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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Touhou: Warriors of Friendship
A Touhou platform game where you can choose from 3 playable characters.
1 191 Dialga-B.. Platformer 1st Apr 13
0 121 Tadeon Platformer 24th Mar 13
Knytt Underground
A 2D platform game featuring a quirky story and a huge world to explore.
0 127 Nicklas_N Platformer 22nd Dec 12
Scientist Escape
Escape from the lab!
0 87 Duckimat.. Platformer 23rd Nov 12
This puzzle platformer will have you thinking in new ways
0 162 Ben Coff.. Platformer 20th Nov 12
Tomb Looter
Adventure through randomly generated tombs seeking hidden treasures.
0 148 Jason Orme Platformer 14th Oct 12
Jamie's Revenge 2
A retro platformer with 23 levels and 2 playable characters.
2 574 Jake G Platformer 10th Oct 12
Polyroll, a retro styled platformer for ios devices!
1 189 JustinC Platformer Jake G (9/10) 8th Oct 12
T.V. Man's Adventure (Demo)
Play the role of a television that's been stolen from his family.
0 160 Falco-N Platformer 5th Oct 12
Project Float 1.3.4 Demo
Project Float is a 2D puzzle platfomer with some RPG-like elements.
0 135 tristanj.. Platformer 1st Sep 12
DEMO: Create-Destroy
DEMO: Platformer with a "Create-Destroy" theme.
0 210 s-m-r Platformer 20th Aug 12
Wings Of Vi Beta
Wings of Vi is a challenging platform game.
2 642 Solgryn Platformer 19th Aug 12
Summer fun
My TDC's Summer Funtition entry.
0 259 AndyUK Platformer 12th Aug 12
Summer Gauntlet
A 16-bit retro styled tough as nails action platformer
0 416 John Por.. Platformer 11th Aug 12
McElroy 'N' Finn
McElroy & Finn decides to go out on a platforming adventure.
1 81 Deaval Platformer 10th Aug 12
Summer Island
Classic NES style platform game
0 106 Rob Jones Platformer 10th Aug 12
Smash Star
A small retro platformer - beware of pixels!
0 350 bernie[FA] Platformer 8th Aug 12
Precure: Passion of Discord
Play as Cure Passion in this platformer and stop Discord and his minions!
0 139 Dialga-B.. Platformer 8th Aug 12
Overview Effect
Short platformer
0 142 Willy C Platformer 28th Jul 12
Summer Doesn't Exist In Alternate Dimensions
Challenging platformer
0 152 monkeyth.. Platformer 25th Jul 12
JUR's Unlikely Resurrection
JUR Jimmy's Unlikely Resurrection 2 ish platform mines explode
1 217 3kliksph.. Platformer 31st May 12
Super Panda Adventures DEMO
Metroidvania RPG Action Platformer
1 279 Blue66 Platformer Piscean (9/10) 28th May 12
Wario Land: Legends of 6 Crystals
Wario Land Anti Pony Game
0 217 radel999 Platformer 26th Apr 12
A platforming shooter game where you surf on ants
1 128 Assault .. Platformer 24th Apr 12
Happy Tree Friends Adventures 6
Happy Tree Friends Adventures 6 Mega Man
0 338 radel999 Platformer 23rd Mar 12
AGwaK4: Herbert's Island Adventure
Herbert goes adventuring! Hooray!
0 310 bernie[FA] Platformer 11th Feb 12
Context Insensitive
Set your own controls as you play through this difficult platformer.
0 171 Wyrmling Platformer 31st Jan 12
The Great Normal Brothers: 1st Public Demo (BETA)
A Video Game about two brothers and their silly adventures.
1 261 Marco Me.. Platformer 25th Jan 12
Kripple Demo
A Challenging, dungeon escape platformer,
0 85 The-B-Man Platformer 20th Jan 12
Woodland Alcohol Explosion
Randomly generated woodland platforming action
0 129 viva/volt Platformer 29th Dec 11
Innocent Luna Game
My Little Pony Luna platform game - NOT creepypasta!
0 267 Dialga-B.. Platformer 28th Dec 11
Kitty 3D (old Abandonware)
3D Platforming with Kitties! (Abandoned)
0 353 bernie[FA] Platformer 24th Dec 11
Tukky's Christmas 2
Run and jump every Christmas!
2 112 Duncan Platformer Fish20 (8/10) 24th Dec 11
Mystic Castle
A five stage platformer game.
0 170 Indigo S.. Platformer 21st Dec 11
Treasure Adventure Game
A huge, open-world, platform adventure game for Windows.
8 891 Klayman Platformer Jon C-B (10/10) 12th Dec 11
Joe Snow The Daily Click Recommended
It's s-no joke! You are a snow creature!
0 110 JohnsPro.. Platformer 12th Sep 11
That Really Hot Chick
Thumbs up if glorious game happy make!
0 72 Horrendo.. Platformer 28th Aug 11
A wacky platform game with bizzare worlds and monsters!
1 138 midnight.. Platformer 15th Aug 11
inDustria beta
Reach the exit without running out of energy.
0 54 b0z0 Platformer 11th Aug 11
Raven The Daily Click Recommended
Platformer featuring rescue, a hug and a big raven thing.
0 326 Rob West.. Platformer 4th Aug 11
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