posted by Astral_86 7th February, 2004

Hey Philip, he ripped those graphics probably because he didn't feel to make his own graphics for the moment. But he IS talented...check out "Last Defender" at the previews section. :)
Posted by Lord_mac 23rd April, 2004

I'm stuck in the Oikos Palace. I can't find second key. Anyone could help me ?? :) Thanks.
Posted by abdo 26th April, 2004

Hi Guys! I've been playing Lost Valley for a month now. It's a cool game. However, I'm stuck as I collected 11 crystals. Now I think I'm unable to get the Brown one (the fourth). I killed the Evil Spirit once but I can't find the 2nd :( Also, I had the crystal from Frozen Land without fighting the "Ice Maiden?"... How can I open the cave door in the far right side of the Frozen Land? And how can I open the passage to the Shrine in Oikos Land? BTW, I hit the rock 3 times east and 3 times south but nothing happened? Is this a kind of bug or something? Is there any way I can correct it without losing my saved experience? Thanks!
Posted by Lord_mac 26th April, 2004

abdo When you hit the rock 3 times east and 3 times door at U23 to the Oikos Palac are open. 2nd Evil Spirit is in Q23, there is a tree and a bush to the left. Where i can find aqua boots ?? Thanks.
Posted by abdo 27th April, 2004

Unfortunately, it didn't work, so I had to start anew and save in another slot instead. Now it works :) It was a bug that made me got 3 crystals without having to fight the Evil Spirit (#2 and #3), in Oikos Cave, and the Frozen Land! Thanks though! You'll find the Aqua Boots in M22. You have to get the Grey Crystal in the Frozen Lands first! Then, a passage will open in the north of Oikos Lands. So, go through that passage and beware of the hands! Good luck!
Posted by Lord_mac 28th April, 2004

OK, thanks for the advice, but i need one more :). I can't find myself a way to the Frozen Lands. I can't find any clue where it is. Could you tell me where is entrance and how i can open it ? Thanks. :)
Posted by abdo 28th April, 2004

lord_mac, The passage to frozen Lands is in N27. It's to the right. The cave there is in P37. But you'll have to open the passage blocked by the tree by destroying the Ice Spirit from the place not covered by snow! If you're still in Oikos Green Lands, go north to P18, keep on north. Then take first right to M20, N21, M24, L24 (north), L26, L27, M27. Then go right to N28! There you are! good luck with Ice Maiden!
Posted by Lord_mac 29th April, 2004

Now I know what is my problem, my way from Q18 to the P18 is blocked by statue. I was thinking it was a bug, so I start a new game in a new slot. Unfortunately the statue is still there. I'v got 3 crystals, Evil Spirit in the lake was destroyed, and i'm still look for way to the forest in P18. I'm really dont know what to do. :)
Posted by Lord_mac 1st May, 2004

How to clear way from Q18 to P18 ? Help, help he.....
Posted by fgh 2nd May, 2004

Jai réussi a jouer a ton jeu une fois et javais pas de son, javais un message me disant que il fallais que je disable le direct sound, chose que j'ai fait, mais quand jai réouvert ton jeu, la résolution etais trop haute pour mon moniteur, donc je voyais rien a part des lignes de toute sortes de couleurs,, jai essayer de changer mon affichage a 16 bits au lieu de 32, sa rien donné. de l'aide svp Mig ?
Posted by MIG2 2nd May, 2004

Hello Lord Mac The " snail statues " will disappear if you destroy the giant snail boss in oikos dungeon ( U - 28 ) bye !
Posted by MIG2 2nd May, 2004

Salut Fgh C'est bizarre Lost Valley passe en principe sur tous les systemes.La resolution de ce jeu est tres basse 320* est donc adaptée a toutes les cartes graphiques. Le probleme des couleurs etait déja arrivé a quelqu'un . ( sur windows XP )il avait résolu cela en reglant l'affichage sur 16 bits.Peut etre que l'ordinateur doit etre redémarré pour que cela fonctionne? Si trop de personnes ont des problemes avec le "plein écran" mettrait le jeu en Windowed comme je l'ai fait avec Last Defender. Bye
Posted by fgh 3rd May, 2004

non jai tout essayé, meme réinstaller le jeu, et sa n'a rien donné, pourtant j'ai aucun probleme avec les autres jeux TGF , bizzare
Posted by Lord_mac 3rd May, 2004

MIG2 Thanks. So i get back to my first question from April 23 2004 :D " I'm stuck in the Oikos Palace. I can't find second key. Anyone could help me ?? Thanks." There is a red broken statue in Oikos Dungeon but i cant find there anything. I try everything, slashing around every pixel. I find first key in hidden room where is that flying "thing", but i cant find a way to open second door. Anyway that's really good game.
Posted by MIG2 3rd May, 2004

fgh Alors la je ne sais pas !!! Je vais faire une version windowed des que possible. Lord Mac You must look after a secret ladder in the red statue area. ;)
Posted by Niema 4th May, 2004

I try everything in that room, slashing around, trying go up or down in almost every pixel, but unfortunately that's not work, a try on the other PC and it work's without any problem's. So I reinstall Lost Valley. Now it work's properly. Thank's MIG and good luck. I gonig back to play with butterflys :) Bye.
Posted by warden 29th May, 2004

Salut, Ce jeu est très sympa, j'ai commencé sur une petite config et il n'y a aucun souci. Sur un pc "plus à jour" avec carte graphique récente et écran 1280x1024, l'affichage de la fenêtre de jeu est collée en haut de l'écran et étalée sur toute la largeur. Abaisser la résolution et changer de 32 en 16 ne change rien, la résolution se change automatiquement après lancement du jeu. Le 320x200 n'est pas dans la liste des modes valides de mon moniteur, peut-être en est-ce la raison ? Dommage...
Posted by Xenomorph 7th June, 2004

hello gang! I've been playing this game for 4 hours and finally reached the beast boss. I've got here without the shield that blocks yellow ammo. Where can I get it? And where is the rockbuster?
Posted by Titanite 9th June, 2004

Hi. I'm at the ice area now. Found the first 3 passwords. Where is password 4? AA17 (left of the first forest, south below the lake) is NOT the guy with the 4th one because he asks for it (what does he give you, the 5th password?). Somebody posted BB17, that can't be right because BB17 only has one of those hole-in-the-ground tips.
Posted by Titanite 9th June, 2004

Solved it, the 4th password is in the middle of the first ice area (didn't see the slide leading down). The fifth guy by that lake sells the ring btw, $25k. Now I'm stuck at I22, how do you kill the gargoyles? I'm not doing any damage even with whirlwind.
Posted by Titanite 10th June, 2004

Solved that also, they meant the OTHER gargoyles, d'oh. Anyway, that got me the Aqua Boots. And now... I'm at a loss at where to go. The problem with a large world map is that you quickly lose track of what special terrain you passed earlier that weren't passable but now are. Perhaps when you pick up a new item the relevant places on the map would be highlighted. Or you could add a "Diary" of sorts, and in it you could list the location there instead. I suppose showing the locations will "ruin" the exploration feel, but c'mon, how many times have you gotten a new item and then thought, damn, where do I have to go now. I mean, not all people are hardcore gamers, and even gamers sometimes want just a little quickie 10-20 minute game. Besides you don't have to highlight all the new locations available, just the "story" ones, i.e. the ones leading to new areas that will advance the story some more (next dungeon, new crystal, etc). Suppose you stopped playing for 1 week (busy at work maybe), then you'll like totally be lost when you get back cause there aren't any reminders. Unless you write yourself some notes inside notepad.
Posted by roger wilco 18th June, 2004

Hey qui qui parle francais ou quebecois icitte ?moi je parle quebecois ..
Posted by Flaxo 18th June, 2004

WOW!! This game is so NICE!! I LOVE it!! I can believe that it's just an amator game!! It's better than a lot of SNES Classic!! I'm serious! I'm not lying! From now on, this is the best game I've seen in this site!! I can't vote Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down because it's not a simple Thumbs Up but a PERFECT GAME!! People that say that the game suck are STUPID!! Oh yes, my language is french but I write in english because I want that all the people that read this understand.
Posted by Flaxo 18th June, 2004

TRÈS IMPORTANT!!!! POUR MIG2!!! Il y a un bug frustrant dans le jeu!! Pourquoi frustrant? Parce qu'il m'enpêche de continuer! Je m'explique: j'ai trois cristals, les Claws, le Mythril Sword et Shield et je me rends à l'endroit ou on reçois la Mythril Armor (je crois) pour avoir les trois équipements de Mythril pour passer la grotte scellée. À cet endroit, il y a des petits piques de bois en rond que je frappe en même temps avec le WhirlWind pour ouvrir une porte. Le problème, c'est qu'en rentrant, c'est le gars qui te donne la Gold Medal qui te parle!? En sortant, il fait tout noir, mais on entends encore la musique, les sons et les attaques malgré ce freeze. Il y a d'autres bugs mineurs: 1. Dans le menu pause, on peut voir nos attaques magiques: FireBall, WhirlWind, Ice, Recover et AngelStrike, mais tout à coup, on ne les voit plus, les écrans rectangulaire les contenant sont vides! Mais ils sont toujours là, tu n'as qu'à mémoriser lequel est lequel. 2. En haut de l'écran, c'est comme bloqué: on ne voit pas nos HP et notre Gold! C'est comme si l'écriture est coupé. J'espère que tu arrangera cela car comme tu viens de lire plus haut, je suis un ÉNORME FAN de ton jeu, alors, comme il faut toujours faire: il est important de satisfaire ses fans pour les garder. Merci d'avance et un grand MERCI d'avoir fait ce merveilleux jeu malgré ses bugs.
Posted by Toni Lähdekorpi 19th June, 2004

Why u dont upload it whitout spaces?
Posted by cupzo 19th June, 2004

ive been playing this game for a good 20 hours and have been fine. but finally im stuck. im in syn lands and im looking for the tree you have to hit 5 times? i need to destroy the orb and kill megaflight, but i cant find the orb. if anyone knows what to do next please post a reply. thnx :)
Posted by MIG2 21st June, 2004

Titanite I understand what you're meaning when you speak about the " lost feeling " But Why do you think the game is called LOST valley ? No just kidding ;) It's true that you'd better write some notes about relevant places , a lot of peoples do that. To feel lost when you start playing after a big break is the problem of most of the adventure games. I cannot change that .. Salut Roger je parle français !!! Nomis merci pour les compliments :) :) ça fait toujours plaisir. ça donne la peche et on se dit qu'on a pas bossé pour des prunes. Sinon ... Je craint que ton ordinateur ne creer des problemes. Je me demande comment tu a fait pour avoir le Whirlwind sans avoir travérsé la grotte " Mithril" Il y a eu un probleme . Le fait de l'avoir obtenu avantle moment prévu crée des erreurs dans le deroulement du scenario. Cela explique le bug a l'ecran des poteaux en cercle . Le bug 1 doit etre a l'origine de ça ... Le bug 2 est un probleme de résolution ( A tu essayé de rétrécir les dimensions de l'écran avec les touches sur le moniteur ? . Je vais essayer de faire rapidement une version Windowed . Toni : I dont understood youre question :(' precize . cupzo i answered you ...
Posted by Flaxo 23rd June, 2004

Pour MIG2: Donc ce n'est pas normal que j'ai WhirlWind?! En plus, j'ai toutes les magies: FireBall, WhirlWind, Ice, Recover et AngelStrike! C'est peut-être parce que j'ai trop d'expériences trop vite dans le jeu car j'en ai 10 000 + ! Au moins, je suis rassuré, il faut aller dans cette grotte-bug plus tard, je vais donc chercher la Mythril Armor ailleurs. Merci
Posted by Flaxo 23rd June, 2004

Pour MIG2: J'ai trouvé la Mythril Armor, mais je suis bloqué dans le dungeon renfermant le Brown Cristal, j'ai tout visiter. Je suis rendu dans une salle avec un bouton rouge et un autre bleu accroché sur deux statues, il y a aussi le plancher qui brille de rouge et de bleu. Que faire? J'ai essayé de frappé les boutons, sauté, essayer de grimper, etc. Merci d'avance.
Posted by MIG2 23rd June, 2004

Nomis Lorsque tu marches sur le sol il s'arrete de changer de couleur . Il faut que le sol soit bleu sous le cristal bleu et rouge sous le rouge voila ;)
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 24th June, 2004

I cant get trough the cemetery, can u tell me how to do that?
Posted by awesomeanimator 25th June, 2004

if you're being killed by the spirits you need a holy mantle which you get from the north shores of ammonite at the north end of the big lake. i cant get it tho cause i don't know how to learn fireball to burn the tree...
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 25th June, 2004

The grave combination and wich one to strike first (the top left?)
Posted by Titanite 26th June, 2004

You learn fireball by getting hit by that flaming thing in the cemetary, I think. I didn't have it, and I was trying to hit it and I got hit, when I left that screen I noticed I learnt the fireball spell.
Posted by Titanite 27th June, 2004

The grave combination is mentioned by the various fairies in the graveyard (there were 3-4 clues I think). Just poke around a bit, kill everything, go in all the holes and write down the tips.
Posted by Titanite 28th June, 2004

Okay, got the Turquoise one and showed it to the man for Swamp Boots. Now I'm in the swamp, already killed the monster in the cave (Shell, right?), but that cave leads to a dead end. Found one secret door (map guy), but nothing else. You might want to make the clues LESS AMBIGUOUS. I'm only playing it now because I want to see what kind of ending you put in. I'm not enjoying it any more.
Posted by cupzo 29th June, 2004

go into the cave that shell is in, and pass right through to the dead end. go to the far wall and hit it 5? times. a passage will open to the south-east of the swamp. (a faerie tells you to do this somewhere)
Posted by Titanite 29th June, 2004

That worked, thanks. Got the platinum shield and made the justice sword. Now I'm stuck at the living crystals which shoot at you. I hit the crystals on the pedestals but that doesn't seem to affect anything.
Posted by Titanite 29th June, 2004

Okay, I figured out you need to use the tips the fairies in the hidden holes mentioned (red -- sword, etc). Had to whack the living crystal several times before the path cleared. To recap, visibility ring was $50k, and the teleport stone is $80k. Money seems to be plentiful here.
Posted by Titanite 29th June, 2004

Got the ascent boots ($120k). Turning those statues was a pain in the ass, haven't got platinum armor so the enemies hurt a lot. The reveal mirror was $150k, man, what they think money grows on trees? Boots seem useless, only interesting thing appears to be a cave-teleport from K21 to DD10. Now to explore the east prarie area, there was a tough dungeon in there.
Posted by Titanite 30th June, 2004

Stuck in the east prairie dungeon, the one with the boss D.Double (haven't seen him yet). This is the first dungeon with teleport statues. I've passed the invisible ladder part, now I'm stuck at the bunch of stairs and teleport statues pointing to the right. Going up the stairs and then taking the teleports to the right all lead back down to the bottom of the stairs, even after I broke the secret wall at the topmost part. There seems to be a room on the right I can see but can't get to (can see it when you fall past it off the ledge). How do I get past this part?
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 30th June, 2004

where do i get the fifth crystal?
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 30th June, 2004

where do i get the fifth crystal?
Posted by Titanite 30th June, 2004

What crystal and item did you last get? Can't help you if you don't say where you are and what you last did.
Posted by Blackstorm 2nd July, 2004

Ok, I just got stuck between two red doors in the ice palace place... What do I do?
Posted by awesomeanimator 2nd July, 2004

where do you learn the first password to tell it to the first guy?
Posted by Blackstorm 2nd July, 2004

Along one path in the ice place, (I can't remember which), it is very linear. When you get to the end, you should be on a screen that is seperated by trees. You will be on the right side. Enter the cave, and the guy there will give you the first password. I'm pretty sure that is the place, but I could be wrong.
Posted by Titanite 3rd July, 2004

Blackstorm: there's a hidden ladder somewhere before the next door (left side of the screen if I'm not mistaken). Climb up, over, and drop back down.
Posted by Blackstorm 3rd July, 2004

I found it on my own, thanks. It is right where that monster is in between the two doors. :P Anyway, now that I've gotten past that and made it a bit further... Where is the Platinum Armor and Shield? :P
Posted by Titanite 3rd July, 2004

If you just passed the ice palace, you still have some more way to go before getting the platinum shield / armor. The shield requires finding the guy who knows the old language, somewhere in the southwest area. The armor requires the teleport stone, backtrack to the very first area and use the statue there. I'm still stuck in the D.Double dungeon, if anybody knows how to get past this area please post. Thanks.
Posted by Blackstorm 3rd July, 2004

I have just beat the plant thing on the mountain and got the "Will Helmet". How close is that to all the different Platinum Items?
Posted by Titanite 4th July, 2004

Oh, that's not too far, just before my "okay I got the turquiose gem" post (28th June). I'm not playing this week, giving myself a break before I tackle the dungeon I'm stuck on again. You have at least half of the jewels by now, I think.
Posted by Blackstorm 4th July, 2004

Yeah, I have six. WooHoo for me! :P
Posted by awesomeanimator 4th July, 2004

i just got the aqua boots after beating ice maiden(everyone says she was so hard but she only hurt me 1 hp every hit=b) . now where do i go? i went around to the swamp and the mountain place across from the beach and the lake...i think i have to do something with the butterflies?
Posted by Blackstorm 4th July, 2004

Bring a butterfly to the gray plant thingy.
Posted by Blackstorm 4th July, 2004

A red one. You can only do this if you have the yellow fruit.
Posted by Blackstorm 4th July, 2004

So, anyway, how do I get the Platinum things?
Posted by Titanite 4th July, 2004

If I'm not mistaken, once you buy the visibility ring, there's a shop in one of the hidden holes that sell you the platinum shield. As for the armor, you need to buy the teleport stone, and use the statue near the very first desert area. There's a shop in that area.
Posted by Blackstorm 5th July, 2004

Ok, how would I get the two required items, then? :P I also found something after killing the fire spirit in the graveyard. Some guy wants me to bring him 10 pieces of "Latinia". Any idea what he means? At the point I'm at now, I have no idea what to do. All the areas that I don't have a map of require me to hop a chasm or go through a swamp, both of which I am lacking the items for.
Posted by awesomeanimator 5th July, 2004

im at the place where blackstorm is, after getting the will helmet. how do you kill the fire spirits? because fire spirits are guarding the cave to the turqouise gem and i dont know how to kill them
Posted by Blackstorm 5th July, 2004

Use the Ice spell. If you don't have it, go to the only place in the frozen lands with water, and the guy at the staircase will give you the ice spell. Anyway, the main thing I need right now is the sword after defender, because the Turqoise Crystal boss is a pain in the ass. :P
Posted by Titanite 6th July, 2004

Latinia? Some jellyfish near the central area has it. It's not far from the guy who tells you he wants it, I think. Look for 4-map water. If I'm not mistaken, that sword allows you to kill the beetle-like thingies and opens the west area, which I think the living crystal thingies are. You'll get to buy another item, I forget which. Probably the ascent boots. I think I'll wait until you reach the D.Double dungeon as well before I play this game again :p
Posted by Blackstorm 6th July, 2004

4 map water? Do you mean water that spans four maps sections? Also, do you think you could tell me the coordinates? I can't find any jellyfish enemies that drop Latinia.
Posted by Blackstorm 6th July, 2004

You know what, I'm just going to say the exact things I have so that I can be helped easier. :P I just defeated the Shell boss in the swamp, and the path to Grog Valley up in the northeast of the swamp did not open. I have the first seven crystals. I have the Silver Equipment. The items I own are: Yellow Fruit, Stone Breaker, Old Book, Gorgon Amulet, Claws, Will Helmet, Gold Medal, Aqua Boots, Swamp Boots, Holy Mantle and Fur Mantle. Alright then... What do I do? :P
Posted by MIG2 6th July, 2004

Black storm (cupzo post ) go into the cave that shell is in, and pass right through to the dead end. go to the far wall and hit it 5? times. a passage will open to the south-east of the swamp. (a faerie tells you to do this somewhere). Titanite In the D.Double dungeon . Did you crossed the place where Two doors are ( A grey one and a gold one )??? If the answer is "Yes" go as far as you can , the last statue will lead you to a dead end . Destroy the wall on the right of that room ....
Posted by Blackstorm 6th July, 2004

Could you explain that in more detail? In other words, is it actually IN the cave, or through it to the dead end with the scorpion shooter thing and the bird? (Overhead View) I tried to walk through the wall where Shell used to be, and nothing happened. I also hit that same wall 20-30 times. I don't quite understand what is going on...
Posted by awesomeanimator 6th July, 2004

to the place with the overhead scorpion shooter thing. hit the top wall there a lot of times then a passage opens in the southeast of the swamp
Posted by Titanite 6th July, 2004

Blackstorm: they mean the wall OUTSIDE of Shell's cave. Go out on the left, then go left one map. Take care of the scorpion shooter, then go to the topleft and whack the wall lots of times until you hear that special "something happened!" sound. Mig2: I don't remember seeing coloured doors, I'll have a look again when I get back home from work.
Posted by Titanite 6th July, 2004

Nevermind, I looked at it. No Mig2, that's not it, those 2 doors are at the BEGINNING of that dungeon, I got past that part. I'm stuck after that, the place with the ladders and statues. If I go to the top, and teleport to the right, there's a place where I fall down. When I am falling down, I can see a room on the right. My question is HOW to get there. I tried hitting the walls as I fell. I tried using whirlwind. I tried searching for ladders at the bottom. And yes, before you ask, I already found the hidden gold key in the middle (drop, then take the teleport left). I just can't find a way to go to the room on the right.
Posted by Titanite 6th July, 2004

Oh, and I noticed that the picture on the middle floor (the one with the two dog things looking at each other) is different from the pictures on the other floors, there's a teleport end stone underneath it. Tried doing all sorts of things there too, but no effect. Without the key, and with the key. See, I found the key, but I don't see a doorway.
Posted by Blackstorm 6th July, 2004

Thanks, awesome animator. Just today, I have already gotten the Descent Boots and am now quite a bit farther. I seem to be going along smoothly now, so I won't be needing help for awhile. (Maybe...)
Posted by Blackstorm 7th July, 2004

Ok, scratch that. I just beat the D.Double dungeon, (Titanite, be sure to check ALL the teleport statues. I think it is past the teleport statue next to the red broken statue. Teleport, of course. You should fall to another statue. I always jumped off the edge. DON'T DO THAT!!! Use that statue! :P)And now I need to find some sort of orb, destroy it, and then kill a monster somewhere in the level. (Overhead) I'm not sure if I have to kill the monster first, or open the three island doors first...
Posted by Blackstorm 7th July, 2004

Wait a second, I just read your post all the way through... Titanite, you found the key already? Then climb down the red statue's ladder!
Posted by Blackstorm 7th July, 2004

Ok, I just got a hint from a fairy... "Hit 5 times a tree in Syn Lands..." What tree is she talking about? I've hit every tree a could find... I'm thinking it may be in the single room coordinate of O-12, near where you have to warp all over the place, but I have no idea how to get in there... Help!
Posted by awesomeanimator 7th July, 2004

wow you got far fast. im stuck at the part after you get visibility ring :P
Posted by Titanite 7th July, 2004

Blackstorm: climb DOWN instead of going up halfway and getting stuck? Jeez. Well, I don't know if I want to play this thing any further, but habit compels me to finish this some time. Keep posting, I'd appreciate it if you got through all the problems. :)
Posted by Blackstorm 7th July, 2004

Is that sarcasm, or asking if that is true? :P Yes, you have to climb down.
Posted by Blackstorm 8th July, 2004

Ok, MIG2 told me how to find the tree, but now I need an easy way to beat the boss the has the 1-hit kill move. (He looks like a worm, with a dragon-ish head, and he hangs from the ceiling) He uses his 1 hit kill move about 10 seconds into the match, and it scrolls around the entire screen eventually, so I have no where to go, and I just die. And with 30000 health, there is no way I'm beating him in 10 seconds, even with Hurricane.
Posted by Titanite 8th July, 2004

I just finished the D.Dungeon. I had to do it TWICE, because the first time the boss hit me and I fell upwards a few steps and got stuck there, so I COULDN'T TOUCH THE GODDAMN CRYSTAL when I killed the boss. How stupid is this, if the boss is dead, then show a pretty floating crystal if you must, but don't make the player have to move to touch it. Anyway, I don't know where you went next Blackstorm. Got 8 crystals now, wondering if the last 4 are anywhere nearby.
Posted by Blackstorm 8th July, 2004

Look for chasms. :D
Posted by Blackstorm 9th July, 2004

I'm flying now! Just beat the boss, and I'm going to have to level up because the enemies past the point that I'm supposed to be at can do a whole 10 DAMAGE!!! *cries* Anyway, Titanite, the chasm you need to go through is in coordinate O-15. It is very confusing there...
Posted by Blackstorm 9th July, 2004

Damn, just got stuck... AGAIN. After going through two steps of blue rock moving, I came across the clue that says to put the big rock on the small rock and then break it. I've looked at all the blue rocks, and hit them over to the small ones, but nothing happens. Which coordinate am I supposed to do this at? I have also beat the digging enemy and found a Lost Woods-style area. (All directions lead to the same place) Where do I go there?
Posted by Blackstorm 9th July, 2004

Ok, I only need to pass the blue stones. Same thing applies, though... Where do I put the big stone on the small stone?
Posted by MIG2 9th July, 2004

Blackstorm The "big/small" stone matter is in C-14 . before going there you must do some little things. Find "fake walls" in the desert . For exemple there is one in H-5 wich lead you yo H-4 . ;)
Posted by Titanite 9th July, 2004

Well Blackstorm, it looks like you're gonna finish it soon. Me, I'm stuck on another installer, have to fix the computer first. Good luck, and keep posting.
Posted by awesomeanimator 10th July, 2004

i got the orange crystal and ascent boots and then went to syn lands, but couldnt get further when i got to the three islands part. what do i do?
Posted by Blackstorm 11th July, 2004

Sorry, I forgot to post saying I passed that... I just got the Heal ability, and I am now in the "doomed" place. I'm not going to be playing this for awhile, however, seeing as how I just rented Custom Robo. *eye twitches* Awesome animator, kill all the enemies to the left of the three islands, (this location is accessable from the lake with the three islands) and climb down the staircase that appears. That staircase will take you to O-12, where you have to hit the tree five times, and then destroy the floating orb. After killingt the orb, go back to the place with all the snakes, and search for a drogon-like thingy. Kill that, then go down the staircase to find a switch that is automatically flipped. Go back to the island in the center of the lake, and beat the Cannibal-whatever enemy. Then go to the right, flip the switch, and go on a big puzzle quest to finally fight a boss that has an evil one hit move, though the pattern is easily decipherable. *gasp*
Posted by awesomeanimator 12th July, 2004

okay, thanks blackstorm. i got to the second island's dungeon, but was stopped by a silver door and cant get by. wheres the key?
Posted by Blackstorm 12th July, 2004

Go back to the other dungeon after hitting the switch, then go back and forth, hitting the switches as you go. It is VERY annoying...
Posted by Blackstorm 12th July, 2004

There are also a breakable wall next to two lazer statues guarding a ladder. I think the switch MIGHT be in there, but I can't remember exactly...
Posted by Blackstorm 13th July, 2004

That was a while back, so I have no idea...
Posted by awesomeanimator 13th July, 2004

look for breakable walls, probably.
Posted by Blackstorm 14th July, 2004

Alright, I'm on the last crystal, but damn... Just DAMN! That place is HARD! One hit kills? Projectiles steal magic? Moths are SUPER DUPER FAST?! Why don't you just add a fire pit with no platforms that spans 23 screens? I like this game, but that is just a bit overboard...
Posted by Ayman 14th July, 2004

I’m stuck ! can any one tell me how to get in Oikos Palac , I hit the rock 3 times east and 3 times south but nothing happened
Posted by Blackstorm 14th July, 2004

After hitting it, go as far south as you can (without leaving the area you are in) and then go east. You will find a big haunted house-looking place. That is the dungeon.
Posted by awesomeanimator 15th July, 2004

yeah, im there too blackstorm. the boss better be easy as hell or it'll totally ruin the game.
Posted by awesomeanimator 16th July, 2004

okay, i figured it out...he's doomed, so you use the fire magic on him and he dies in 7 hits! that was an easy dungeon
Posted by awesomeanimator 16th July, 2004 it possible to beat him? the first zero knocked me down to like nothing and then zero x comes up with 99999 hp! ah well...ill have to keep trying...
Posted by Blackstorm 16th July, 2004

I'm stuck at the lava cave... Too many moths, and I can't dodge them at all! They are all so... Fast...
Posted by awesomeanimator 16th July, 2004

blackstorm, you need to use whirlwind *sometimes* on the moths, but don't waste magic. and unicorn, dude, no idea. that was a while ago...maybe you can ask mig? also, mig that zero x boss is just plain CHEAP. i could kill him easily (9999999 exp, all items, 999 hp 999 magic all that good stuff) because his patterns are easy to learn and dodge, except that part with the crosshairs that home in on you and shoot the red stuff when they're over you. you cant just over it and you can seldom run under them, and when they go away you have barely any hp, but then when the pattern repeats and they come back, you die, because the boss has 99999 hp, and if i use angel strike my magic goes to low and cant get hp back up. maybe they should shoot periodacally or something but this, this is bullshit.
Posted by Blackstorm 16th July, 2004

I can pass the moths without Whirlwind, it's that damn slug and dragonfly combination with the 26943 magic loss that takes a toll...
Posted by awesomeanimator 16th July, 2004

when you get to them, use fire. okay, i just beat the game, and all i can say is, wow. it ended beautifully, letting you look back on all the time spent, and seals it up perfectly. it really makes the game something you'll never forget. i said that this wasn't as good as ed by a little bit...but forget that. this game blows ed away, and is the best click game ever, which won't be broken until lost valley 2.
Posted by Blackstorm 17th July, 2004

I've tried using fire, but the dragonfly is out of reach, and the slug is too low.
Posted by Blackstorm 17th July, 2004

And I can't cheat with artmoney, either... :( :P
Posted by awesomeanimator 17th July, 2004

i never had a problem with the screen with them, i just quickly killed the slug and ran to the screen with the moths, whirlwinded, then whooped the zombie giant. theres a cheat you learn after you win (along with like a gazillion others) where you go to the subscreen and press 'e' and you're life and magic goes to max.
Posted by Blackstorm 18th July, 2004

Can you do those cheats before beating the boss?
Posted by awesomeanimator 18th July, 2004

yep. the point of them is so you can play on another slot and you'll be able to be the game in a few hours.
Posted by Blackstorm 20th July, 2004

So I could use the cheats to restore my magic after having it stolen by the Lava cave enemies? Cool! Load me up with 'em! (Just PM them to me, please) Is there some sort of button combination? I can't use it with just "e" on the subscreen...
Posted by awesomeanimator 23rd July, 2004

yes im should work....the other cheats are for like gaining exp and gold and items, and the 'e' one is to restore the hp/mp. ill double check if it works in dungeons.
Posted by awesomeanimator 23rd July, 2004

yep it works in zero's dungeon, and it should in the lava cave. maybe you should pm mig.
Posted by Ayman 26th July, 2004

I need HELLP ! Can any one tell me where can I find the FUR AMULET needed to enter the frozen land? I searched for it everywhere but I didn’t find it
Posted by awesomeanimator 26th July, 2004

go to the entrance of the north of ammonite coast (above the lake). stand in the middle of the sticks that you can hit, and use whirlwind to push them all down at the same time. a cave opens up and a man sells you the fur mantle. if you don't have whirlwind, i forget how to get it. maybe ill remember.
Posted by Blackstorm 26th July, 2004

Destroy those statues in the graveyard to make a soldier a few screens away give you whirlwind.
Posted by awesomeanimator 27th July, 2004

yep thats it
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 28th July, 2004

WOW!!!!! awesome graphics, but the only reason i got addicted was because i wanted to see the amazing graphics.but the storyline could use work, i mean its a bit cliche.but good none the less.
Posted by Dervius 30th July, 2004

Ok, I'm having a slight bit of trouble here. Seems I am now in the Praries and I have yet to find the Platinum Shield at all... The magician says something about sticking my sword in red soil.. huh? =/ Also, I'd like to know if the walkthrough might be out or some helpful hints or something.. it's getting really rough. Also, there is a really strange thing that happens if you go into inventory and hit the NumPad's - key.. it took me to Zombie Lord or something.. with alot of doomed creatures.. Ouch!! Great game and very addictive; ripped graphics don't mean a thing, gameplay is great.
Posted by Dervius 30th July, 2004

Ohhh, I found the red soil.. heh, I went back to get to it... I still love the game. Awesome work MIG!! =D
Posted by Dervius 30th July, 2004

Now I am having trouble finding those "JellyFish" With the Latina... I have yet to find any that give a thing at all.. =/
Posted by Dervius 30th July, 2004

Again... I just found them.. heh. Durrr.. =B
Posted by DrakeerX 31st July, 2004

Anyone know how to get aqua boots?
Posted by Dervius 31st July, 2004

Have ya beaten the gargoyles? Ya gotta kill 10 of them before ya can get to the area where ya get the Aqua Boots
Posted by DrakeerX 31st July, 2004

I'm kinda bad at this I think I'm level 5 and I'm stuck, I don't even know where the "gargoyles" are because I think I can't find the third spirit area.
Posted by Dervius 4th August, 2004

Sorry, but ya need to read up through much of this as I forgot their location too. I am however having trouble with a monster, the spider boss in one of the islands. That one has killed me everytime and rather fast too; if anyone has any ideas as to where a newer set of armor or sheild and sword please tell me.
Posted by awesomeanimator 5th August, 2004

you need platinum shield and platinum armour and the justice sword. and you need to be at, i think around level 8 or 9? i forget, but i remember the spider boss not even touching me:P its the one after that that gets you (one hit kills)
Posted by Ayman 8th August, 2004

just don’t touch it or the strange ball or the rob connected with it , when the ball appears go to right corner and it wont touch you and go to left corner when it became over you
Posted by Ayman 17th August, 2004

I have a problem ! I have killed the “ DEATH” and I have a message said “ YOU FOUND THE RED CRYSTAL” and the game stopped at this point . I think that the red crystal is the first one and I supposed to get the pink crystal after killing the “ DEATH” in “A1” . Can anyone tell me what to do ? Is it a bug or what
Posted by Blackstorm 19th August, 2004

It froze after beating Death? That sucks... You are going to have to beat him again, and hope that the comp doesn't lock up.
Posted by Ayman 22nd August, 2004

Yes it froze after beating the death ! I did it many times and the same thing happened , the game froze , I used the “A” key to go back to saved point hopping to get the crystal with me , but I get back to the saved point but without the crystal , so now I can’t continue playing the game
Posted by akim 26th August, 2004

MAN help! arent there any cheats for that game? and what the hell is the f**king fourth password? but the game rox, its great!!! its its did i say great? i ment REALY FUCKING GREAT!!(sory bout mt english!)
Posted by MIG2 28th August, 2004

Ayman . i,m sorry for that weird bug . I,m actually in vacation far of my computer so i cant send you a save file wich solve the problem but you can do it. search in your computer a file called "main" it;s somewhere in the pattern WIMDOWS . opens it and change a value (i don´t remember the name). it s a name like "main progress" or something like that:game ; add 1 to that value you will earn the pink crystal; Once you have get the crystal a hole will be opened in the dry lake of that desert. i say that because it,s what you normally see after defeating Death . Bye
Posted by Ayman 31st August, 2004

Thank you MIG2 for your help. I didn’t find the value for the crystals , but I tried something else : I changed the save slot form the “save 3” to “save 1” , I found that three crystals was missing when I run the game , anyhow I played the game and killed the death and got the pink crystal , then I changed the save slot to save 3 and run the game again , so now evrything is well and I can play the game again .
Posted by BladeMaster 10th September, 2004

can someone help me? i can't play in full screen:(
Posted by Titanite 10th September, 2004

You lucky thing, I can't play it in a window. I hate when things take over the entire desktop. It's friggin' annoying.
Posted by BladeMaster 11th September, 2004

but it's take over the entire desktop! i can't play THE GAME in FULL screen... only a quart!!:(!! then everything else is black!
Posted by Titanite 11th September, 2004

Oh, well that's crap then. Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the game?
Posted by BladeMaster 11th September, 2004

yea... it's still don't work:'(
Posted by BladeMaster 22nd September, 2004

Posted by Robert C. Goingo 14th November, 2004

Im stuck. I can't get past the black lotus plants that's blocking the southern entrance. I cant find the translator book, the ascent and swamp boots and which to explore first. (I got six crystals). Help!!
Posted by Ecstazy 28th November, 2004

In the second dungeon, if you go down the ladder that takes you to the room with the final boss, you can't climb up without being knocked down by the enemies at the screen above you (I went down there before I knew what to expect, so I had to go back up and couldn't, and after 10 tries needed to abort the game and start from the last save).
Posted by Devernath 5th December, 2004

well, seeing everyones else getting stuck points mine would sound pathetic but.. What does the green crystal do? What is the tomb striking combination?
Posted by Robert C. Goingo 5th December, 2004

I've finished the game at level 20. I must say I enjoyed it's gameplay and all those find-things-to-advance. I really wanted to have midi files of the game soundtracks. Please email me at MIG!!!!!
Posted by jon goodwyn 20th December, 2004

the tomb striking combo is.. 1. tomb 4 2. tomb 3 3. tomb 1 4. tomb 6 5. tomb 2 And it goes round left
Posted by Infinity 23rd December, 2004

Can anyone help me here? That's if this board is still active... I can't seem to kill drakon. I use whirlwind to stun him and i can only hit him a few times, by then, i would have run out of mp. Do i need a higher level? I'm at hp145/mp110 now. Also, where do i get latinia from (pls tell me the sector if possible, because i've read the previous 300+ post and no one mentioned the sector)? I dunno if it's a bug with my game or not. I did try killing the jelly things, but nothing dropped. Is latinia something that is meant to be picked up? Thanks!
Posted by Infinity 24th December, 2004

Ok, I managed to kill drakon, after trying really hard to get to the next level. But I think I still do need some help with... LATINIA!!! Which sector is it found? I've read the other posts and I think I found the jelly fish, but no latinia. Is it meant to be picked up or something? I'm just afraid that I've encountered a bug and gotta restart or something? Anyway, awesome game! Back to the good old days of zelda, link, landstalker, etc... really loved those games! Thanks!
Posted by Infinity 24th December, 2004

That button is broken, there's nothing u can do about it. If i remember correctly, u should walk further on to the right and there's an invisible ladder to climb UP. The ladder doesn't seem to go up, but it can go up. I hope i didn't get it wrong. Anyway, i've gotten the latinia part already :)
Posted by Hempuli 25th January, 2005
Rated :

I know its stupid to ask questions from the game, but im in trouble. Im at last in the oikon blahblah, and i dont know, where i must go now. I cant pass to the oikon Palace, and theres a rock, that makes an effect when i slash it. But what i can do?
Posted by Hempuli 25th January, 2005
Rated :

How i can pass to the oikon palace!?!?!?!:o
Posted by Davide Mascolo 29th January, 2005

Oww, so much time since the last time I played. Anyway, there was a fairy who told how you had to hit the rock in a particular sequence, like, a strike from south (bottom), one from east (right)... Search carefully (remember that there are hidden caves and holes too).
Posted by istvan 4th February, 2005

Ive hit those tombs in the order given a thousand times and it still doesnt work!
Posted by Hempuli 16th February, 2005
Rated :

Posted by Jason Orme 12th March, 2005
Rated :

I just re-downloaded this after playing wandering fighter.. its been nearly 2 years and I still love this game! A absolute masterpiece.
Posted by kjarom 23rd March, 2005

*PHEW* Anyone wanna write an FAQ? Heh, that'd be awesome if someone would write an FAQ... Oh, and props to MIG2 for this game! It was released a year ago and people are still playing and talking aobut it!! The gameplay is great; I have no idea how you could possibly make such a great game with TGF (man I bet it took awhile) but EXCELLENT job!
Posted by Tom 26th March, 2005

Just re-downloaded again. this game is MUCH bigger than i remember. Shame about the ripped gfx. still a cool game though. <:
Posted by Eric Lehto 28th March, 2005

Great Game, but very strange to be done; I struck the rock from East and South, but nothing happened; please help me. Second, Is their a walkthrough for this game?
Posted by Eric Lehto 29th March, 2005

I'm stuck, Do you have Pluntium Shield before or after the 7th Dungeon, Where do you get it?
Posted by Eric Lehto 31st March, 2005

I'm stuck again; Where is the compass, I've found the invisable walls, but nothing; I've kill the Sand Crusher and don't understand the guy message about find friend with Cold Mantle, Please help...
Posted by NEOLink 1st May, 2005

hi i need help i have the gorgon amulet and must kill the evil spirit i hafe attackt him 2 times and have buy in a cave the mhitryl shield whos it the 3rt time? THX!!! P.S. sorry for my bad english :D
Posted by maca 27th May, 2005

I have been searching for the walkthrough for this game and found nothing. Damn. You write here "walkthrough under construction" but it takes too much time I think. It is still under construction or freezed and discarded :( ? Or did I miss its release? If so, where can I get it. Thanks a lot, I definitely dont know where to go and I am completely lost. Thanks one more time for ANY walkthrough.
Posted by Skaven 9th June, 2005

I think I found something,that might interest you MIG...Got some random bug, which somehow deletes all sprites and only a background is left.Eg when it were some plains,river,trees etc.all that can be seen is green tiles and a blue ones.I'm on island with red butterflies.When it occurs I can go in every direction for about2screens,then I can't leave the place where I went. Appears only on main screen about once a day :).Any ideas? It's really stinky, because I must reload the game and I keep loosing those damned butterflies... :( Awaiting for answer...
Posted by MIG2 12th June, 2005

Ohhh strange bug !!!! . I will try to find and fix it. But i can't do nothing now :(
Posted by Skaven 13th June, 2005

MIG: Ok. Thx! It happens somewhere around "the carnivorous plant" If u want to, I'll send u my inventory/abilities etc. if it matters. I rarely browse through this page due to technical problems (eg. angry boss, really important work to to and other crap), but i'll keep looking at least once a week.
Posted by Gandilf 24th June, 2005

how to kill teh evil spirit in forest. I meet the spirit one times but it never hapenned.... where is it? please help me!!!!!!
Posted by ben mercer 13th July, 2005

I suppose it might get interesting later on, but due to the boring first few levels i quit this after about 20 minutes.
Posted by NUB 17th July, 2005

Your opening scene was.. off key, the background and people looked good, but the jelly in the sky? and the exploding fissure?
Posted by Benny 20th July, 2005

how to make the screen smaller? i hate fullscreen
Posted by Keatontech! 28th August, 2005

Where do you get claws? I need to get them to get medthic sword
Posted by 17th October, 2005

In lala land! great game lalalala
Posted by Jakob37 25th October, 2005

My armor is acting weird, before I had mithril armor but now I only have leatherarmor and when I try to buy mithril och silverarmor they say that my armor is better than that.
Posted by Proto Belmont 25th November, 2005

Like Istvan, I'm stuck at the grave and I've done the 1-4 2-3 3-1 4-6 5-3 starting from the left and I still cant get it to work.

I've spent an hou on this and I don't understand why it will not work. D;
Posted by Proto Belmont 25th November, 2005

Nevermind, I started a new game on slot 2 and it worked the first time through. yay!
Posted by Jason Orme 1st January, 2006
Rated :

I still come back and download lost valley from time to time. It has the replay value that any great classic has.
Posted by Jakob37 17th February, 2006

I have got the invisible ring. Can anyone tell me what I should do now?
Posted by Artturi Heikkilä 14th March, 2006

Can someone tell me where is latinia pieces and platinum shield?
Posted by Del Duio 4th May, 2006

I just downloaded this game last night, and I'll tell ya, from what I've seen so far this game absolutely deserves to be placed as high up on the list as it is. (Currently #2). You're about 40 or so votes away from #1, and I voted thumbs up to help.

It reminds me a ton of one of those old great Genesis RPG / Action games from the early 90's I used to love. I've read a few comments here that complain about the fairies not telling them "useful" information, but I don't agree. As an aside, the music that plays during these dialogue screens is great.

It's very Zelda-ish with its many secrets to be found, and I totally found one by myself without a hint and I was stoked! Another thing I liked about it was that your guy's attack power goes up a ton upon leveling up, and you can whup a lot of monster ass on bad guys that had your number back in the beginning.

And then, you have a whole new perspective with the 2d action mode that rules too! Holy crap, what am I doing here posting about it? I'm going to go play it again now LOL! Great Work!
Posted by Hare Marvin 14th May, 2006

Hey, MIG2, that's an excellent game you got there! Been playing nothing else since I started it, and for me that's something, I always play 2-3 games at once. The only problem I see is that you still didn't put out a walkthrough for it, 'cause this game can be damn HARD at times...

For example, right now I'm at Syn Lands, looking for that accursed tree to hit 5 times, and I can't find it! Browsing here I see some people had the same problem and you sent them the answer directly... so, can I have it too? Better yet, where is that walkthrough, man?

And since this is my first post, let me talk about the ripped graphics: we all know great games are made of gameplay, not graphics. And your game even has the merit of making all the graphics from different sources look like they were all drawn specifically for your game. So, all in all, you did a great job! Hope to see a LV2 soon!
Posted by Hare Marvin 14th May, 2006

Ok, never mind, I read more closely and found the anwser here... but someone should really consider writing a walkthrough...
Posted by Bo Fu 6th June, 2006

Wow, died on that stupid first ball-throwing enemy thing. Uninstalled in ten minutes.
Posted by Del Duio 9th July, 2006

I got stuck at the 7 gravestones that you need to hit X amount of times in a certain order to proceed. I found 6 of the 7 clues, and tried every possible combination I could think of to no avail.
Posted by Devernath 27th July, 2006

BUG: Z5-Z7, X5-X7, Y5-Y7, something is wrong with the music. Sometimes it plays the Lost Valley Theme, other times it plays the Feil Mountain Theme. It usually switches randomly during scrolling, using the subscreen, or entering a cave. Look into it.
BUG: The ocean near Feil Mountain. If you scroll around really fast, since theres few barriers, sometimes it messes up and randomly picks you up and puts you somewhere else.

Very nice game and graphics, though the music can get annoying, ESPECIALLY when its something you recognize (Oikos Valley, Dr.Wily's Stage from MegaMan VI). Some levels need new midis, like Oikos Grasslands should be different from Oikos Valley, PLEASE! That track is driving me crazy!! Though, I do like the track for Feil Mountain

Thank you
Posted by Devernath 27th July, 2006

Uhm, if this board is still active...i just beat the watcher. what do i do now? oh i was thinking about writing a walkthrough when i finish this game
Posted by Del Duio 30th July, 2006

I don't think he's going to go back and re-work any of the bugs, since it's been so long since its release Devernath. I haven't played this in awhile, since I got stuck with the gravestones thing.
Posted by Jason Orme 25th January, 2007
Rated :

Best Klik Game Ever!
Posted by Flaxo 26th May, 2007

*This message is in French, MIG2's language*
Bonjour MIG2! Ça m'étonnerait que tu te souviennes de moi mais bon... Tu n'auras qu'à chercher mes commentaires précédents pour te rappeler (en utilisant Ctrl+F et cherchant le mot "Flaxo"). Bref, je suis de retour après 3 ans! C'est moi le gars "nomis" (j'ai changé mon nom pour "Flaxo") qui te complimentait sur le jeu. Lorsque je jouais au jeu (en 2004), je ne l'avais pas encore complété. Mon ordinateur a été victime de milliers de virus et j'ai dû le nettoyer. Résultat: je ne me suis pas servis de mon ordinateur pendant un mois, puis ce que je pouvais faire était très limité: pas de jeux et pas de téléchargement au risque de réinfecter mon ordinateur. Plusieurs mois se sont passés avant que je puisse enfin bénificier d'un ordinateur fonctionnaire. Avec tout ca, j'ai oublié le jeu Lost Valley et... Daily Click! Je suis revenus et j'ai remarqué qu'avec l'aide de ton testeur, David Mascolo, tu as fait une nouvelle version du jeu. Je l'ai téléchargé et recommencé le jeu du début. Maintenant je suis rendu plus loin qu'avant (avec l'exception que je n'ai pas toutes les magies, on dirait bien qu'on ne peut plus faire des choses dans un mauvais ordre). C'est du bon travail et je suis heureux de rejouer au jeu, encore meilleur que jamais. Mais, malheureusement, même la nouvelle version n'est pas parfaite, j'ai rencontré certains bugs. Le premier se trouve à BB14, il est possible de se bloquer (obligeant le joueur à cliquer sur "A") entre le cactus et le mur. Le deuxième se trouve à R15, je me souviens qu'il était aussi dans l'ancienne version. L'arbre en haut et à gauche de l'écran n'est pas un obstacle, c'est-à-dire qu'on peut marcher dessus et que, si on continue vers le nord, on arrive à Q15 et il est impossible de bouger à nouveau, obligeant encore le joueur de cliquer à cliquer sur "A". Le troisième n'est pas si grave mais il reste un bug. Dans l'écran S35, il y a un ennemis (il est noir, rond, a un seul oeil et projète des anneaux qui te paralysent) qui est toujours coincé dans un arbre. Chaque fois que tu entres dans cet écran, c'est pareil, il fait plusieurs 360 sur place mais ça ne l'empêche pas d'attaquer. Parfois, mais c'est rare, il arrive à s'enlever de là, ça m'est arrivé qu'une seule fois par contre. Je n'ai pas trouvé d'autre bugs, mais je vais t'informer si j'en rencontre de nouveaux. À part ça, je n'arrive pas à trouver le Silver Shield, dans quel écran se trouve-t-il? Et encore merci pour ce jeu fantastique, tu devrais même en faire carrière, fonder ta propre compagnie et commercialiser tes jeux!
Posted by Flaxo 9th June, 2007

Where's the map for the swamps?

*The rest of this message is in French, MIG2's first language.*
C'est encore moi! Cet endroit a l'air mort, il n'y a personne à part moi... Mais juste au cas où tu (MIG2) te décides enfin de revenir, je reste encore là. En passant, laisse-faire pour le Silver Shield, je l'ai trouvé. J'ai rencontré une tonne de bugs, vraiment! Je les ai tous noté sur une feuille, attention, c'est long! La plupart sont des erreurs de grammaire en anglais, contrairement à mes premiers messages en 2004 sous le nom de "nomis", je suis devenu parfaitement bilingue, alors ait-confiance .

1. FF27: La fée dit "this prairies", on dit "these prairies".
2. L1: Il y a un arbre qu'on peut marcher dessus, mais ce bug ne te coince pas.
3. Q10: La fée dit "where is it", on dit "where it is".
4. CC31: La fée dit "i think", on dit "I think".
5. CC27 et CC30: La fée dit "Legend says", on dit "Legends say".
6. EE30: La fée dit "freedom long time ago", on dit "freedom a long time ago".
7. FF31: La fée dit "Nobody know", on dit "Nobody knows".
8. Le chef des fantomes a deux noms, ALCIBIADE et GENTO. Ceux-ci alternent de temps en temps pendant le combat.
9. K1: En entrant dans la grotte avec le mini-boss TSARKON, on voit les mots "LEVEL UP" appraîtrent ainsi que le son venant avec. Cela ne te fait pas monter de niveau pour vrai mais te regénère tout de même. On rencontre ce bug chaque fois que l'on entre dans la grotte, même après avoir tué TSARKON.
10. AA37: La fée dit "There are a some", on dit "There are some".
11. Similaire à celui que j'ai décris dans mon message précédent à propos de R15, on rencontre le même problème à EE22. On peut passer au travers des arbres et arriver à FF22 pour être bloqué.
12. Z21: La fée dit au début de la phrase "don't", on dit "Don't".
13. CC24: On peut se bloquer entre les arbres dans le chemin de droite.
14. P17: La fée dit "She strange statues", on dit "The strange statues".
15. Ce n'est pas vraiment un bug mais un concept du jeu assez illogique. Il peut arriver qu'un ennemi vraiment faible donne beaucoup plus d'EXP qu'un ennemi vraiment fort. Pour un exemple, va à L3, il y a des moustiques volant (ennemi faible) et un yeti (ennemi fort). J'avais une attaque de 307 et je pouvais tuer les moustiques en un seul coup et le yeti, en 4 coups. Les moustiques me donnaient 300 EXP et le yeti m'en donnait 25! Pas vraiment logique...

Wow, ça fait beaucoup d'erreurs et de bugs tout ça! Je suis certain qu'il y en a beaucoup d'autres, surtout des erreurs de grammaire d'anglais. Disons que tu devras faire des versions Finale 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

Bon, assez d'être si négatif, j'ai aussi quelque chose de positif à dire: ce jeu est vraiment bon!!! Je viens tout juste d'avoir l'Orange Crystal et je m'amuse follement!
Posted by Hempuli 22nd September, 2007
Rated :

Meh heh heh heh heeh. Completed
Posted by Davide Mascolo 14th March, 2008

A long, long time ago, I said I was going to write a guide of this game. I never did it, until recently: during a new playthrough, I took dozens of pages and notes, and wrote down a guide. I know one already exists, but mine resulted in something incredibly extensive, with details on every single fairy I encountered! Only problem: right now it is in Italian only, it will take time before I can translate it in English...

Anyway, replaying the game I extensively tested after some years, I found it still incredibly fresh. Compared to more recent Click productions, it surely looks "rough" and unpolished, not only because of the ripped graphics, and you could pick out a lot of flaws. But it's incredibily immediate to play, and has so much content, it rivals even lots of commercial games. I've rarely seen a game so epic (despite the overall thin plot) and with lots of things to do even in such a large world: only a few times I resorted to stay in an area for a while to gain experience, my leveling up mostly happened while exploring or trying to conquer a new area. I still love some of the simple yet ingenious puzzles (remember the red butterflies?), great touches of class.

Nostalgia prompted me to search for Mig: he's doing well but, unfortunately, he's not dedicated to making games anymore, Double Dragon - Fists of Rage was the last. Someplace in my heart, I hoped to read him telling "I'm working on Lost Valley 2 now". I hope that, in the future, some spiritual successor will have the same dedication he put in his game
Posted by Proto Belmont 10th November, 2008

hmmm I decided to get back into this great game... but after reinstalling it and trying to play through it again, i crash to desktop every 5-15-30 minutes. :/

it happens when the hit detection must be activated. (i.e. getting shot/hit, hitting enemies, picking up objects) I never had lost valley crash last time playing through like this... and there hasn't been a problem with running the other older/newer click games. so I dunno what could be causing this, to bad for me I guess.
Posted by Hempuli 19th November, 2008
Rated :

This works still great on my computer, and I love it! Playing through the third time.
Posted by Jason Orme 9th July, 2009
Rated :

Going through the game again.
Posted by tonsku 24th July, 2009
Rated :

how can i take a screenshot of this game ? i cannot get right colours
Posted by UrbanMonk 31st July, 2009
Rated :

Still Great!
Posted by Sascha 21st October, 2009

Well, hi @ all, I don't know if this platform is still active but I hope so^^
Two Weeks ago I reinstalled Lost Valley and played it again. (It's still a great game ) but now I'm really stuck and maybe I found a bug-.- Just got the Swamp boots and went into the swamp. There's a fairy that tells you that there's an entrance that's closed because of a monster which went into this cave.
I killed the monster (it's the same like D.snail but harder) but the entrance doesn't reopen and I can't figure out how to go on.... Please help me I have no idea how to get on since three days. (btw the place where I think the cave should be is surrounded by plants and is in the southeastern egde of the swamp like the fairy tells (FF25))
Posted by KCEM 20th December, 2009
Rated :

I just downloaded the game again (I love it!). I've never played it out though, because I got stuck at the place where you have to get a little butterfly to follow you for several screens. The problem is that the game freezes for a millisecond when the music changes (when you enter a different area). This is not a problem in the rest of the game, but the butterfly takes this as its cue to leave. Does anyone know how to fix this? Just disabling the sound in the options menu doesn't work.
Posted by 3DRadius 11th June, 2011

I noticed a very strange bug in the game.It happened once I got Gold Medal.Once I opened Sub-screen I found out that I already have 4 Magic spells (Fireball,Whirlwind,Ice and Recovery).When I turned the game off and turned it on again and loaded my save,the spells weren't there but once I went to get the Gold Medal again,I opened sub-screen and I had the spells again.
Posted by Aloan Moreira 25th February, 2016

it is 2016 and I just played this game and I just have to say I am intrigued with KonamiG's commitment to that Arcade feel - it has the retro 240 vertical pixels to it! although most games were in 224! Hey Konamig, are you on any social site? twitter, facebook? please send me a PM, I don't come here often and would like to show you my work as well as talk about yours how you did them the way you did! I think it is awesome - I am also wondering how many years of experience do you have with click programs?
Posted by Dedg 25th April, 2017
Rated :

Salut Mig !

Un grand bravo pour ce super jeu !

La carte est immense, le gameplay génial, la bande son magique ! Un metroidvania comme je les adore !

On a passé un super moment devant ce jeu !

À la fin du jeu, après le The End, il est noté que quelque chose est déverrouillé, de quoi s'agit-il ?

On n'a pas compris !

Merci encore !


Quelques screens Image

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<a href="">Image
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Posted by JOKERAMAN 10th March, 2018
Rated :

Where is the Save file of this game?? can anyone tell me the location??? Plz
Posted by Renan Harnack 11th September, 2018
Rated :

I can't beat Zero-X.

Any tips? A video would be very good!






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