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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Basic Megaman Zero engine
A very basic Megaman Zero engine.
0 148 Warrior555 Engine 17th Aug 21
Reactive Rippling Water from Sundown Shambles
Reactive Rippling Water from Sundown Shambles Big thanks from 3Kliksphilip
0 88 William .. Engine 24th Feb 19
Rotation Example
This is a simple rotation example.
0 93 The MPP Engine 30th Dec 17
New 3D Engine for CF2.5 (works)
Shows how a 3d game can be made with CF2.5
0 353 path Engine 26th May 16
3D Engine/example Fusion 2.5 and MMF
This is a 3D Engine For Fusion 2.5 and Multimedia fusion 2.
0 296 path Engine 6th Aug 15
Glue Engine
Glue Engine - The First Class Game Engine For Everyone
0 166 Catalin .. Engine 2nd May 15
Tower Defense Kit
Includes dynamic pathfinding and range check/shoot for 2000+ units
0 283 SolarB Engine 25th Jun 14
3D Voxel City
Potentially infinite "3D" procedural city.
0 180 SolarB Engine 3rd Dec 13
Rockman X (Megaman X) Basic Movement Engine
Rockman X Basic Engine.
0 336 Axel Z R.. Engine 31st Jul 13
Tile-based Examples
Examples demonstrating techniques used in tile-based games.
1 665 Sketchy Engine 26th Apr 13
Custom Pathfinding Examples
Pathfinding examples without extensions (Android / iOS compatible)
1 1470 Sketchy Engine 19th Apr 13
Random Tile World Generator
a world generator for rts games
0 366 Sumo148 Engine 30th Sep 12
3D photo world
3D photo world
0 194 Aloan Mo.. Engine 28th May 12
MushMush - Custom Platform Engine
Custom Frame Independent Multiplatform Platform Engine - Open Source
0 457 Fanotherpg Engine 30th Apr 12
Chip's Engine (Chip's Challenge made in MMF2)
Make a game with this engine!
0 292 supaguyg.. Engine 19th Mar 12
3D Lighting Engine
GTA-style 3D Engine, with some neat lighting effects.
3 1139 Sketchy Engine 5th Jan 12
Simple Platform shadow engine
Just a simple fastloop shadow engine
0 293 eliris Engine 6th Oct 11
Dcrew's 360* Aiming and Shooting Example [MFA incl
Free, MFA Included, Open-Source, Useful, Simple
0 213 Dean Jam.. Engine 23rd Sep 11
SupaStix's Level Editor
Open-sourced level editor and a new game template.
0 272 SupaStix Engine 27th Aug 11
Real Time Light Engine
A real time lighting engine, including source code!
0 431 Golem Engine 26th Aug 11
EXAD Engine (unfinished)
An old Metroid: Zero Mission engine.
0 473 Golem Engine 10th Aug 11
Mode7 example
I finnaly got Mode7 to work.
1 688 Disthron Engine 22nd Jun 11
Isometric Engine
Psuedo-3D Engine
0 303 Snapping.. Engine 17th Jun 11
Engine Example: Alpaca Ranch
Engine example: turn-based economic sim
0 129 s-m-r Engine 12th Jun 11
New Rain Demo
A rain demo designed with dynamics in mind.
0 292 Silveraura Engine 25th May 11
Atari 2600 example (by Aloan Moreira)
Atari 2600 mfa example + sound library and all original colors
0 297 Aloan Mo.. Engine 15th May 11
Pseudo-3D Building Example
Example of GTA style pseudo-3D buildings.
1 698 Sketchy Engine 21st Apr 11
Simple Physics Engine
A Cool Physics Engine
1 288 Snapping.. Engine 24th Mar 11
EE & Zephni's Kick-Ass Scrolling Engine
Feature-packed, Kick-Ass Scrolling Engine
2 659 Eternal .. Engine 17th Mar 11
Ninja Rope Engine
Open source ninja rope engine
0 670 Hernan Engine 2nd Mar 11
3D Engine
3D environment with camera rotation (and now with a working screenshot!)
0 277 Snapping.. Engine 28th Feb 11
Discaster 4
Trying to fix the collision bug & 7 Raycaster experonment.
1 360 Disthron Engine 9th Feb 11
Zelda Gameboy Color Engine
A perfect replica of the Gameboy Color Zelda engine!! (nearly )
1 777 shadowlink Engine 17th Jan 11
Celestias random gun generator
A random gun generator created for my up and coming game, Celestia
1 139 siven Engine 6th Jan 11
Fighter AI
An Ai to be used with fighter games. Made in the style of Street Fighter.
0 427 monkeyth.. Engine 24th Dec 10
Random Smoke Generator
Dropped project: Randomly Generated Smoke Engine, with Collision Detection.
0 221 Zethell Engine 15th Dec 10
Grid Based Movement
A very simple grid movement engine. Designed for RPG games.
0 247 monkeyth.. Engine 14th Nov 10
Bezier Curve Spliner/Normalizer
Open Source implementation of a constant velocity bezier movement
0 158 Pixelthief Engine 13th Nov 10
Flash Level Editor- Alpha
a flash level editor for an upcomming lacewing game
0 177 Sumo148 Engine 11th Nov 10
I Wanna Be The Engine (MMF2 only)
A 100% custom IWBTG engine that I'm working on in MMF2
0 1153 playe Engine 1st Nov 10
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