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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Monline Alpha
Block building game
0 30 Petric Miscellaneous 7th Nov 12
Shelie's voyage
Platformer with female dog as its' protagonist - Save Shelie's meal!
0 48 Saurum C.. Miscellaneous 30th Sep 12
Clyde's Vacation
Challenging 2D Platformer starring a pink dinosaur
0 102 chrilley Miscellaneous 12th Aug 12
Zig Zag
Freeware puzzle action
0 76 Marco73 Miscellaneous 14th Jul 12
Open sourve level editor TGF incomplete
Open source level editor for TGF
0 42 Dehexed Miscellaneous 8th Jul 12
Alex Kidd: Hot Pepper Attack
Alex Kidd: Hot Pepper Attack
0 73 Wrim Miscellaneous 25th Jun 12
[Flash] Super DressUp
Dress up the girl and when you're ready go to the party!
0 71 UrbanMonk Miscellaneous 10th Jun 12
A two-player online abstract strategy game.
0 29 Sketchy Miscellaneous 19th May 12
Arcade Style Highscores Example
Arcade Style Highscores Example
0 145 Chris Bu.. Miscellaneous 9th May 12
Shape Binder
Create shapes similar to target shape by binding blocks into each other
1 21 MJK Miscellaneous 13th Mar 12
Find the Lucky Spot
Find the Lucky Spot in each field of clovers!
0 37 KNPMASTER Miscellaneous 12th Mar 12
Hotel Baron
Build and manage your own five star hotel!
2 101 MJK Miscellaneous 7th Mar 12
Small world sim - how long can you keep them alive?
0 67 jamesh Miscellaneous 3rd Mar 12
Old MMF 1 Example Files
Example files that came with MMF 1.0
0 126 MasterM Miscellaneous 15th Jan 12
Procedural Art Generator
Basic procedural art generation app
0 200 Bricnic Miscellaneous 29th Nov 11
Sens3s: The Art of Understanding
In Sens3s your main character played by the user is completely sightless.
0 55 Fanotherpg Miscellaneous 11th Nov 11
Hurdler: Ultimate Flash
Classic Hurdling Action, New Flash Flavor!
0 59 KNPMASTER Miscellaneous 25th Oct 11
Menu Example
Open soruce Menu Engine. Doom and Warcraft 2 styles.
0 97 Chris Bu.. Miscellaneous 28th Sep 11
Melon Samurai
A melon sliding game
0 81 Petri A Miscellaneous 25th Sep 11
Dcrew's A* Pathfinding Pack [6 Examples] [v2.4 Re]
No Extensions Used. Includes MFA's. Open-Source. Simple. Non-Complex.
1 159 Dean Jam.. Miscellaneous 22nd Sep 11
Labrynth Of The Mechanical Heart
A playable music video for the song of the same name by L-tron
1 45 Jonny Co.. Miscellaneous 23rd Aug 11
Doodle escape
Help the doodle boy escape.
1 56 ljkl Miscellaneous 18th Aug 11
Mega Mulder Games
Mulder let's his best friend Bolder try out his collection of mini games!
3 139 Jonny Co.. Miscellaneous 12th Jul 11
Mighty the Space Hamster
a simplistic retro platformer of only 'mild' frustration
0 115 furthing Miscellaneous 7th Jul 11
Control a ship through obstacles with the pitch of your voice.
0 40 Solgryn Miscellaneous 31st May 11
Syndicate is a free browser based crime game.
0 109 ChrisD Miscellaneous 29th Apr 11
The Waiting Game
Relaxing Natural Ambient Meditation Maximizing Experience
0 38 Mr. Hexa.. Miscellaneous 1st Apr 11
World Map Tile Set
Overworld tile set made with 3D modles.
0 64 Disthron Miscellaneous 1st Mar 11
CoLoRs NEXT (HTML5 edition)
Shoot the oncoming waves of colored rings with the right color.
0 45 TechVision Miscellaneous 10th Feb 11
Robotic Uprising
Take command and defend humanity against the Robotic Uprising
0 47 Willy C Miscellaneous 1st Feb 11
Mmo Style Rolling Counter
Epic Rolling Counter
0 32 Matthew J Miscellaneous 24th Jan 11
Master Forger
Small casual art game involving replicating art.
0 71 Bricnic Miscellaneous 17th Jan 11
JoyCheck & KeyCheck Widgets
Two widgets for easy implementation of customizable controls.
1 101 Jon Lamb.. Miscellaneous 30th Dec 10
MMF2 Array Editor (and spreadsheet converter)
Create and edit MMF2 arrays, and convert XML spreadsheets <-> MMF2 arrays.
0 1181 Sketchy Miscellaneous 25th Dec 10
A screensaver of a spiraling red thing.
0 23 monkeyth.. Miscellaneous 23rd Dec 10
Abandoned Game Compilation
Abandoned games/ projects.
1 185 monkeyth.. Miscellaneous 26th Nov 10
Shab's Abandonware Pack
Abandoned stuff! Open Source
0 143 Knudde (.. Miscellaneous 4th Nov 10
Crazy Bat
Crazy Bat is funny game with four gameplay
0 54 crazytom Miscellaneous 3rd Nov 10
Raycaster collision fix test
I'm trying to fix the wall bug!! Need testers.
0 86 Disthron Miscellaneous 18th Oct 10
Domino Clock Screensaver
Screensaver that uses domino dices to show time.
0 34 Losti Miscellaneous 8th Oct 10
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