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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
The Tree
Play as a tree getting revenge on a city!
0 58 Lincoln Platformer 25th Aug 15
Cubix Boy 8-bit Adventures DEMO
You take the role of Cubix Boy to defeat the evil NES controller.
0 37 Nomiters Platformer 8th Aug 15
Dinofour (iOS) (Android)
Dinofour is an exciting, retro-styled, puzzle/platforming adventure!
1 89 Buster Platformer 5th Jul 15
Prototype 13
Megaman inspired platformer shooter!
0 84 siven Platformer 31st May 15
Circle of the Shadow Wraiths
This platformer has nine stages.
0 69 Indigo S.. Platformer 19th Jan 15
Puzzle platformer where you can only shoot one direction.
0 80 Tadeon Platformer 15th Jan 15
St. Egelle Demo
Investigate the disappearance of Jasper Abraham in a haunted orphanage.
0 52 One Man .. Platformer 7th Sep 14
A highly scientific approach to exploratory platformers.
1 95 bernie[FA] Platformer 7th Jul 14
The Zodiac Chase
Venicus goes on an epic quest to prove his worth.
0 83 One Man .. Platformer 8th Jun 14
Little Walker
Walk. Run. Jump. Wallkick. Double Jump. Sleepwalk? Talk. Die... Revive!
0 149 Blake Fix Platformer 23rd May 14
X World - The Quest for the Freedom Eggs
Explore the X-World and catch the 7 Freedom Eggs to go back home.
0 62 Luigi Wa.. Platformer 8th May 14
Sky Crashers
Platforming in the Sky with Kitties!
0 115 bernie[FA] Platformer 9th Apr 14
Recapture your life in the side-scrolling thriller: Hospital.
0 44 One Man .. Platformer 13th Mar 14
Into the Underdusk
Into the Underdusk is an action, exploration based platformer game.
1 100 Joshua K.. Platformer 27th Dec 13
Spiritia: Spirit of Friendship
Play as Spiritia and fight for the magic of friendship!
0 36 Dialga-B.. Platformer 27th Dec 13
Shelie's Voyage 3
Shelie's here once again! Help her find who fired a rocket at her?
0 44 Saurum C.. Platformer 17th Nov 13
AGwaK 6: Moon Minion
3d platforming - kitty style!
0 131 bernie[FA] Platformer 24th Oct 13
Shelie's Voyage 2
Shelie's back! Help her get her furniture back!
0 58 Saurum C.. Platformer 22nd Sep 13
Touhou: Warriors of Friendship 2
The sequel to my latest Touhou x My Little Pony crossover platform game!
0 50 Dialga-B.. Platformer 18th Aug 13
Happy Tree Friends Adventures Land
Happy Tree Friends Adventures Land
1 882 radel999 Platformer 10th Aug 13
Save Iceguy's planet by jumping on enemies!
0 83 Saurum C.. Platformer 28th Jun 13
an adventure platformer about escaping the dungeon by the skeleton
0 482 creesee Platformer 17th Jun 13
The Undead slayer: The beginning
The undead king is taking over the land with his undead minions.
1 110 LordHannu Platformer 6th Jun 13
Help the medival knight get out of old castle!
0 77 Saurum C.. Platformer 5th May 13
Mayhem Triple
Cinematic action-platformer
0 387 Dustin G.. Platformer 10th Apr 13
Touhou: Warriors of Friendship
A Touhou platform game where you can choose from 3 playable characters.
0 44 Dialga-B.. Platformer 1st Apr 13
0 38 Tadeon Platformer 24th Mar 13
Knytt Underground
A 2D platform game featuring a quirky story and a huge world to explore.
0 83 Nicklas_N Platformer 22nd Dec 12
Scientist Escape
Escape from the lab!
0 39 Duckimat.. Platformer 23rd Nov 12
This puzzle platformer will have you thinking in new ways
0 67 Ben Coff.. Platformer 20th Nov 12
Tomb Looter
Adventure through randomly generated tombs seeking hidden treasures.
0 126 Jason Orme Platformer 14th Oct 12
Jamie's Revenge 2
A retro platformer with 23 levels and 2 playable characters.
2 399 Jake G Platformer 10th Oct 12
Polyroll, a retro styled platformer for ios devices!
1 116 JustinC Platformer Jake G (9/10) 8th Oct 12
T.V. Man's Adventure (Demo)
Play the role of a television that's been stolen from his family.
0 54 Falco-N Platformer 5th Oct 12
Project Float 1.3.4 Demo
Project Float is a 2D puzzle platfomer with some RPG-like elements.
0 52 tristanj.. Platformer 1st Sep 12
DEMO: Create-Destroy
DEMO: Platformer with a "Create-Destroy" theme.
0 103 s-m-r Platformer 20th Aug 12
Wings Of Vi Beta
Wings of Vi is a challenging platform game.
2 580 Solgryn Platformer 19th Aug 12
Summer fun
My TDC's Summer Funtition entry.
0 117 AndyUK Platformer 12th Aug 12
Summer Gauntlet
A 16-bit retro styled tough as nails action platformer
0 305 John Por.. Platformer 11th Aug 12
McElroy 'N' Finn
McElroy & Finn decides to go out on a platforming adventure.
1 68 Deaval Platformer 10th Aug 12
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