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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Elite Combat Forces 2 - Online! - Public Beta
Competitive Online Side Scrolling Shooter - Highly Addictive
0 126 izac Shoot 'Em Up 3rd Aug 11
Hazard Alpha (Sorta)
Mockup release of our semi-abandoned game
0 72 Knocktur.. Shoot 'Em Up 5th Jun 11
3d Space
A powerful 3d Space mini-game! In english and very funny!
0 67 SalvoSof.. Shoot 'Em Up 20th May 11
Nebula Force
Progressive shoot-em-up and TDC artist showcase
0 74 s-m-r Shoot 'Em Up 3rd Mar 11
Chaos Pilot
CHAOS PILOT is a fast paced Shoot'Em Up!
0 119 Two Brot.. Shoot 'Em Up 3rd Mar 11
Zombie Arena v1.5.4
Kill zombies, die and compete online in this addictive game!
0 63 AugustoAD Shoot 'Em Up 27th Feb 11
Gradius by Garsa Interactive Remake
Really nice Gradius remake with new enemies, sounds, and story- from Poland
0 146 garsa Shoot 'Em Up 24th Feb 11
Laser Battler Online
Multiplayer top-view shooter fighting with the reflection laser.
1 50 Creative-G Shoot 'Em Up 10th Feb 11
Snowman Panic!
Defend yourself from evil snowmen with a flamethrower!
0 46 Ethan7 Shoot 'Em Up 24th Dec 10
[MMF2] Luor v1.505
Luor is a litte Shoot 'em Up with style particular style.
0 139 clement Shoot 'Em Up 19th Aug 10
Deep Space Pussy
Asteroids clone with a pussycat
0 80 Willy C Shoot 'Em Up 14th Aug 10
Project Needle
Sidescrolling zombieshooter (from hell)
0 74 Vertigo Shoot 'Em Up 13th Jul 10
Geo-Swarm is a fast paced and addicting shoot everything game!
0 136 TheTuna Shoot 'Em Up 6th Jul 10
Red Dwarf the starbug mission
single mission from red dwarf shootemup exploration rpg action
0 44 Mark McC.. Shoot 'Em Up 18th Jun 10
KILL MAIM DEATH 3: Civilian Massacre
kill maim stab shoot kill death giver pain to people
0 270 3kliksph.. Shoot 'Em Up 13th Jun 10
Ding Lee (The Crazy Head Game)
Short and weird. You're a head... that shoots heads.
0 64 Lazernaut Shoot 'Em Up 8th Jun 10
Z Zone 51 - V 2.6 (ALL BUGS FIXED)
Online 2D Shooter
0 44 Dean Jam.. Shoot 'Em Up 23rd May 10
Beeps and Blips
A fast paced top down shooter made as a remake of an action 52 game.
0 449 easyname Shoot 'Em Up 22nd May 10
Copyright Violation
Destroy evil lawyers and commit a copyright infringement...
0 45 MJK Shoot 'Em Up 4th May 10
Death Giver 2
death giver 2 shooting game
4 1843 James Luke Shoot 'Em Up 30th Apr 10
The Classic Zombeh Game
What happens when you take a Zombie and a Classic Arcade game together!
0 107 Kyle Str.. Shoot 'Em Up 16th Apr 10
simple ball shooter
( not a tutorial )
0 36 PotatoCa.. Shoot 'Em Up 31st Mar 10
2D vertical topdown Spaceshooter
1 109 Kokocipher Shoot 'Em Up 27th Mar 10
Hanuro Hawk Enhanced Edition (v1.152)
Traditional vertical scrolling shoot'em up
1 228 HitmanN Shoot 'Em Up s-m-r (8/10) 25th Mar 10
G.I. Jane
A basic scrolling shoot em up "rush n attack" / contra style.
0 227 Jason Orme Shoot 'Em Up 25th Mar 10
Starcraft 2 - Goliath (beta)
Play as the Terran Goliath in this Starcraft Zerg Shot'em-up
0 157 SoftWare.. Shoot 'Em Up 16th Feb 10
Hanuro Hawk (v1.03) Game of the Month 3rd Place Winner
Traditional vertical scrolling shoot'em up
1 327 HitmanN Shoot 'Em Up 12th Feb 10
Pac Trip
Pacman eats magic mushrooms and kills monsters from various other games
0 151 SoftWare.. Shoot 'Em Up Rikus (8/10) 19th Oct 09
The Almost Heaven Crisis V1.40
Like Morrowind. But with zombies.
6 1809 3kliksph.. Shoot 'Em Up skvader_.. (8/10) 18th Oct 09
Ultimate Lame Ship Game V13 Alpha 33g
Crazy, action-packed side-scrolling shoot 'em up... with Cillit Bang!
3 172 MongMaster Shoot 'Em Up 8th Oct 09
Mercenary 2: Demo
Mercenary is a sniper game based in WW2
0 65 Sean Mic.. Shoot 'Em Up 25th Sep 09
Shooter Vlieger
0 99 Ridder F.. Shoot 'Em Up 23rd Sep 09
Survival Space
Survive in Space!
0 105 Watermel.. Shoot 'Em Up 9th Sep 09
A small shoot-em-up where you use math to defeat enemies
3 177 Fifth Shoot 'Em Up 22nd Aug 09
Breakfast Battle DEMO v1
DEMO: the definitive early-morning shmup
0 55 s-m-r Shoot 'Em Up 19th Aug 09
Nut Girl
Shoot'em up with 3 full stages and 6 boss.
0 113 Rémi Shoot 'Em Up 21st Jul 09
MidgetTanks Online Online Game (Uses OINC/Lacewing)
Blow stuff up, collect powerups! ONLINE!
0 186 Solgryn Shoot 'Em Up 8th Jul 09
Simple Shmup
A simple shoot 'em up with randomly generated sprites.
0 137 easyname Shoot 'Em Up 30th Jun 09
A Space Battle v2
A Space Battle is a simple shooter game set in space.
2 90 DMT Shoot 'Em Up 18th Jun 09
Turning The Tide
Side-scrolling WW2 shoot 'em up game
4 284 Steve Ha.. Shoot 'Em Up 5th Jun 09
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