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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Color Splash Beta
Cool Color Splash Photo Editor
0 40 Sumo148 Miscellaneous 8th Oct 10
Mafagafo Killing Center
Can you beat it?
0 67 Sumo148 Miscellaneous 1st Oct 10
Basic Flash Piano
Little Piano Application
0 81 Sumo148 Miscellaneous 2nd Sep 10
A game of chance with a die. (OPEN SCOURCE)
0 54 Sgamer8t88 Miscellaneous 29th Aug 10
Guitar king
play a guitar hero type of game,and use your mouse to play guitar king 1!!
0 77 eliris Miscellaneous 19th Aug 10
Neomonkey's palette pack
Palettes, which can be imported into MMF2 (Nes, Gb, c64)
0 128 NeoMonkey Miscellaneous 12th Aug 10
Super Taco Simon
It's Simon with tacos
0 29 .. Miscellaneous 8th Aug 10
Snippet Manager 2
A simple Klik coding tool.
1 142 Sketchy Miscellaneous 18th Jul 10
I Wanna Be The Boshy (Beta
A very hard platformer game with online features!
1 2741 Solgryn Miscellaneous 25th Jun 10
Something Rather Insane
Insane Platform action.
0 39 Jesse Kä.. Miscellaneous 23rd Jun 10
Living for the little things
Game based around the everyday things.
1 140 Hayo Miscellaneous 9th Jun 10
New Game (no real title yet)
My first game that records high scores online!
0 33 vertigoe.. Miscellaneous 2nd Jun 10
Micro-games meet neon lights in this tantalizing new game collection!
1 32 Sephirenn Miscellaneous 27th May 10
Travelling through art/Reizen door de kunst
Educational 3D game - museum only
3 148 Hayo Miscellaneous 23rd May 10
Destroy all the BotCities and dominate the ListView!
0 32 alessand.. Miscellaneous 28th Apr 10
Pictionary Online
Draw & Guess Words Online!
0 193 Sumo148 Miscellaneous 17th Apr 10
Chemical Annihilation Thrash Hero
Chemical Annihilation Thrash Hero, Music Hero game Thrash style!
0 96 Kisguri Miscellaneous 17th Apr 10
Quick "collect/avoid" flash game
0 26 MJK Miscellaneous 17th Apr 10
Can you hit the bullseye?
0 86 MJK Miscellaneous 1st Apr 10
world hardest multiplayer game
Only( multiplayer game)
0 29 PotatoCa.. Miscellaneous 25th Mar 10
Escape The Cage!
1 129 OMC Miscellaneous 18th Feb 10
Fireball Factory
Make the fireball's way through the factory rooms.
1 52 Simon Cz.. Miscellaneous 15th Feb 10
20 Escapes 4 Freedom
Guide your ship through 20 levels to escape the planet
0 67 7Soul Miscellaneous 14th Feb 10
Utopian Dream
A mini-game collection with a storyline! Mini-game RPG!
1 42 Sephirenn Miscellaneous 29th Jan 10
Master Mind (Beta)
Master Mind is a code-breaking game for two players.
1 27 Atrocis111 Miscellaneous 24th Jan 10
Miner Game with that Fat Guy Concept
Dig for treasure... you know that's fun, right?
1 43 Aliashoj Miscellaneous 12th Jan 10
Kana Learna
Quiz-like game for learning Japanese letters
1 26 Deathbri.. Miscellaneous 20th Dec 09
Starship Fighter 2
Blast the hell out of aliens arcade style.
1 32 XeEmO Miscellaneous 18th Dec 09
Metroid Style Platform Movement Example
A free an open example of how to make a metroid style custom movement
2 146 Dave C Miscellaneous 19th Nov 09
Stoner Wars 420,000 DEMO
Train up to save the universe in this comedy stoner game!
1 89 Grant Stab Miscellaneous 14th Nov 09
So I heard you can't see
Scary game for the halloween compo!
2 198 Callebo Miscellaneous Rikus (8/10) 16th Oct 09
How to make an window with a view
0 137 Disthron Miscellaneous 13th Oct 09
What Happens Next? Episode Five: The Temple
The biggest and best episode yet
0 176 Smirnoff Miscellaneous 13th Oct 09
What Happens Next? Episode Four
The forth episode in the What Happens Next? Series
0 55 Smirnoff Miscellaneous 6th Oct 09
What Happens Next Episode Three
The next episode in the ungoing series
0 43 Smirnoff Miscellaneous 2nd Oct 09
What Happens Next?
An experiment game where everyone gets to decide what happens next.
0 85 Smirnoff Miscellaneous 28th Sep 09
Diamond Collector
First game I ever made... ever. Collect the diamonds to win!
0 84 vertigoe.. Miscellaneous 12th Sep 09
Some Particle Effects (Now with source!)
Just a few effects I wanted to share.
0 131 Watermel.. Miscellaneous 30th Aug 09
a nice helicopter game
0 75 PotatoCa.. Miscellaneous 26th Aug 09
CRAZY MOOSE 2 Online Game (Uses OINC/Lacewing)
CRAZY MOOSE IS BACK! Go online and mock your friends!
1 263 Callebo Miscellaneous 25th Aug 09
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