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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Little ninja asasins robotasieed
2d storybased action game
0 43 sonicx234 Beat 'Em Up 7th Aug 22
Little ninja asasins deadly magic turnament
2d storybased action game
0 36 sonicx234 Beat 'Em Up 6th Aug 22
Leadership of the Gurts.
2d fighting game
0 35 sonicx234 Beat 'Em Up 2nd Aug 22
Little ninja asasins blades of shadows
2d storybased action game
0 27 sonicx234 Beat 'Em Up 13th Jul 22
Little ninja asasins
2d storybased action game
0 32 sonicx234 Beat 'Em Up 8th Jul 22
Ruby A RWBY Fangame
Beat-Em-Up Based on web series RWBY
0 71 Ishmaru Beat 'Em Up 14th Dec 21
Two flags
mediaeval beat em up with a knight.
0 90 LordHannu Beat 'Em Up 18th Jun 20
the soundboard universe throw down
A fighting game i wanted to make for a long time.
0 108 ig299 Beat 'Em Up 23rd Aug 15
Freaks Of Nature "WIP"
2d fighting game 4 stages 3 characters WIP
0 98 abdallah Beat 'Em Up 28th May 14
Mr. Mean Green The Fighting Machine
Punch kick and smash your way to victory in this sidescroller beat em up!
0 126 siven Beat 'Em Up 9th May 14
Blood Bounty Throwdown
fight your way through 7 powerful bounty hunters.
0 173 One Man .. Beat 'Em Up 1st May 14
Lancaster's Halls of Horrors
This is an eight stage game side scrolling game.
0 109 Indigo S.. Beat 'Em Up 2nd Nov 13
Bottled Water Man Bash
A short novelty beat-em-up game set on a strange world.
0 192 JayTholen Beat 'Em Up 30th Sep 11
Matches - simple logic game about removing matches.
0 67 neuron Beat 'Em Up 12th May 11
Duel Toys 2.5
Fan Fighting game crossover
6 822 Diefox Beat 'Em Up 22nd Mar 10
Bullets of a Revolver
An all Original Wild West Fighting Game.
8 472 Diefox Beat 'Em Up 17th Sep 09
Kung Fu 2
Use your kung fu moves to save Sylvia from Mr. X!
7 729 KNPMASTER Beat 'Em Up Marko.. (8/10) 18th Jul 09
Zombie Hunterz GOTM - MAY 2009 - WINNER!
Zombie rampage in a beat'em up style game
4 762 pent Beat 'Em Up 24th May 09
Funnie Furies Collection!
2 Furries have to beat eachother up. Enjoy!
1 241 Museum C.. Beat 'Em Up 22nd May 09
The Adventures Of Mark Basehore
Horizontal fighting game packed full of enemies and cool moves!
0 330 Museum C.. Beat 'Em Up 21st May 09
Slay people with your giant meat clever ! Muhahahaha !
2 279 Solgryn Beat 'Em Up 23rd Feb 09
TMNT Engine V.1.0
Recreation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade game.
2 432 Jason Orme Beat 'Em Up Demon Li.. (10/10) 5th Feb 09
Bala de Revólver
3 437 Diefox Beat 'Em Up 20th Dec 08
Lost Hell 1 203 Dynamite Beat 'Em Up 1st Nov 08
Hyperblade 0 358 Neuro Beat 'Em Up 5th Aug 08
Famous Fighters Demo
Multiplayer fighting game
0 289 Vertigo Beat 'Em Up 23rd Jun 08
Combatant Lite 0 300 Muz Beat 'Em Up 15th Jun 08
Duel Toys 2 Test Version 1 338 Diefox Beat 'Em Up J. Willis (8/10) 23rd May 08
The Way Of The Empty Hand 0 210 Graeme2408 Beat 'Em Up Hill Gigas (8/10) 9th Mar 08
Epidemic - The Game
0 373 JayTholen Beat 'Em Up 9th Mar 08
Broken Knuckles 0 387 HandCraf.. Beat 'Em Up 1st Jul 07
Ghost Racing -engine- (MMF2) 0 193 waffleton Beat 'Em Up 27th May 07
THIS IS SPARTA Game of the Week Winner 0 739 ben mercer Beat 'Em Up 7th May 07
Jesus: The Arcade Game DEMO
Jesus is resurrected yet again to take on the forces of evil.
0 223 Jason Orme Beat 'Em Up 6th Feb 07
Hyper Mario DELYX 0 159 60 Cents Beat 'Em Up 28th Nov 06
Trick Or Treat
Horror beat'em'up similar to Castlevania
1 5279 Dustin G.. Beat 'Em Up 26th Oct 06
Backyard Brawl 0 103 Deep Gam.. Beat 'Em Up 4th Aug 06
Duel Toys Final Version Game of the Week Winner 2 1077 Diefox Beat 'Em Up Rik N (9/10) 28th Dec 05
DOUBLE DRAGON Game of the Week Winner 0 1049 MIG2 Beat 'Em Up Jason Orme (10/10) 20th Dec 05
Heatown 1 356 Toad Beat 'Em Up 17th Jul 05
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