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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Stray Whisker
An adventure of a kitty left alone.
4 216 Assault .. Adventure 16th Jan 12
Sonic The Hedgehog 2D
Sonic The Hedgehog 2D Fan Game
0 1196 Shadowfa.. Adventure 11th Dec 11
Refugee is an escape the room game. But are you clever enough to escape?
0 38 Wackyjac.. Adventure 11th Dec 11
Spike's Quest Test Demo#4
My Little Pony, test demo, metroidvania
0 92 MisterBull Adventure 19th Sep 11
Mulder & Bolder and The End of The World The Daily Click HIGHLY Recommended
Two best friends must stop a sinister plot to erase their beloved island!
2 140 Jonny Co.. Adventure 13th Sep 11
AGwaK Adventures The Daily Click HIGHLY Recommended
Kittey and Herbert the Pond Hippo go Adventuring!
0 160 bernie[FA] Adventure 12th Sep 11
Synchronization demo
Short SciFi adventure with wierd atmosphere
0 34 spike0 Adventure 16th Jun 11
Blob's Adventure Flash
Control Blob through the levels, dodging spikes, defeating bosses etc!
0 91 Solgryn Adventure 10th Apr 11
Captain Sugar 3 Level Demo
3 Levels of Candy Collecting and Monster Splattering Action
0 90 Rich Dat.. Adventure 18th Mar 11
Andre Stern: American Spy
andre stern american spy intellectual game
1 30 hamletzi.. Adventure 24th Feb 11
Text adventura game
Text adventure game
0 51 Dogzer Adventure 5th Jan 11
Bird 2
Complete missions to collect all stamps in this relaxing, cool game!
0 115 Vertigo Adventure s-m-r (7/10) 29th Nov 10
A short investigative adventure game
0 113 Jimbob Adventure 13th Aug 10
Super Mario Gravity
Super Mario Galaxy Fan Game
0 116 kksonwho.. Adventure 13th Aug 10
An engine of my latest game, DRAX
2 123 vetmora120 Adventure 1st Jun 10
Project Bowie (Engine Test)
A test of a Platform RPG engine.
0 122 Codemons.. Adventure 16th May 10
A moving and enigmatic adventure
3 225 Twiner Adventure 14th Feb 10
An Insect's Adventure
A bug has became lost in a cavern full of monsters! He needs your help!
1 89 Derek Gr.. Adventure 27th Dec 09
A graphical adventure game set, unsurprisingly, on an island.
3 226 Joee Adventure 23rd Dec 09
No One In Your Dream Can Hear You Scream - Demo
Can you escape the nightmare?
0 61 Frank M. Adventure 23rd Oct 09
Super Spooky Haunted House Duck Fight
A Trick or Treat adventure set in the world of Duck Fight
0 170 AaronKI Adventure Rikus (7/10) 16th Oct 09
Ten Billion Game Experiences
minigames with a bit of a story
0 129 James Luke Adventure 15th Sep 09
The Journey of Mikko 4
Aliens, demons, magic, etc... It'll be heck of an adventure.
1 212 Gokotti Adventure 2nd Sep 09
The Underside (Preview 3)
A preview of The Underside, an action adventure Metroidvania game.
10 332 ThePodun.. Adventure 29th Jun 09
This platforming adventure game is my first game dont be to harsh
0 98 Aden Adventure 21st Jun 09
Faerie Solitaire
Travel to distant lands in this atmospheric card game for everyone!
10 536 Assault .. Adventure Asholay (10/10) 31st May 09
Zarc's Bizarre Journey Home
A twist between an adventure and a shooter
0 65 frankodr.. Adventure 31st May 09
Little Bobby Carter 1 and 2
Both LBC Adventure games in one package!
0 138 Museum C.. Adventure 21st May 09
Blobs Adventure 2
Blob ventures once again on his quest to destroy the Skeleton king!
8 1257 Solgryn Adventure Jon C-B (7/10) 11th Apr 09
A SECOND FACE - The Eye of Geltz is watching Us -
Two evil brothers look for light in a dark society
3 573 Le Wolta.. Adventure Rikus (7/10) 24th Dec 08
Zer0 Space demo UPDATED 0 81 Ze.. Adventure 16th Dec 08
Lake Queen The Daily Click Recommended
2 414 Helena Adventure 17th Nov 08
Malayalam - Island of Mysteries The Daily Click HIGHLY Recommended
11 982 MJK Adventure 9th Nov 08
Advanced Set The Rope On Fire Cartridge
Retro platforming demake
0 398 Blueberry Adventure 15th Sep 08
muffin man and the blue wizard 0 72 xrat Adventure 15th Sep 08
A Bad Day 0 118 Foo Figh.. Adventure 20th Aug 08
Aleena's Adventure 0 84 frankodr.. Adventure 30th Jul 08
The Adventures of Epicenter Demo 0 100 Roseweave Adventure 14th Jun 08
Barren 0 142 Lachie D.. Adventure Hill Gigas (7/10) 31st May 08
Circulate 0 80 Cocodrilo Adventure Codemonkey (6/10) 31st May 08
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