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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
A game where you play as a little creature walking left and right.
1 29 Peeblo Arcade 15th Jul 22
Cube Menace
Cube Menace is an endless top-down shooter where you fight red cubes
0 53 heav Arcade 1st Jan 22
Junk 2
Junk 2 is an arcade shooter that is a sequel to Junk
0 36 MonadoBo.. Arcade 25th Sep 21
Plus or Minus
Plus or Minus is an arcade game where you must add or subtract
0 39 MonadoBo.. Arcade 7th Sep 21
Viva la Marshmallow!
Fight in the marshmallow arena to be the better flavour: Pink or White!
0 59 Yai7 Arcade 30th Aug 21
Frantic Target Destruction 2: Trial By Fire
This game was made for the Time Trial by Fire competition
0 67 Jankoleti Arcade 20th Aug 21
Block Fallerz
A Aysmmetric 2 Player Arcade Fighting Game About Falling Blocks
0 50 KhloŽ Arcade 2nd Jul 21
Another Bubble Girl 2
Wendy goes elemental for the second time!
0 52 Yai7 Arcade 17th Jun 21
Flappy Burger
A funny take on that classic addicting mobile game from ages ago!
0 69 BigAl0104 Arcade 21st Apr 21
Inoculation is an arcade shooter where you are vaccinating people
0 53 MonadoBo.. Arcade 17th Mar 21
A two-player arcade shooter.
0 61 supastupid Arcade 22nd Apr 20
Stakeout is an arcade shooting game, where you play as a police officer
0 46 MonadoBo.. Arcade 6th Apr 20
Caffinated is an endless arcade runner that takes place in a office
0 57 MonadoBo.. Arcade 31st Mar 20
Super Mega Death Pong
An unfair, difficult a Pong game with a twist.
1 38 hellzy Arcade 7th Feb 20
Junk! is a space arcade game.
1 43 MonadoBo.. Arcade BigAl0104 (5/10) 27th Oct 19
Pump Pressure Sprayer
Grab the pump pressure sprayer and defend your precious plant from thrips!
0 32 Felix Wolf Arcade MonadoBo.. (8/10) 23rd Oct 19
Liberball Tournament
Very simple ball game
0 51 Hayo Arcade 26th Apr 19
Snowball Shootout
Snowball Shootout is an arcade shooting game
0 49 MonadoBo.. Arcade BigAl0104 (6/10) 27th Jan 19
Santa on Fire
Save Christmas Day!
0 44 sekip Arcade 20th Sep 18
Trump Space Invaders
You don't need this game? Wrong. You're wrong.
0 60 sekip Arcade 20th Sep 18
King Arthur: Magic Sword
Are you the true King?
0 65 sekip Arcade 20th Sep 18
Slovakia Up
Build the highest historical building from Slovakia
0 131 sekip Arcade 20th Sep 18
Ole Bunny
Will be your bunny the best matador of all time?
0 32 sekip Arcade 7th Sep 18
The Pilgrim's Maze
Version 0.1.0 of TPM.
0 43 Pumkin Arcade 23rd Jun 18
Get ready soldier, the war has started!
1 48 The MPP Arcade MonadoBo.. (7/10) 21st Apr 18
Dragon Byte
Move in a maze & defeat all the monsters who try to attack your castle!
0 72 Yai7 Arcade 2nd Mar 18
Slimy- A game where you survive as long as possible
1 71 MonadoBo.. Arcade Oskar,,, (6/10) 28th Jan 18
Busy Buzzy Bee
Busy Buzzy Bee needs YOUR help to collect lovely plant pollen!
0 72 James Ma.. Arcade 14th May 17
Furyman - The Dragon Warrior ☯
Addictive arcade fighting game!
0 79 Draq Arcade 19th Jan 17
Dodge the Walls
A game to get to the end of each room without touching the walls
0 55 River Th.. Arcade 26th Mar 16
Captain Glory: Tropical Invasion
Strategically play against the clock in this fruity adventure.
0 56 Josias M.. Arcade 10th Jan 16
Present Catch
Catch all the presents and save Christmas!
1 64 Alex Gale Arcade 13th Dec 15
Zombie Favour
Be a good Zombie and catch da brainz... Just dont get shot by the Soldier!
0 62 AmyS3 Arcade 7th Dec 15
Haunted Pixel Gallery
Arcade-style shooting gallery
0 64 Knocktur.. Arcade 22nd Oct 15
Beep Bomb!
Run and shoot bombs floating from pipes down to destroy you!
0 42 Aidan Ma.. Arcade 29th Jul 15
Steak Chomp!
A fast pace and intense game!
0 58 Tom Wilson Arcade 26th Jul 15
Boingo Boingo
Bouncing Balls Simulator
0 37 Missing .. Arcade 25th Jul 15
[HTML5] Pico-Man
A Pacman rip-off made with PICO-8!
0 333 UrbanMonk Arcade 7th Jul 15
Rise of the Goat (iOS/Android)
Mr. Goat is stuck in a ravine. No worries! Goats are natural parkours
0 132 Willy C Arcade 21st Feb 15
Super Ten Ton Ninja
Take control of Ten Ton in this Grapple-tastic action game
0 47 Marc Geo.. Arcade 14th Dec 14
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