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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
The Great Normal Brothers: 1st Public Demo (BETA)
A Video Game about two brothers and their silly adventures.
1 159 Marco Me.. Platformer 25th Jan 12
Kripple Demo
A Challenging, dungeon escape platformer,
0 26 The-B-Man Platformer 20th Jan 12
Woodland Alcohol Explosion
Randomly generated woodland platforming action
0 105 viva/volt Platformer 29th Dec 11
Innocent Luna Game
My Little Pony Luna platform game - NOT creepypasta!
0 107 Dialga-B.. Platformer 28th Dec 11
Kitty 3D (old Abandonware)
3D Platforming with Kitties! (Abandoned)
0 101 bernie[FA] Platformer 24th Dec 11
Tukky's Christmas 2
Run and jump every Christmas!
2 79 Duncan Platformer Fish20 (8/10) 24th Dec 11
Mystic Castle
A five stage platformer game.
0 40 Indigo S.. Platformer 21st Dec 11
Treasure Adventure Game
A huge, open-world, platform adventure game for Windows.
8 795 Klayman Platformer Jon C-B (10/10) 12th Dec 11
Joe Snow The Daily Click Recommended
It's s-no joke! You are a snow creature!
0 80 JohnsPro.. Platformer 12th Sep 11
That Really Hot Chick
Thumbs up if glorious game happy make!
0 46 Horrendo.. Platformer 28th Aug 11
A wacky platform game with bizzare worlds and monsters!
1 72 midnight.. Platformer 15th Aug 11
inDustria beta
Reach the exit without running out of energy.
0 26 b0z0 Platformer 11th Aug 11
Raven The Daily Click Recommended
Platformer featuring rescue, a hug and a big raven thing.
0 199 Rob West.. Platformer 4th Aug 11
A Game with a Kitty 3 v1.0
A happy little platformer!
2 171 bernie[FA] Platformer 26th Jul 11
Jimmy: Dungeon Escape (Demo)
Platform game with retro-ish style graphics. Very hard...
0 48 Aruthaz Platformer 24th Jul 11
Blockhead (Demo)
Fast paced Form changing platformer.
0 52 siven Platformer 2nd Jul 11
Crystal Towers 2
Hub-based ability-gathering platformer
3 308 David Ne.. Platformer 11th Jun 11
A Game with a Kitty 3: Public Beta Release
A happy little platformer for happy people!
4 224 bernie[FA] Platformer 3rd Apr 11
This is the Only Level [Single and Online]
Strategy Platformer Online and Offline
0 34 Dean Jam.. Platformer 23rd Feb 11
Super Whakum 2
Challege a friend in this 2 player dueling game inspired by SMB3!
0 118 Jonny Co.. Platformer 22nd Feb 11
Little Big Planet 2D Beta
Fangame based off of Little Big Planet 1 and 2.
0 313 tristanj.. Platformer 22nd Feb 11
Lil' pirate 8 bit demo
'8 bit' look platformer based on one of my previous games.
2 148 AndyUK Platformer Th.. (6/10) 17th Feb 11
BoxMan 2
BoxMan 2 is a platform/puzzle game controlled by the cursor.
0 77 zerogaz Platformer 7th Feb 11
Mafagafo Killing Center v1.5
will you get away from the killing center?
1 70 AugustoAD Platformer 29th Jan 11
Jumping Sticks!
Jump Until you die in this sim-ple, funny platform game!
0 48 AugustoAD Platformer 20th Jan 11
A brief platformer parody
1 97 PixelReb.. Platformer 16th Jan 11
Maneuver a sphere through 10 worlds full of unique challenges.
5 200 Nicklas_N Platformer 8th Jan 11
Awesome Bob! - Episode One: Bob Begins
Two games in one! Traditional sidescroller and brutal endurance platformer!
0 41 Zed Platformer 4th Jan 11
Mark McCauleys 12 Days Til Blooming Christmas
MY Chrimbo competition entry .
0 48 Mark McC.. Platformer 27th Dec 10
Santa Claws: Episode I
0 57 Wackyjac.. Platformer 25th Dec 10
Christmas Time Heroes
Help the Spectrum Force thwart the nefarious plans of Lord Sled!
6 554 Strife Platformer 24th Dec 10
Tukky's Christmas
Run and jump this Christmas.
3 175 Duncan Platformer 24th Dec 10
HatMan 2
Take back your hats and save Christmas for HatMan!
2 299 Bibin Platformer 24th Dec 10
Super Juno
Super Juno is a hard platformer game where you collect coins
0 83 outerminds Platformer 17th Dec 10
Asunder - Demo
Fractured time and space.
0 156 Pixelthief Platformer 16th Dec 10
A Man With a Monocle 1.1 demo
Adventure platformer where you play as a noble turned traveler
1 40 Johnny L.. Platformer 1st Dec 10
Cave of no Return
Cave of no Return is an addictive platformer, free to download and play.
2 314 Anders A.. Platformer 22nd Nov 10
The Way Back (Demo)
A content-packed demo of The Way Back. Pass challenges to unlock features!
6 1407 MeadowHare Platformer monkeyth.. (9/10) 20th Nov 10
Run With Gun
2D Platformer, where you need jump over gorges, sticks, tiles and spikes.
0 63 Petri A Platformer AugustoAD (8/10) 6th Nov 10
Tiny Ninja Can't Swim!
Rock Hard Super addictive Ninja Platform Game.
0 92 butterfi.. Platformer 31st Oct 10
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