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Mr Stumps Dentures
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 23rd February, 2004 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 976
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Edited By Chris Street on 10/17/2009

The most epic plot of any game ever. Dentures have been swallowed... a plot to awaken the Tooth God is underway... the results of which could be catastrophic. All the worlds toothpaste and dental hygeine products... destroyed! A nightmare world of bacteria and gum disease beckons... unless Mr Stump can get his dentures back!

Mr Stumps Dentures is the culmination of over a year of reasonably hard work. Granted, I probably don't have much to show for it. However, all the beta testers have told me that they think it's a really fun game, so maybe that'll encourage you to download it.

MSD features seven levels, with two sub sections and a boss each. Climb your way through an industrial setting, get yourself cold, get yourself buried and get yourself in a topsy turvy universe in an attempt to reclaim your dentures! Also features parallax scrolling, a custom engine, and some secrets Not forgetting the two player mode, of course.

Hope you like it! And even if you don't that's absolutely fine with me.

PS: I strongly suggest you read the HELP documentation that comes with the game before you start playing. There are some issues which need to be addressed.

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Posted by Hayo 23rd February, 2004

OMFG! its there! :)
Posted by Hayo 23rd February, 2004

is there a way to play it windowed? I miss a part of the screen.
Posted by Cazra 23rd February, 2004

its pretty good. The positioning at the end of the level is kind of levels are kind of wierd though.
Posted by Nickstudios 23rd February, 2004

finally i've been waitin for this
Posted by Dark One 23rd February, 2004

oh sweet I gotta download this, the demo was so awesome!
Posted by Kirby Smith 23rd February, 2004

Awesome. I've been looking forward to this. Downloading...
Posted by Nickstudios 23rd February, 2004

Cool game i'll write a review for it once I beat it Nice idea by not making a save feature til the last boss it should take people way longer than normal.
Posted by Dogzer 23rd February, 2004

Posted by Smeggy 23rd February, 2004

It really is a great game, and deserves much praise, i'll review it tomorrow, right now I better get some sleep..
Posted by Smeggy 23rd February, 2004

I'm proud of you Circy, this surely is a Klik Classic.
Posted by AndyUK 23rd February, 2004

i got to level 3 (the snow level) this game is probably the best and most fun platfomer ive played in a LONG time. But you still put 'Press start' on the title screen
Posted by ThePodunkian 23rd February, 2004

This game is pretty much Circy 2, except not as fun[ny.] I thought you said this game would have seamless levels, and that it would have Conker-esque humor. Neither of those made it into the final game and all we're left with is a bog-standard (as you english people say it) platformer.
Posted by Mingy Jongo 23rd February, 2004

The only thing that could make this game better is that if you made it so you could check a box if you want to run it right after you quit the installer.
Posted by Rhys D 23rd February, 2004

Pod, it does have seamless leves, when you go through a cave for example it moves to the next level (frame) without you noticing it.
Posted by DarrenMcLeod 23rd February, 2004

Circy, you did a very good job with this game. I was very impressed. The engine is good (although there are a few times where i'm pretty sure I shouldn't have gotten damage), and the backgrounds and level design are great. One thing though... the characters don't look very good. I don't know, something about that look just doesn't do it for me... other than that though, a very good job, and I was rather impressed. I haven't been a fan of any of your previous work (other than WWW beta... btw... you should use that style you used for the "squiggly" WWW... it's your best art yet) Oh yes, and one last complaint... Stump's! You brits are supposed to be good with your damn language, so utilize it properly. Apostrophe-S! That's grade 1 stuff!
Posted by Cazra 23rd February, 2004

the game is very hard. I'm still on world 2 XD Eventually I'll beat it!
Posted by Nickstudios 23rd February, 2004

damn world 2 boss keeps killing me XD
Posted by 23rd February, 2004

At last!
Posted by vortex2 23rd February, 2004

Nice Game!
Posted by danjo 23rd February, 2004

not bad, i roffled hard at the first boss,, is that a poor mans hume or what? :P
Posted by Nick of All Trades 24th February, 2004

Nice game :D
Posted by Rhys D 24th February, 2004

the strechyness of the two player is bad :( you should have made it a separate app and not stretched it.
Posted by The Chris Street 24th February, 2004

Podunkian, that was how I planned the game to be way back last year, but then I had to clean it up for the convention, and thought "well, I'll just keep it like this". JD: Um, thanks.
Posted by Hayo 24th February, 2004

is there a way to play it windowed? I miss a part of the screen....
Posted by The Chris Street 24th February, 2004

Have you tried making a shortcut and adding ~nof or whatever it is?
Posted by Hayo 24th February, 2004

damn its no use :(
Posted by The Chris Street 24th February, 2004

The convention edition? Dude that was so limited, it was a very basic Commando, effectively. Well, guess I learned a lesson. In future I wont spend as long on a game, so that way you won't have any expectations of it :P
Posted by Rhys D 24th February, 2004

NO, just please try to learn a new graphic style, after all, you've spent all this time learning how to use the fucking background system object, when you could have been learning a new style, which for me frankly is a lot more important in a game than having a paralaxing background. It's a fun game though.
Posted by Plasticow 24th February, 2004

I'm to blame for this ugly pillow shading. Circy, throw the pillow shading in the bin for your next games and visit the pixelation forums for a while = success.
Posted by Smeggy 24th February, 2004

Look everyone stop moaning, to me, this is THE most fun platformer (Klik) I've ever played, its simply that good, those who complain about the Gfx should be shot, because without that style we wouldn't have that classic Circy retro feel..
Posted by Smeggy 24th February, 2004

Reviewed! :D
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 24th February, 2004

Yea, and that style seems to be very appreciated in respected circles of klikkers. Indeed, I believe it's time to try on other styles Circy, and also larger sprites. After you've learned it you'll wonder how you ever did without it. Hell, even the first sprite I ever made was larger than 90% of my latter ones.
Posted by ben_02 24th February, 2004

I agree with most of the recent above comments except the bit about it being "THE most fun platformer".
Posted by Smeggy 24th February, 2004

"I've ever played" - I didn't say it was, I said to me it was the most fun platformer I've played.
Posted by CYS 24th February, 2004

I agree a new style is needed...and try to work on your animation. I hate the sounds :P Other than that, i'm really impressed by your presentation, especially your level design. GREAT WORK! Anyway, the 1st (is there a 2nd?) auto-scrolling level is really really long, how do i beat this!!?? And i can finally beat the 1st boss without losing a life on 2nd try. :D
Posted by The Chris Street 24th February, 2004

There is a 2nd auto-scrolling level, and its the last level too.
Posted by Smeggy 24th February, 2004

like the Review your Circyness?
Posted by The Chris Street 24th February, 2004

yeah cheers for that
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 24th February, 2004

Hayo, create a new shortcut to the exe and add /NOF to the target (eg "C:\Program Files\Mr Stumps Dentures\mrstumps.exe" /NOF). Anyway, the game. I've yet to see anything groundbreakingly original, or even anything I haven't seen several times before, in this game. However, the features it does contain are all extremely well done, the level design is quite good, the music is nicely annoying, the bosses I've so far seen are just about the right difficulty, the signs prevent you from getting stuck and all in all it's a fun game to play. Definately one of the best Klik platformers, although that's not necessarily saying much...
Posted by Hayo 24th February, 2004

ahh thanks :) I ll do a review on this when i find time (do dont expect one) anyway, this game is very good, I love the circy style.
Posted by Tigerworks 24th February, 2004

This is a very fun game... but no save game to speak of?!? Have I missed that? Do you really expect us to play through and complete it in one sitting? :P I find it quite difficult and keep dying on stage 2 act 1, I could never imagine even seeing the fourth level if I have to restart every time. Cool game though, nice graphic style, and good gameplay :)
Posted by Pete Nattress 24th February, 2004

"je l'ai reviewÚ!" as they might say in france. if they were english and trying to speak french.
Posted by Mingy Jongo 24th February, 2004

Arrggh!!! That minecart level is sooo annoying!! I came in with 5 lives and got a game over in 10 minutes! It's like you have to know where all the platforms are before you play the level, because they are in really wierd places.
Posted by CsaR 24th February, 2004

Yeah the only thing I'm going to whine about is that there's no stage select. I get to the fireball lvl act 2 as best. Can't be bothered to play it through that many times to go further just to find out dying on the boss or the next level.
Posted by Broomie 24th February, 2004

Hey, my job as a beta tester could have been useful if you had included the 2 player with the game you sent. I'm no rocket scientist but something doesn't smell right. ^_^
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th February, 2004
Rated :

i love the art style
Posted by Smeggy 24th February, 2004

Broomie what have I told you about posting pics of your mum, jeez.. :P
Posted by Maddie 24th February, 2004

No offence but this game is really basic and all the same over and over again with new backgrounds. I'd give it a 6/10. Played it until Zone 2.
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th February, 2004
Rated :

URGH installer! i feel violated
Posted by Tom 24th February, 2004

Ok, this is interesting. I like this game but it felt very basic and a few things needed improving. Positives: + The help application was nice. + The level design was quite nice. + The bosses were a neat addition to the game and they were better than I expected. + The music is fairly decent. Negatives: - The installer. They suck. Don't use them. If you have to use an installer then give an alternative url for a zip file as well. Then people can choose. - The title screen. First of all: there is no start button on a keyboard. Secondly, the paralax scrolling was wrong; it moved faster than the foreground. - Save feature. It's in 2 player mode, why not 1 player? - Sound effects: They suck and are a complete contrast to the gentle music. Find some decent ones. - As Mr. Arthur Lee said, the ice physics apply in air as well. Ok I know this is being picky, but it's something you should really sort out. - Strange things happened: The snow jumped when I jumped. I don't know if this was meant to happen or whatever, but it looked weird. I only played up to world 3 so I can't review or anything. So I will say: nice game, but some big flaws really let it down. ~fin
Posted by Mingy Jongo 24th February, 2004

AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to the STUPID final boss, had one STUPID life left, he was at the STUPID part where he zooms at you, I hit him two STUPID times, and when I was going to hit him a third STUPID time, I landed on his head and guess what? I STUPID died!!!!! I am not going through all thoses STUPID levels again.
Posted by Mingy Jongo 24th February, 2004

Sorry, I'm just really fustrated.
Posted by The Chris Street 24th February, 2004

I'm updating Mr Stumps Dentures to a slightly easier version. This new version will have weaker bosses AND start with five lives. I'll upload it later, and I'll let you know when.
Posted by Mingy Jongo 24th February, 2004

!!! Thank you! That makes up for the no save.
Posted by The Chris Street 24th February, 2004

Ok, new version uploaded =)
Posted by Tigerworks 24th February, 2004

Can't you just throw in an INI and auto save after every boss at least? :P (who cares about tight security)
Posted by The Chris Street 24th February, 2004

No, cos it would then be ridiculously easy to beat it. Hell, Sonic 2 never had a save system and its waay bigger than MSD.
Posted by Mr Coffee 24th February, 2004

Ugh, you guys are really spoiled by todays games. Not being able to save makes it more old school.:)
Posted by Mingy Jongo 24th February, 2004

I've beaten Sonic 2, and it isn't very hard.
Posted by The Chris Street 24th February, 2004

Well you should download MSD again then, it isn't as hard now.
Posted by Lucke 24th February, 2004

there┤s nothing "new" about this game...
Posted by Tongs 24th February, 2004

Mr. Stump owns. I love your definitive graphics style, Circy.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th February, 2004

YES YES YES! Its finally out! I love this! I'll be reviewing as soon as I beat it! :D :D :D :D
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th February, 2004

And I don't see what's wrong with installers! I like em'! They add professinalizem (me spelling that wrong wasn't proffesitonal XD!)
Posted by ChrisB 24th February, 2004

I don't see the problem with no save game is, there are only 7 worlds... p.s. Sonic 2 for the Mega Drive was easy, you want to try the Game Gear version... (I still can't get all the emeralds on that :'()
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th February, 2004

But you do need to change your style a bit. Maybe do Wibble Wackey World style? :? I thought that was cool.
Posted by danjo 24th February, 2004

the problem IS. sonic2 is fun to atleast play thru the early levels. this is painful to even look at the first level again!
Posted by Mr Coffee 24th February, 2004

Well eh, I don't know. It's good, much better than most click games, but it's not really a classic like ED or anything. It needs *much* more variety mostly. Still good job.
Posted by The Chris Street 25th February, 2004

Well it seems a select elite group (consisting of Citizen, Paul, JD, Podunkian, Ben02, Brad and others) totally dispise this game. Thats fine. No problem with that. But I warned you from the off that this platformer might not be as good as everyone expected, but it seems most of you ignored that. Now I'm paying the price. However, the rest of the community considers it average or above, and to be honest I'm fine with that as well. Just because I'm a very well known person in the community, it doesnt automatically mean that I'm guarenteed to make high quality games. And Citizen, uhm, talk about stabbing me in the back. When I showed you the beta before I released it, you said it was pretty good (although you said I should add some stuff to do in each level) - and now your true opinions come out. Why couldn't you have been honest with me from the off?
Posted by Rhys D 25th February, 2004

Thats what happened to me and milber 2, next time im going to actually find some good testers that actually play the game instead of saying "yeah...its good".
Posted by The Chris Street 25th February, 2004

Well the difference is, I still think Milber 2 is a good game :D Easy though, but still good.
Posted by vortex2 25th February, 2004

Umm Plasticow, first are you ok? and second this is a family friendly website you sick.......... Anyway nice game ^_^.
Posted by Plasticow 25th February, 2004

This is not a family site it is a site about games, faggot.
Posted by Dr. James MD 25th February, 2004
Rated :

i would have reviewed this but allst i would say are the graphics are very VERY good and sound is horrible :) 8/10
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 25th February, 2004

its ok but have you ever heard of a little thing called animation weve had it for nearly 100 years
Posted by The Chris Street 25th February, 2004

Plasticow, don't make me ban you XD Paul: I never said you were being unfair =)
Posted by Mingy Jongo 25th February, 2004

Yay!!! I beat it! Man, Stump Runner is hard.
Posted by The Chris Street 25th February, 2004

Yup, it is indeed, lol
Posted by Cazra 25th February, 2004

Ah! Where's the end on Manic Mineshaft level 1?! By the way, there's a pillar on the second level of Fireball palace that may confuse players that it is a wall and not a background.
Posted by Mingy Jongo 25th February, 2004

There is a secret passage in Manic Mineshaft. I found it the first time I went that way. I wonder what's down the other path?
Posted by The Chris Street 25th February, 2004

No... you don't understand :P
Posted by Penguin Seph 25th February, 2004

Wow this game is good. Or at laste I like it.
Posted by Pete Nattress 25th February, 2004

JD: where does he say that?
Posted by Weston L 25th February, 2004

I like everything except for the BEEP when a new enemy guy appears. Nice work on everything else! Thumbs up!
Posted by Mingy Jongo 25th February, 2004

Is there an abandoned level b?
Posted by Ashman 25th February, 2004

LOL Classic Circy!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 26th February, 2004

You get my thumbs up. Good job, as expected. The only problems I can see is the stretching for the two player game, but I haven't played that mode yet, only seen the screenshots. Also, don't worry about changing your style just for the benefit of whoever's asking. You have your OWN style, a lot of people like it (me included), and it's more respectable to have a unique style rather than a cloned one.
Posted by Djfuego 26th February, 2004

I remember seeing this at last CT convention the 2 player option rules.
Posted by Cazra 26th February, 2004

@JD Jump on the window that the boss is in. @nobody On the extras menu it says there's an abandoned level A. So I figured since there was an A at the end, it was numbering abandoned levels.Therefore I figured that there would also be more abandoned levels: B, C, D..... I beat Stump Runner and no more abandoned levels appeared. Are there any more?
Posted by The Chris Street 26th February, 2004

Ah, well, there was an abandonware level b, it was in an Oasis kind of level, and I thought I had that, but I guess I deleted it ages ago.
Posted by The Chris Street 26th February, 2004

So, answering your question, there are no other extras than the ones you get... sorry :|
Posted by Smeggy 26th February, 2004

Who ever voted thumbs down needs to get their brains tested, even if this game is not entirely original it still deserves a thumbs up for effort etc..
Posted by skn3 26th February, 2004

It's an alright game. But I do think you should have gotten some feedback as you were making the game. Rather than just at the end, and even then you didn't listen to what I said (notice your update includes most of what I said after playing the beta :P). You could have made a true "classic" game, if you had just expanded on your gameplay a bit, and added in some standard platform game extras (mini games, sub level missions, multiple routes, narated storyline) But oh well, doomed to be an "average" game. Not that, that is bad.. It's just if youd just spent that little bit more effort, you would have had a truely great game :) PS no reason to quit using your style of gfx, just try larger sprites / better shading.. "tweaks"..
Posted by Bradá 26th February, 2004

Posted by Smeggy 26th February, 2004

^ Bug
Posted by ChrisB 26th February, 2004

"even if this game is not entirely original it still deserves a thumbs up for effort etc.." But then that defeats the whole purpose of thumbs up/down. We would stop judging games objectively and think how much effort it took to make, no matter how bad the final result was. Sure, it wouldn't affect the top 5 that much, but it would mean my games are pretty much screwed XD
Posted by Smeggy 26th February, 2004

LOL - well not just for effort, but other reasons are clearly visible, if we were deciding that upon such a game like the super bros or whatever then it would be an unfair decision..
Posted by Bradá 26th February, 2004

Because I'm part of an "elite group" as circy calls it i've refrained from posting my opinions here. however you can find them here:
Posted by Smeggy 26th February, 2004

You are one Harsh person Brad, and from what I've seen, you really are a Circy Hater.. but meh, its your opinion, even if it is totally ott.
Posted by BullDozer 26th February, 2004

Hey circy! I agree with most of what antimatter said about your style-its cool-...BUT i think you should try something new without changing the style completely, like a different hero sprite....i mean "mr. Stump" looks like zone runner. Ah yeah and the way you cope with all these negative comments is really professional! Youre just another victim of the big bad hype
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th February, 2004

"Nice work Circy, your game is yet another imbarassing stain on the history of klik gaming that will take years of hard work to cover up. And we were so close to being taken seriously too..." brad: what the fuck? ohhh yeah, i sure feel EMbarassed that circy's made this game. this is a prime example of the bullshit natomic spew out and a prime reason why they suck arse. if you want to be taken seriously, go ahead and get taken seriously, just speak for yourself. personally i couldn't give two shits whether people take click games seriously or not. if it's fun to play, it's good enough for me. if it wasn't circy who made and released this game it wouldn't have got anywhere near this reaction; you are just slating him as he's a well established member of this community and he's made a game that's not quite up to scratch. would you be bitching if it was a total newbie who'd just sprung forth and created this game? no, you wouldn't, so lay off circy. he never said this game would be anything it isn't, and there are far FAR worse games around. do what you like at natomic (in fact, stay there, see if we care) but in future, if you have anything to say here, make it constructive, or don't say it.
Posted by Bradá 26th February, 2004

my opinion has nothing to do with natomic
Posted by Smeggy 26th February, 2004

Brad just leave mate, clearly you are not wanted around here..
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th February, 2004

your opinion is the epitomy of the ridiculously narrow minded way most natomic members think; i'd say it has everything to do with natomic and its general elitist attitudes.
Posted by Smeggy 26th February, 2004

Its like everyone but them are n00bs or something, talk about being full of themselves..
Posted by Hamish M 26th February, 2004

There are some nice Natomic members who aren't Brad you know
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th February, 2004

yes, i know i am generalizing somewhat, but i didn't condemn every single natomic member to brad's way of thinking. e.g. chris och seems very amiable, and there are a couple of others as well.
Posted by Hamish M 26th February, 2004

I dont think anyone else in Natomic shares the same sort of eltist attitude as Brad does (their forums are a different matter) and you should think before you go an insult a whole group of people like that.
Posted by The Chris Street 26th February, 2004

Its not Brads review that wound me up, it was his comment: "Nice work Circy, your game is yet another imbarassing stain on the history of klik gaming that will take years of hard work to cover up." That was waay out of line. Natomic is a highly respectable klik group - I have a huge respect for their work and their members. But theres always one black sheep. Brad has for a while stated how TDCers are "f*ckers" and "losers", yet he himself seems to be present here a lot.
Posted by ChrisB 26th February, 2004

Most of Natomic is cool, it's just a couple that ruin their reputation somewhat. (Probably not right to call them a minority since there are only 11 in Natomic :P) btw. Andi is an admin at this site Whenever I read most posts/comments by Brad, I think "What a moron" and then feel glad that I'm not as screwed up as him. Get a life and stop berating people because they don't conform to your standard.
Posted by Bradá 27th February, 2004

circy's not banned, he set his own rank to the word "Banned" after he got 300 posts... anyway, most of my review was written as a result of the reaction people were giving the the game here: "even if this game is not entirely original it still deserves a thumbs up for effort" " this surely is a Klik Classic" "to me, this is THE most fun platformer (Klik) I've ever played, its simply that good, those who complain about the Gfx should be shot, because without that style we wouldn't have that classic Circy retro feel.." but.. whatever.. think what you want. personally i know circy can do better than this Eric Vaughn, Disco Dan ripoff double outline style. This game is just engine and levels with bosses thrown in. Nothing else.
Posted by Smeggy 27th February, 2004

I had admit I went a bit ott with everything, I mean i'm sure many of the natomic members are nice, i'm not even saying Brad isn't (I don't know you dude) - I guess I was getting all defensive on Circy's behalf heh.. As for the Review, its my opinion, and i'm happy for the game itself, so stop with he quotes and stuff please..
Posted by Mark Pay 27th February, 2004

I'm a few posts late but I don't like what I just saw... "this is a prime example of the bullshit natomic spew out and a prime reason why they suck arse" "the ridiculously narrow minded way most natomic members think; I'd say it has everything to do with natomic and its general elitist attitudes." Oh how delightful. It's always heart-warming to see people displaying such frothing hatred for another group of people that they know so little about. Brad's opinion in no way reflects the opinion of other Natomic members, or our forum visitors, as he says. (please acknowledge the difference between our members and forum visitors. We don't choose our forum visitors, though we can and do ban the really stupid ones.) I think his comments were cruel, but I know him better than you do and he's actually quite a nice guy. He just goes postal on certain acts of what he would consider stupidity that annoy him. I don't think it's right but Brad's a big boy and does as he likes. I can also say that no other Natomic member is outspoken in such a fashion and your spittle-flecked insults are an undeserved smear against myself and Natomic's other members, none of whom you seem to know very well, if at all. Yet still you chose to make blanket statement. That pisses me off because I would consider them my friends and I actually know that they aren't 'ridiculously narrow minded' and don't 'spew bullshit' or 'suck arse' as you so eloquently put it. Brad has the right to say whatever the hell he likes without it being associated with Natomic. There's no formal rules for being in Natomic and no muzzling of any of our members. There is no official 'Natomic line'. We're not some paramilitary organisation with an elitist, anti-TDC agenda - we're a group of people who like to share each other's company and resources. You have a Natomic member (Andi) to thank for the updates TDC has been receiving recently ('spewing bullshit'?) and a fair chunk of the site itself. (which 'sucks arse'?) I don't know why you have such a deep disrespect for Natomic, or such an eagerness to smear our name amongst other TDC members but I think you're out of line here (and wrong). If you want to have a slanging match go ahead, but take on Brad (he doesn't need any backup) and don't go pointing fingers and throwing insults at a decent group of people who have nothing to do with this.
Posted by Dr. James MD 27th February, 2004
Rated :

This game has its own sweet little style. completely original, from a design point of view it wins. A single screenshot looks beautiful IMO Multiplayer mode brings me right back to Sonic 2 which i absolutely loved. and has definately inspired me to do something similar the only graphical thing i would change if it was my game would be more parallax layers, nicer particles (Xor ink effect or whatever) and maybe some kick ass special stages where you collect things to get superpowers muwhaha... like i said, i loved Sonic 2 XD
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 27th February, 2004

I definately don't want to get in the middle of this, but my post's probably going to put me there anyway. I hardly think it's fair calling a group of people "Elitist" because they don't think your game's up to scratch, but I also don't think it's fair to write such things as "it's another embarassing stain in the history of klik gaming". I will always respect a review of a game if it is constructive without being intentionally offensive, even if it is a bit harsh, but that one went just a bit too far. I definately have nothing against Brad or Natomic (in fact, Natomic's one of the groups I respect more than most others), and I'm not going to make some half-hearted attempt to insult him or his company just for displaying his opinion to the public (on his own forum I might add), but I will say that Klikking is a hobby, at least to me. The moment people make it feel like an unfriendly competition or a war, the fun is taken away. Circy didn't try to make the best game ever. He didn't claim that MSD was anything it isn't. He didn't try to make a ground-breaking original concept. He just had fun making the type of game he enjoys making the most, and I can tell when I play. Anyway, back on track, what I'm trying to say is that reviews shouldn't be attacks or hate-mail material. They should be reviews of the game, what it is missing, and what it is offering, nothing more, nothing less. Except maybe a compliment, but definately not an insult. Insults are the least constructive form of critisism, and slowly crack creativity and motivation until they shatter, destroying the will to make any more games. Nobody that loves Klikking deserves that, least of all Circy!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 27th February, 2004

PS. I'm not a pacifist!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 27th February, 2004

Ignoring what everyone else said... I think a very good platformer it is. A very good click game it is. However, in no way is it original, it has all been seen before. I would like to see the Circy cut, with the dodgy humour and stuff. At the moment, it is a bog standard game that is no better or no worse than the average platformer.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 27th February, 2004

Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 28th February, 2004

Agreed, JD, that people are quite welcome to crack jokes in reviews, ie. "I've never been in so much agony looking at graphics, lol", but it's common courtesy and sense to give an indication that you're joking (ie. "lol", or :P ), unless of course the context of the given review makes it obvious. Brad's review didn't. Given the 'anger vibe' of Brad's review, I highly doubt that the bottom line was simply a joke (although I'm not saying it's impossible... I'll eat my words with extra salt if the whole thing turns out to be an attempt at humour not intended to offend Circy). There was blatant spite in that sentence and I can't see it as anything other than a direct attack on Circy's own feelings about his game, although it was understandable of Brad to be angry at being called an Elitist. Also, I didn't say anything about changing what Brad wrote, after all, it IS his opinion. He doesn't, nor does anyone else, have to like this or any other game, and I'll never say otherwise. I just meant that if it was for public display (especially taking into account that Circy would read it), he could have made it more constructive rather than spiteful. Anyway, like I said at the start of my other long-ish post, I don't really want to get involved in this, I was just adding my two cents' worth.
Posted by Blackgaze 28th February, 2004

Yes! at last this game is out! and I am very VERY dissapointed (Sorry Circy). It is still a very nice game and i have not spotted a single bug, but how can u get a save/load or password? the split screen graphics are terrible (unlike the split screenshots), the menu is not the best. But anyway the graphics and gameplay rule. Sorry about the negatives Circy but i had to speak my mind.
Posted by The Chris Street 28th February, 2004

Spider... traitor XD
Posted by ChrisB 28th February, 2004

I reviewed it. Don't you all tear me into pieces at once :S btw. If you were going to copy the bosses from Sonic, why couldn't you have put in some TV sets with powerups in to make the game more interesting? :(
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 28th February, 2004

I was about ready to kill myself when I died at the very end of the mine cart level. I got a game over. I raised a gun to my head. Thankfully it wasn't fatal, but there is a gun wound the size of Canda in my head. And I keep repeating myself. And I keep repeating myself. And I keep repeating myself. But anyway, this is getting quite a few reviews! :)
Posted by eyeangle 28th February, 2004

I clocked it. Bloody awesome, and finished the Stump Runner game. On ya Circy. I always loved the sega master system games of sonic and sonic 2 and this game brought back some cool memories.
Posted by Pete Nattress 29th February, 2004

well sorry if i offended you mark, i tend to judge groups of people on what the individuals say, regardless of whether they want their opinions to be associated with their group. and as the only natomic member's opinion i have read is brad's (plus various other people's complaints about natomic) i take that and use it as a basis for making an assumption about the group... ok my assumption may be flawed, but what other option do i have? don't make any assumption at all? impossible: human nature is to make a judgement on something no matter how limited the evidence is. JD, that's all well and good, but from what i've read natomic seem to think that bad games == stupid, therefore a bigotry against bad games emerges. and elitism is bad and i AM against it. elitists would have people believe that they will never be "good enough", but my problem with that is that they might not want to be "good enough". whilst some people make games for "respect", the rest just make them because they LIKE making games. and elitism sets people impossible goals, which they may strive to but never achieve, hence they stop enjoying game creation, which i consider bad. oh and i wasn't referring in particular to brad's review but pretty much everything he says. again apologies to the natomic members who don't behave like brad; clearly i was wrong to base my assumptions solely on his behaviour.
Posted by Shadow99 1st March, 2004

The people at Natomic are elitist idiots. It doesn't even matter what they think anyway.
Posted by The Chris Street 1st March, 2004

No they're not. All the Natomicians are really nice dudes. With the exception of Brad
Posted by csharks 3rd March, 2004

Its a nice download !!! hats off CIRCY
Posted by Evil Monkey 3rd March, 2004

Whoa! This game gets crazy really fast! I got really far, but I died on Toothpick Towers Act 2! And with the updated version too! I wish I didn't have to beat the game to be able to save my data. :(
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd March, 2004

Yup, thats the last level lol
Posted by Evil Monkey 3rd March, 2004

ARGH!!! I got to the last boss but I died!! Nooo!!!! Circy, you need to give the player an extra life after he beats Treetop Island Zone, so that it can be more forgiving than the other zones!! I'm really mad now!!!
Posted by Evil Monkey 3rd March, 2004

Woo hoo! I beat MSD! :D The extras are quite rewarding. If anyone is wondering, I beat it with 6 lives. I got to it with 9 lives (I have no idea how I did it). I even have a screenshot to prove it. :P
Posted by The Chris Street 4th March, 2004

WD =) You most likely had nine lives by beating the bosses without getting hurt
Posted by Evil Monkey 5th March, 2004

Yes. I could have had ten, but I got hit on the driller boss.
Posted by CYS 6th March, 2004

Anyone can tell me what the extras are?
Posted by The Chris Street 7th March, 2004

You get a Zone Runner type of game called Stump Runner, which is rock hard. And you get a lost level, and an early engine test of how basic the game was, made in about December 2002
Posted by Tom Whiteley 14th March, 2004

this game is really cool, I think the graphics are good, and it's really hard to complete, so it really keeps me playing!
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd April, 2004

Im taking a rest from gaming anyway. If you can do anything better then go ahead. Ive always said this game won't be for everyone.
Posted by Imadjinn 4th April, 2004

I know your taking a rest from gaming. Actually, I don't know why I said that when I knew you were going to anyway... BTW, I've realised that it was wrong for me to say that your game was crap, I take it back. It was just too generic, thats all.
Posted by Jamesbuc 15th April, 2004

I am really mad at Natomic right now as they have barred me from the site without telling me why. So can anybodyl me there E-mail?
Posted by Rhys D 27th April, 2004

It's because I don't like you.
Posted by Airflow 17th July, 2004

Thumbs up! Simple addictive fun! I don't like the music all that much though. Authough music is adequate, I feel like all the chords are messed.It makes it sound kinda wierd. Awesome bosses though. Why did you leave that water abandoned level out? It played pretty well. And how is it possible to get past those 4 spinning balls in stump runner? DAMn!
Posted by Beau 15th August, 2004

Posted by Coop 16th August, 2004

fun game, very frustrating tho :P gj
Posted by Assault Andy 28th September, 2004

I only just played it then, because I realised I hadn't played it before ^_^.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 21st October, 2004

I reviewed it!
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 29th October, 2004

"October 20th : How pathetic!!! Circy "accused" us of creating fake accounts in Daily Click..." I wonder why you gave it the lowest score....
Posted by The Chris Street 12th January, 2005

Well, indeed.
Posted by Yai7 20th April, 2005

I think I won't download that game... Who want to save dentures? I got an awful treatment today, and paid allot of money for something my mother thinks is a rip off... Dentures looks evil too me! And I'm not gonna save them! At least, Not for now...
Posted by DaVince 9th March, 2006
Rated :

It's fun. Download.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th April, 2006

I uploaded the save file to my site. Look under the Downloads >> MSD1 page at
Posted by 18th July, 2006

this is an awesome game
Posted by Jakob37 15th August, 2006

Really, really nice game.
Posted by Midnight 15th August, 2006

The graphix are simple and they suck. Rate Down
Posted by The Chris Street 15th September, 2006

Good old constructive critisism. You can't beat it. I'm willing to bet you rated the game solely on its looks, and I'm even willing to take a slightly risky chance by saying that you haven't even bothered to download it.

Not that I'm too bothered, mind. MSD is a past game. MSD2 is the future.
Posted by chrilley 14th February, 2007

I got this game just because of the MSD2 video. And I gotta say, I liked this game. It was fun and it had that good old snes feeling. Maybe 1 more level each zone would've been nice.

Looking forward to MSD2!
Posted by The Chris Street 12th April, 2007

That's exactly whats happening with MSD2

Three Acts per level, plus boss. Plus bonus if you get all the hidden Stumpy Statues in each Act.
Posted by Jake G 29th July, 2007

Yay i beat the game this morning. Annoyingly hard, but good. Love the anti-gravity-ness, something I'd like to use in my own platformer . Hurry up and finsish MSD2 Lol...
Posted by Hempuli 15th December, 2007
Rated :

Geez. A simple platformer starts a huge argue. this Circy-thing is like the Phizzy-thing in some ways...
Anyway, I like it. Challenges are funneh! Haven't completed it yet though, but I will soon.

Anyway, I think guys on Natomic are nice, it's just Brad being Jealous.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th December, 2007

You're a couple of years too late in regards to the argument
Posted by DaVince 21st January, 2008
Rated :

160 something comments
Posted by -J- 24th December, 2008

My computer doesn't know what an msd file is O_O
Posted by Dr. James MD 7th June, 2009
Rated :

I enjoyed this.
Posted by erghhhhx 25th September, 2009

Broken download...

Should be either fixed or removed.
Posted by The Chris Street 13th October, 2009

Yeah I know, I should probably upload it to the Acoders server soon. But in the meantime there are plenty of mirror sites around the internet
Posted by The Chris Street 17th October, 2009

It's at now
Posted by Zinedin 5th November, 2011

Why I can't play worlds 4,5,6,7 in two player mode and why my game display is at the center of the screen? <br />Comment edited by Zinedin on 11/5/2011<br />Comment edited by Zinedin on 11/5/2011
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