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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
JJ's Ubermon Journey
Battle your way to the top in order to become the greatest Ubermon trainer!
0 12 BigAl0104 Role Playing Game 15th Sep 22
Elder Mage
RPG about very old mage, whose village was attacked. Now full verison!
0 68 MinkoedZ.. Role Playing Game 6th Apr 22
Elder Mage Demo
RPG about very old mage, whose village was attacked.
1 63 MinkoedZ.. Role Playing Game 9th Feb 22
Knight's Quest RPG DEMO
Embark on an epic journey to rescue Princess Amelia from the evil Karlov!
1 79 BigAl0104 Role Playing Game 15th Jul 21
Locked 7 (Full Version)
Action puzzle adventure RPG with top-down fights and mazes
0 83 Museum C.. Role Playing Game 12th Apr 21
Hryak Legend
Get revenge to flying metalloloma because he destroyed the Soviet Union!
1 100 MinkoedZ.. Role Playing Game 17th Feb 21
The Wizard RPG
Defeat The Shadow Beast to save the world from going into eternal darkness!
1 107 The MPP Role Playing Game BigAl0104 (8/10) 25th Feb 19
Kriegshund: No Man's Land
Alternative History Shooter RPG
2 71 Otter Role Playing Game 28th May 18
Friendship Adventure
No enemies, No evil, Just Friends
1 82 Jonny Co.. Role Playing Game MonadoBo.. (4/10) 14th Jan 18
Esper Excite
Demo for modern day, science fiction RPG made with Fusion
1 67 clowcode Role Playing Game 29th Oct 16
Champions of Arkazure
Offline Multiplayer RPG
0 65 Greg Spo.. Role Playing Game 16th Mar 16
A Nightmare in Sunnydale
A dark yet comedic RPG with sandbox gameplay
0 65 Adrian C.. Role Playing Game 20th Jun 15
Sector Six 0.1.5
Elegant and innovative RPG/shooter hybrid.
0 115 Zuurix Role Playing Game 27th Mar 15
Equin: The Lantern v1.2CT (demo)
Dragon Quest / Dark Souls / Roguelike with grey rabbit people
0 112 Del Duio Role Playing Game 16th Aug 14
Jesus Christ RPG
Play as Jesus Christ as he gathers the apostles and performs miracles.
1 60 wholetone Role Playing Game 11th Mar 14
Andoran Skye
A cocky teenagers ego is put to the test as he ventures to save a kingdom.
0 94 One Man .. Role Playing Game 12th Dec 13
Seven Mysteries
"You can't keep a secret forever"
0 147 Sang Le .. Role Playing Game 5th Oct 13
the Shimmering Celestial Orb
an action RPG that features both SIDE and OVERHEAD view gameply
0 47 Indigo S.. Role Playing Game 18th Sep 13
Twisted Tower ch1 Early Alpha
Dungeon Crawler RPG Platformer
7 1200 HitmanN Role Playing Game 8th Sep 13
Last Dream
Last Dream incorporates the best features of classic RPGs
0 74 Andrew W.. Role Playing Game 29th Jun 13
Equin- The Lantern v1.2
Enter the dungeon and solve The Lantern's mysteries in this new update!
0 81 Del Duio Role Playing Game 18th May 13
Srututu-Forgotten Foe (Full Game)
Free Board Role-Playing Game
1 104 DesertFox Role Playing Game 28th Mar 13
Rouge's Revenge
Rouge is hired by Dr.Eggman to steal emeralds
0 55 arpgme Role Playing Game 17th Dec 12
Equin- The Lantern
Dragon Quest meets Rogue meets Dark Souls
1 129 Del Duio Role Playing Game Sketchy (8/10) 20th Nov 12
Funtition entry: Alastal TLBFTGOS
This is Funtition entry
0 93 Draq Role Playing Game 12th Aug 12
Precure Magica: Deconstruction of Discord
Precure + Madoka Magica + My Little Pony crossover RPG
0 67 Dialga-B.. Role Playing Game 29th May 12
A unique browser based fantasy game.
0 99 ChrisD Role Playing Game 18th Apr 12
Steel Knights
Randomly generated dungeon crawl with a sci-fi twist!
1 204 Ben Warren Role Playing Game 25th Mar 12
Griddy RPG
A grid-based exploration RPG
1 88 Nillo Role Playing Game 11th Feb 12
Snuggle Children
RPG with a theme of innocence!
0 82 Dialga-B.. Role Playing Game 22nd Jan 12
Shimbia, wonderful 3D Role game, is finished, but is still in ITALIAN
0 73 SalvoSof.. Role Playing Game 6th Aug 11
GOLDEN AGE: Endless Dungeon
Randomly generated dungeon crawling RPG fun!
3 188 Ben Warren Role Playing Game 21st Apr 11
ButaVX: Justice Fighter
A short RPG for people who don't like RPGs.
5 291 Role Playing Game 25th Feb 11
GridQuest 3.0
A mod of Pixelthief's Gridquest 2.0 RPG game
0 121 Del Duio Role Playing Game 24th Jan 11
Atrox Online 0.21 Open Source
MMORPG being made in MMF2 now released as Open Source
0 255 Johnny L.. Role Playing Game 27th Nov 10
MANOS: The Hands of Fate
A young couple must find each other before the demons get them first.
0 58 Adrian C.. Role Playing Game 27th Oct 10
Complete Chaos v2.0: Special Edition
A modern-fantasy RPG that features over 20 hours of gameplay
0 90 Adrian C.. Role Playing Game 16th Jun 10
Naimistath - Chapter 1
Ank is just about to partake in an epic adventure...
0 170 Museum C.. Role Playing Game 11th Feb 10
Atrox Online beta 2
MMORPG being made in MMF2
3 123 Johnny L.. Role Playing Game 4th Feb 10
Legie - demo
if you are interested to review, contact us and get a review copy.
0 134 Helena Role Playing Game 7th Oct 09
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