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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Halloween a knights quest
Knight saving the village from halloween monsters.
0 16 LordHannu Retro 30th Oct 21
Sim-Fish 1.0
Manage a household fish tank in this classic Tamagotchi-inspired sim
1 85 Museum C.. Retro 12th Jan 19
Caverns is an Atari 2600 style game in where you play as an alien
0 31 MonadoBo.. Retro BigAl0104 (6/10) 15th Jun 18
Help Man-Pac eat all of the food and escape the maze!
1 45 BigAl0104 Retro 5th Jun 18
Help Pac-Flan get out of a maze!
3 49 The MPP Retro MonadoBo.. (8/10) 4th Jun 18
A simple game I made in about an hour.
0 34 The MPP Retro MonadoBo.. (5/10) 12th Feb 18
The Quest for Wonton Soup II
Asian man collecting coins to buy wonton soup (KNP game)
0 20 oldgames.. Retro The MPP (7/10) 1st Feb 18
The deep castle
Killi all the monsters in your path.
2 83 LordHannu Retro 10th Sep 17
Dr. Larson's Death Gauntlet
Pac-Man remake featuring a friend of mine.
0 51 s-m-r Retro 18th Dec 14
The Show Cave Incident
A collect and slide retro game.
0 62 Dave S. Retro 23rd Nov 14
LMN - Laser Moose Neomenia
Tribute to Wizard of Wor. Retro-styled. Contains Moose and Lasers.
0 25 s-m-r Retro 6th Sep 14
Captain Sugar & the Tea Caddies of Justice
Amiga inspired candy based retro platformer
0 40 Rich Dat.. Retro 9th Jun 14
Nibbles Deluxe
Enhanced remake of QBasic Nibbles, with level editor, autosave, and more.
0 25 Salamand.. Retro 29th Apr 14
MiniGame - Pinkie's Balloon Trip
a Balloon Trip clone staring Pinkie Pie
0 33 MisterBull Retro 15th Mar 14
Nightmerica (iOS)
A retro platformer/shooter horror/survival game for iOS.
0 144 Jake G Retro 4th Mar 13
Time Waster
Retro RPG about being treated for an illness
0 73 Callebo Retro 27th Jan 13
Try to finish this hard bomberman-like game!
0 29 Saurum C.. Retro 26th Dec 12
Swedish Summer - Funtition
An "educational" journey through swedish traditions!
0 585 Akai_R Retro 12th Aug 12
HEROE of the Summer ( Summer Funtition )
Your mission: rescue people and become a HEROE of the Summer
1 109 zonacas Retro 11th Aug 12
Largo's Labyrinth
Atari-esque retro adventure game.
2 51 Joshua K.. Retro 4th Jun 12
Smalest game ever
A small sized game,with 32x32 resolution
0 66 eliris Retro 23rd Nov 11
the Enchanted Scepters
This is very retro!
0 40 Indigo S.. Retro 17th Aug 11
Great Tetris Remake with oryginal music sounds and gameplay!
0 78 garsa Retro 2nd Apr 11
The Return of Magic Online
The Return of Magic Online is a free retro MMORPG.
0 70 NostalSoft Retro 13th Mar 11
Pac Man
Classic Pac Man remake- Enjoy !
0 77 garsa Retro 10th Mar 11
Old and classic Asteroids, really playable- Enjoy!
0 54 garsa Retro 26th Feb 11
Escape Pet
Play a boy who trains a alien in a life-sim/RPG/mini-game/retro style game!
0 62 Beeb Retro s-m-r (6/10) 6th Feb 11
0 57 horses1 Retro 23rd Jul 10
Generic Pong
Pong. Short and simple. The ball moves faster as your score increases.
1 93 vertigoe.. Retro 5th Sep 09
Calorgas DEMO (opensource)
Im gona go all retro on your ass!
0 74 Ze.. Retro 5th May 09
Magnavox Odyssey - The Clone Project (v0.3)
Simulating Odyssey since 2009
0 77 Chaoz (T.. Retro 26th Apr 09
DOT - The Level Editor
Level Editor for DOT. Retro Game in progress.
0 62 caccolot.. Retro 20th Apr 09
Squares - v1.0 [Final]
Deep in space a square will rock! - UPDATED 12/apr/09
0 93 caccolot.. Retro 11th Apr 09
Mini game compil'
A compilation of 8 mini games
0 115 OmegaBow.. Retro Demon Li.. (6/10) 10th Apr 09
Orbs (Mini game comp entry)
Absorb the orbs to get bigger!
1 131 Dynamite Retro 7th Feb 09
Space Impact GBA (Link Fixed) 0 294 Aliashoj Retro Hill Gigas (6/10) 16th Sep 08
Avoid The Evil Space Eel
0 196 Nicklas_N Retro 14th Aug 08
Turbo Wade
A game I made in 2008 for my love of the Nintendo Entertainment System.
0 71 oldgames.. Retro 29th Jan 08
Cavern Tale (Definitely not Cave Story!)
0 307 Bibin Retro Hill Gigas (7/10) 31st Dec 07
Digger 0 84 Ikoone M.. Retro 19th Nov 07
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