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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Christmas Time Heroes
Help the Spectrum Force thwart the nefarious plans of Lord Sled!
6 576 Strife Platformer 24th Dec 10
Tukky's Christmas
Run and jump this Christmas.
3 177 Duncan Platformer 24th Dec 10
HatMan 2
Take back your hats and save Christmas for HatMan!
2 304 Bibin Platformer 24th Dec 10
Super Juno
Super Juno is a hard platformer game where you collect coins
0 84 outerminds Platformer 17th Dec 10
Asunder - Demo
Fractured time and space.
0 158 Pixelthief Platformer 16th Dec 10
A Man With a Monocle 1.1 demo
Adventure platformer where you play as a noble turned traveler
1 43 Johnny L.. Platformer 1st Dec 10
Cave of no Return
Cave of no Return is an addictive platformer, free to download and play.
2 317 Anders A.. Platformer 22nd Nov 10
The Way Back (Demo)
A content-packed demo of The Way Back. Pass challenges to unlock features!
6 1425 MeadowHare Platformer monkeyth.. (9/10) 20th Nov 10
Run With Gun
2D Platformer, where you need jump over gorges, sticks, tiles and spikes.
0 64 Petri A Platformer AugustoAD (8/10) 6th Nov 10
Tiny Ninja Can't Swim!
Rock Hard Super addictive Ninja Platform Game.
0 97 butterfi.. Platformer 31st Oct 10
Bodgy Bee
Guide Bodgy Bee on his short yet epic journey.
1 108 Ganymede.. Platformer 28th Oct 10
2D Platformer
0 76 Petri A Platformer 21st Oct 10
Super Ecksdee Panic
Super Mario + Mega Man = cactus. Wait, what?
4 458 Strife Platformer 8th Oct 10
The Unique Game
A strange Flash-Plattformer.
0 105 MasterHero Platformer 7th Oct 10
A hard platformer
0 73 Cream Ch.. Platformer 23rd Sep 10
Innovative, pixeled puzzle flash platformer
0 133 Vertigo Platformer 13th Sep 10
The Adventures of Eraser Guy 2 Demo
The demo of the sequel of the first game i ever made
1 55 Jon C-B Platformer 18th Aug 10
Kit N Pup
Fun filled Platformer with Puzzles, Power ups and Pets Galore.
1 66 Mark McC.. Platformer 30th Jul 10
Pigeon Power
guide Esther the pigeon to fulfill her destiny! Unique platformer action.
1 103 s-m-r Platformer 28th Jul 10
Ninja Platform Beta Beta
Ninja Platform Movement
0 71 NUB Platformer 26th Jul 10
A Man With a Monocle demo
Adventure platformer where you play as a noble turned traveler
1 348 Johnny L.. Platformer 24th Jul 10
Horror land
Castlevania type of game. using MMF2 library and platform movement
0 83 eliris Platformer 20th Jul 10
EverEternal WinterWorld 2
The sequel to the 2006 Christmas competition winner!
6 761 Jake G Platformer 18th Jul 10
Sinister Angel BETA
Fight Your Fears!
0 24 Kyle Str.. Platformer 14th Jul 10
Green 3D tile set A
A forest tile set I made for a platform game
0 74 Disthron Platformer 6th Jul 10
A platform action game where you play as a roman soldier.
1 595 alastair.. Platformer 6th Jul 10
Treasure Tower - Flash edition
Climb the Treasure Tower before the clock strikes midnight!
0 105 David Ne.. Platformer 3rd Jul 10
Outlind Beta
Experimental puzzle game with fire!
0 38 Matthew .. Platformer 11th Jun 10
GunGirl 2
Metroidvania action platformer with lots of guns, blood and zombies!
12 885 Blue66 Platformer 7th Jun 10
You are stuck in Violet, and all you see is a bottomless cliff...
1 155 Sephirenn Platformer 1st Jun 10
The Sanzaru Fortress
old-school fast-paced action/adventure game.
2 238 Guillerm.. Platformer 21st May 10
Sir Boingers - The Quest for Cupcakes (and Justice
You are on a Quest to retrieve cupcakes from the land of Perilterria.
0 38 DaVince Platformer 3rd May 10
Fangame: The Game (beta 0.060)
A very hard IWBTG-style platformer for people who can accept a challenge.
3 559 vertigoe.. Platformer 3rd May 10
a game about food and cannibalism
0 22 krimelo Platformer 27th Apr 10
Mario's Exploit 3: Operation: R.E.T.U.R.N
The third game in the 'Mario's Exploit' Series.
1 147 kksonwho.. Platformer 23rd Apr 10
What Happens Next Epidose Six - ABANDONED
The latest and most incomplete of the WHN series
0 45 Smirnoff Platformer 17th Apr 10
super samurai
violent ninja collect em up pushed to the limits!
1 125 johnpow66 Platformer 12th Apr 10
Super Retro Jim
Run, jump, and shoot through 12 levels of action packed fun!
1 170 Jon C-B Platformer 23rd Mar 10
Mario's Exploit 2: Yoshi's Rescue
The second game in the mario's exploit series
1 90 kksonwho.. Platformer 14th Mar 10
Mod Society Demo
Platformer Shooter with a great focus on weapon customisation
4 184 CYS Platformer 12th Mar 10
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