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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
An extravagant top down shooter.
0 20 Kane_Har.. Shoot 'Em Up 19th Jan 19
Stellar Invasion
The Zurgons have invaded the Solar System, it's up to you to stop 'em!
1 24 BigAl0104 Shoot 'Em Up 19th Aug 18
Snails vs Aliens
Game Maker 8.1
0 35 HTX Games Shoot 'Em Up MonadoBo.. (7/10) 10th May 18
Bug o Bug
Bug o Bug was the game that won the sprummer game competition
0 15 MonadoBo.. Shoot 'Em Up BigAl0104 (7/10) 19th Apr 18
A SWAT Themed Top Down Shooter
0 90 Gustas Shoot 'Em Up 8th Mar 16
Sentry Solitude
Zombie killer shoot 'em up. Gets very fast very hard... after level 1
0 30 AmyS3 Shoot 'Em Up 6th Dec 15
Shoot zombies and try to survive in this shoot-em-up zombie game!
0 40 Mason Bell Shoot 'Em Up 19th Oct 15
the adventure of the Zimmer twins
. Help the Zimmer twins escape from an evil genius.
0 19 ig299 Shoot 'Em Up 26th May 15
Pythetron is a fast action, intense shoot'em up.
0 77 TJ Towns.. Shoot 'Em Up 20th Mar 15
Dark Ascension
Dark Ascension is a zombie shooter. Survive the longest time without death.
0 30 24games Shoot 'Em Up 28th Dec 13
Elite Combat Forces 2
Elite Combat Forces 2 is a FREE MMO 2D Side Scrolling Shoot' Em Up PC game.
0 41 izac Shoot 'Em Up 25th Jul 13
Shoot' Em Up with two ships
0 30 Tadeon Shoot 'Em Up 19th Apr 13
Gun.Smoke the classic NES shooter remade for the PC.
0 184 contra Shoot 'Em Up 2nd Feb 13
Full moon
Hard, haloween themed shooter. Kill as many zombies and specters you can!
0 54 Saurum C.. Shoot 'Em Up 11th Oct 12
Oxymous Prime
A platform/shot'em'up game like the classics Megamen and Metroid for Snes
0 66 Pietro T.. Shoot 'Em Up 12th Aug 12
Funtition Entry: Burning Suns
Burning Suns is a multi-layered shmup.
0 89 SolarB Shoot 'Em Up 12th Aug 12
Bug Blaster
Bug Blaster is a high paced action shooter
0 108 Lobot Shoot 'Em Up 7th Aug 12
Gaming World's War
Addictive game about war between various famous game characters
2 66 Jerry Lim Shoot 'Em Up 25th Jul 12
Multiplayer Online CO-OP Zombie Fun
0 108 Dean Jam.. Shoot 'Em Up 24th Jun 12
Cute Explosions
Destroy as much cuteness with-in 15 seconds!
0 73 Poobical Shoot 'Em Up 2nd May 12
Zytron II - Multiplayer Twin Stick Scrolling Shmup
Zytron II - Multiplayer Twin Stick Scrolling Shmup
0 49 kevin mu.. Shoot 'Em Up 25th Feb 12
A game where shooting little woodland creatures gets you points!
0 106 Carnivor.. Shoot 'Em Up 4th Dec 11
Zombie Swarm
You're the last survivor! Fight until your dying breath!
0 92 Sumo148 Shoot 'Em Up Otter (7/10) 29th Oct 11
Fleet Defender
Ultra Old School Shoot-em-up
0 69 Disthron Shoot 'Em Up 19th Sep 11
Gunfights with characters from Halo, Star Wars etc!
0 54 Vertigo Shoot 'Em Up 16th Sep 11
Elite Combat Forces 2 - Online! - Public Beta
Competitive Online Side Scrolling Shooter - Highly Addictive
0 54 izac Shoot 'Em Up 3rd Aug 11
Hazard Alpha (Sorta)
Mockup release of our semi-abandoned game
0 47 Knocktur.. Shoot 'Em Up 5th Jun 11
3d Space
A powerful 3d Space mini-game! In english and very funny!
0 33 SalvoSof.. Shoot 'Em Up 20th May 11
Nebula Force
Progressive shoot-em-up and TDC artist showcase
0 52 s-m-r Shoot 'Em Up 3rd Mar 11
Chaos Pilot
CHAOS PILOT is a fast paced Shoot'Em Up!
0 69 Two Brot.. Shoot 'Em Up 3rd Mar 11
Zombie Arena v1.5.4
Kill zombies, die and compete online in this addictive game!
0 36 AugustoAD Shoot 'Em Up 27th Feb 11
Gradius by Garsa Interactive Remake
Really nice Gradius remake with new enemies, sounds, and story- from Poland
0 130 garsa Shoot 'Em Up 24th Feb 11
Laser Battler Online
Multiplayer top-view shooter fighting with the reflection laser.
1 39 Creative-G Shoot 'Em Up 10th Feb 11
Snowman Panic!
Defend yourself from evil snowmen with a flamethrower!
0 38 Ethan7 Shoot 'Em Up 24th Dec 10
[MMF2] Luor v1.505
Luor is a litte Shoot 'em Up with style particular style.
0 70 clement Shoot 'Em Up 19th Aug 10
Deep Space Pussy
Asteroids clone with a pussycat
0 59 Willy C Shoot 'Em Up 14th Aug 10
Project Needle
Sidescrolling zombieshooter (from hell)
0 62 Vertigo Shoot 'Em Up 13th Jul 10
Geo-Swarm is a fast paced and addicting shoot everything game!
0 93 TheTuna Shoot 'Em Up 6th Jul 10
Red Dwarf the starbug mission
single mission from red dwarf shootemup exploration rpg action
0 27 Mark McC.. Shoot 'Em Up 18th Jun 10
KILL MAIM DEATH 3: Civilian Massacre
kill maim stab shoot kill death giver pain to people
0 226 3kliksph.. Shoot 'Em Up 13th Jun 10
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